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In our research for tech teams we often stumble upon people and factories that are more suited to the Cold War era, than to WWII. While officially AoD is for the 1936-1964 era, very few grand campaign will last that long, and historical accuracy would be very bad by then.
I propose to collect Cold War TTs here in order to actually assemble a well rounded TT set for this era.
Please note that all TTs has to be reconsidered. At least new pictures need to be found for quite some of them.
Reserved post number 2
Mirza Aslam Beg

Start year 1962 end year 1991
Skill level 4, centralized execution, large units tactics and infantry focus.
NVA (east german army) general Vinzenz Müller http://www.das-ritterkreuz.de/index_search_db.php4?modul=search_result_det&wert1=4361&searchword=M%FCller

Generalleutnant in the Heer, Knights Cross holder, deputy minister of defense of the DDR http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincenz_Müller

loyalty towards the DDR is a bit unclear (at least to me), though. - but the highest ranking Wehrmacht officer in commie services and well known for that.

fired in 58

EDIT: Valdemar Verner (VAdm AFAIK)
USA (Cold war)
Robert H Morris
skill level 7, mathematics maybe also electronics?
start year 1960 end year 1980

Walther arms produces arms for defense maybe something to consider...

Ukraine UKR
Vasyl Stepanovich Kuk
start year 1951 end year 1980
Skill level 5, small units tactics, centralized execution, individual courage and training.

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