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Jul 21, 2020
Howdy all,

We were honored and privileged to be part of Paradox Insider this weekend! For those of you that may have missed it, we announced Northern Lords is coming soon!

Curious what else that contains and what to expect? Here is a video that rather exquisitely explains that!

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Super excited! :D
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Nice, I'm looking forward to it.
So is the patch that we've been seeing snippets from also coming on the 16th? I thought the last dev diary said we'd be seeing more about it "in the coming weeks". Kind of confused on exactly is coming with the flavor pack.

That said the Norse stuff looks great =)
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I have to confess, I felt disappointment as soon as I saw the same familiar character postures in the trailer that I've seen in a dozen CK3 games by now.

The game could really use a larger variety of character postures and movements.
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Good news, wished for some different areas, but the flavour pack is promising. And the release is very soon, so good job!
Sadly, no update about future DLCs... More hype!
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Well I am looking forward to this. I hoped for an Altaic Split before that, but well you cannot have everything.

I look forward to it. Will be the first thing to try out on my new PC.
Oh, thats dissapointing, the Norse are already buffed, and now will be even more central for a game about CRUSADER KINGS :(
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In regards to "laying foundation to the capital of the Rus" (I assume its Kiev) - but isn't it already owned by a norse character? (Dyre the Stranger)
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Why do media outlets persist with this stereotype that North Germanic people wore shaggy, untrimmed fur mantles that make Norse warriors look like Cruella de Vil? The Last Kingdom, HISTORY's Vikings and now Paradox lmao. @El Tyranos has done a better job with his mod representing medieval Norse clothing, and that's free.
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I assume this flavour pack is $6.99, right?
If so, then it sounds about right. Pure flavour content, events, cosmetics and some minor gameplay mechanics.
And I suppose it's worthwhile to mention the new duel system, that comes with a free patch.

I'm cool with that.
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