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Jul 8, 2017
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Currently, October 2020, almost half of formable former colonial nations do not have own national ideas:

With OWN ideas: Mexico, Australia, Alaska, Quebec, Zealandia, Brazil, United States, West Indies, Texas, Sonora, Vermont, Canada, Cascadia, and Haiti (French ducal idea set).

With COLONIAL ideas: United Central America, Lousiana, Peru, Cuba, Paraguay, Illinois, Florida, and California.

With GENERIC ideas: Venezuela, Chile, La PLata, and Colombia.

First of all, a question: why some of them have colonial and others have generic ideas? Peru and California were pretty big nations in real life, but maybe in the game is because of the number of provinces? (West Indies have their own set) If anything, Peru should get its own set, having a big role in South American history since its inception. Same for La Plata.

I don't know if PDX's goal is to give all these nations their own idea set, but I think it should be.

For now, I will just give me proposal for Colombian ideas: (all numbers are just for example, and if considered, should be properly balanced as well as the order of the ideas)


+0.15 yearly republican tradition (Colombia has never been a monarchy, not even the slight advocacy for it, and even today there's a very alive republican zeal). That's why Bolivar couldn't become a dictator. Also not as powerful as the American +0.3 ambition.

-0.05 monthly war exhaustion (often in civil war, national and regional ones. That's also why there's nothing related to sability or unrest).


1. The Botanical Expedition. -10% idea cost. (started in 1783 and finished in 1816, was a major hit in the botanical world, 6,000 species were discovered).

2. San Basilio de Palenque. +2 Max Promoted Culture. (It was a maroon (runaway slaves) village (Palenque), whose inhabitants were recognized as free by the Crown in 1691, and the town declared as a free African community in 1713, the first of all the American continent).

3. Bolivar's legacy, or Voltigeros Legacy. +10% infantry combat ability. (biggest population and army of the former Spanish colonies, after Mexico, and always having a big standing army fighting in inner wars and fending off several incursions of neighbors interfering in the civil wars, and land dominance against Peru in the war. Before that, even helped liberating Peru).

4. Tobacco, Coffee and Emerald bonanza, or Richness of the Mountains. +10% goods produced modifier. (the national products since the beggining of the nation, and the reason the country didn't bankrupt).

5. Contacts with the Old World. +1 Diplomatic Relations. (specially with the UK and France, good relations were established early on).

6. Oh Unfading Glory. +1 yearly prestige. Part of the national anthem, and a very important country in the region, even more when was Gran Colombia.

7. Defending the Blue of the flag. +15% naval force limit modifier. (having 2 oceans is a big chance for a good defensive navy, in just the very first years of Gran Colombia, more than 30 ships were bought, but most of them going to the Caribbean, and not in the Pacific, resulting in a naval defeat against Peru in the war, but the war ended in status quo antebellum. Peru deserves a big navy idea when get its own ideas).


International bid for the construction of Panama Canal
-20% building cost of Panama Canal decision. (there were many offers to Gran Colombia to build the canal, and even a railroad connecting both oceans was built in XIX century). As the canal construction is done via decision, this can be achieved by unlocking via event a new decision with the modified cost. If not possible, then -20% general construction cost so maybe can have the same effect long term.

Thinking in advance, some Venezuelan ideas should focus on land leaders' shock and army tradition, to represent their bigger role in leadership in the independence era and their tradition of multiple generals in power.
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