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Aug 7, 2020
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Hello everyone who works! My name is Batuhan. I'm Turkish. I will have a request from you. We want "Turkish language" for Crusader Kings 3 Game. There are many Turkish players who want this, but also the Turkish community of players who love you ... We love and play this series and many more paradox games. Since we asked you to bring Turkish language support, we launched a signature campaign to attract your attention.

Crusader Kings series is full of wonderful events and stories from start to finish. For example, while playing with the dhimmian character of a dynasty belonging to the sunni sect, the Quran was left in the bedroom of the character one night and the question was asked about whether I can read the book at the event. Then, in the morning, my character died of cancer. Personally, this was my favorite event in the game. It is very difficult to play such events in English so I support Turkish support.

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