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Jan 7, 2019
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Okay, there will be a challenge stream on Monday! (been 2 in a row now due to problems with our stream setup so we missed one, and want to try to get back on track).

This time we are once again going to play a mission from the suggestion thread! (link here)
It's made by @Revan Katarn and seems to be a real fun one. I also give this as a tribute to my great 'Mech Sensei cKnoor, since he was a bit upset during the heat management stream, and now get to be on the other side of a similar setup!

'Mechwarrios... I give you the setup!

"3 Battlemasters, right? Such a pretentious name... if they overheat so easily, I'm sure we can beat them anywhere with only 4 lights!" - Paradise words in a bar one night after quite too many drinks. Now, some angry merc wants him to prove it, in an artic location: Still Valley! Paradise's only hope is to field a lance full of Firestarters...

Player's lance:
  • 4x Firestarter FS9-H (Recommended pilots: up to you, but Sure Footing and Ace Pilot can be handy)
Opponent's lance:
  • 3x Battlemaster BLR-1G (Suggested pilots: Sumo (for Heat management) and a Sensor Locker if the AI wants to try to remove some of your evasion)
Map: Still Valley

Goals / Objective:
  • Taunt the enemy for an easy overheat or even shut down while keeping your heat at bay. Initiative control to take advantage of called shots. Evasion and positioning to avoid too many melee attacks.

As always, please post your screen shots, videos, and tactics down here so we can make this into a good battle report thread!

It's time to heat up!

Revan Katarn

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Jan 17, 2018
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Yay! Two weeks, two challenges! I hope you have fun (and cKnoor gets his revenge)!