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This is a basic FAQ which answers some very frequently-asked questions about colonisation. Could the Mods move it into the FAQ forum?

Why can't I colonise?

To colonise an empty province, you have to meet these conditions:
- The target province must have low Barbarian power (2 or less)
- The target must border one of your provinces
- Your border province must have population 10 or more and civilisation value 50 or more

Why does Massilia steal the provices I want to colonise?

If two or more nations have provinces which meet these criteria touching the same empty province, only one of them can colonise it. This is determined by the sum of (governor finesse + civilisation value) for that province. So if your border province has Civilisation 50 and a governor with Finesse 8, and your rival had Civilisation 55 and Finesse 4, they get the chance to colonise it.

In the event of a tie, the first civ to click the "colonise" button wins.

How can I speed up colonisation?

You can speed up your colonisation by increasing the population and civ value in your border provinces.

- Population can be increased with the Grain tradegood, by an Omen, and by the 'Go Forth and Multiply' invention.
- Civ value can be increased by trading with high-civ provinces (eg your capital).

Civ value and population growth are both decreased by the effects of barbarian pillaging. A border province being pillaged can set your colonisation efforts back a long time.