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Metal King

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Aug 11, 2015
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It is my turn to write a DD for CK2 and it is about something that perhaps we don’t mention that often: Audio.

Or more specific for this entry; Death Screams & SFX.

For the new expansion I got an important task, it was to create new sound effects for executing characters and also create assets for other ways different characters can die in the game such as falling off a balcony or being mauled by a bear.

So basically for this task I did a bunch of research to see how cruel people were back in the days and how “creative” they could be when executing people.

I needed to create a lot of “gore” sound effects so to achieve this I went out and did some grocery shopping.

The leek and celery were to recreate some “sweet” and intense bone cracking sound effects while the pepper and salad were to create a “slow crushing” sound effect.

The big problem for this task was a major one; Screams. And a lot of them.

So I took the opportunity to do some internal auditions and invited co-workers to the torture chamber aka sound studio.

Another challenge was to get people to sound like they are… dying? I got to do a lot of “dummy” recordings where you could hear me die in different ways, and some of these recordings made their way into the expansion as well, so my co-workers could get to “dub” me or have some kind of a reference.

I’ll not tell you who is dying, that is up to you to guess. \m/

Here we have a female version of being impaled:

Here is a version from the Spanish method of garroting:

There could be a few hunting accidents:

Or sometimes people went kind of extreme with burning people:

Few causes when people were thrown down into a nasty pit:

Or just want people to suffer really hard before dying:

A bonus video of our dear CEO trying out for a role:

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Interesting; does this mean more death reasons?
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Very professional screams. Or maybe too professional. On the level of "we abducted people from the street and tortured them to make sfx" level of professional.
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lololol, epic and hilarious all at once :cool: Cheers for the DD Metal King, some great sound work there :). Pretty convincing stuff as well, I'll feel even worse being responsible for the untimely demise of my characters!
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Haha, awesome to see how you guys do this. Did you really use a keyboard anywhere in this process?
"Metal King Op. 2 nr. 39: Woman Being Mauled By Hedgehog in C# Minor, Allegro agitato"
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This will go nicely with my endless supply of prisoners after coming home from a raid.
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Now each time I'll hear bone cracking, I can't help but think of the poor leek and celeri :(
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Ah, those sounded gooooood :D
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Am I the only one who feels reminded of Stronghold by those death screems? :D
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Breaking news! CK2 team tortured their boss to create SFX. :p

a mix of pain and anger :p
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The wheel one should have the person moaning/breathing more heavily between pulls, not a complete stop of pain.
The woman being impaled sounds a little off by the last part. Like it is not in sync with the sound. I can't picture someone screaming like that when being impaled.

The garroting one is superb as is the snake pit.
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How about making the council sprites speak? Similar to the Total War, and better would be if they speak in their native languages or a close one.

And most importantly, will we have children death sounds too?:D
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