coGGi's mods

coGGi's mods

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Nov 24, 2020
I have the coGGi's mods 'Fix Colonists Long Walk' and 'Construct Extend Length' installed.

Do these two mods interact and allow colonists to survive a 250 hex surface walk (not using passages) between domes ? Difficult to test as I don't know of any way to order colonists to attempt such a feat.


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Aug 20, 2018
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One mod is to prevent a Colonist from "Dying / running out of Oxygen" walking from Dome to another or a Workplace "over long or very long distances (to get to / to go to) home/work or to relocating to a Dome, moving into a new/old Domes without some type of transportation to get there". And you can order a Colonist to relocate to a new Dome or set a new workplace or a new dwelling.

The other mod the AI for colonist's is set up for them to take the shortest root. So I would make the Extend Length Passage Hub as straight as possible with very small angles/bends/curves "a straight pathway".

Last thing you can do is to contact him "ChoGGi_2" personally.