CK3: The Royal Court - The Vision

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What’s the most symbolic image of a medieval ruler you can think of? Maybe they’re riding a horse through a village, maybe they’re perched at the top of a tower overlooking their realm, or maybe they’re leading troops in battle… those are good, but there’s one thing that is depicted more than anything else, something quintessentially medieval, something that truly evokes the feeling of the era - a ruler on a throne, surrounded by courtiers, vassals, and petitioners.

This is something brand new to the Crusader Kings series, an area we’ve wanted to improve upon for a long time. We have your ruler in the interface, we have your realm on the map - but what really connects them? Now you’ll be able to see your monarch, on their throne, actually ruling!

Kings & Emperors will gain access to the Royal Court, a throne room where their loyal subjects can gather, where glorious artifacts can be put on display, and where the ruler can Hold Court in order to deal with the troubles and wishes of the realm. Similarly to medieval rulers of old, you can aspire to have the Grandest court in the world, or perhaps simply live up to the expectations put on you by your peers - no one respects a stingy monarch!

With the Royal Court, we want to immerse you in the life of a medieval ruler by letting you take the reins and experience rulership first-hand. You’ll not only see your ruler occupy the same space as your family and subjects, but you’ll have the opportunity to engage with many new and exciting systems - sponsor projects, spend gold on lavish amenities, solve strife between squabbling courtiers, appoint jesters, and much more! How will you rule your realm?

And what is a ruler without subjects, their people? After all, it's they who pay the taxes! Much like with faiths, cultures will be made more interesting and malleable - all in line with our vision of Player Freedom and Progression.

Different cultures will have different traditions, different opinions of each other, and even shift and change with time. No longer will cultures be static and similar - we want to give you, the player, the freedom and possibility to shape your own culture and guide its progress in a variety of exciting ways. Of course, culture will change at a slower pace than Faiths do - it’ll be gradual over time, tradition by tradition. Though sometimes larger shifts can occur due to isolation, or as the result of two different cultures intermingling.

Grow the acceptance between cultures in your realm, diverge your culture to adopt a new Ethos, or create a Hybrid between two cultures in your realm - adopting the language, traditions and aesthetic choices you find the most compelling. There are many possibilities to explore, and no two games will ever look the same again!

All of this is a big undertaking, as it breaks new ground for the game in more than one way! It’s going to take a little bit longer, but as we get closer to launch we’ll start sharing many more details - both on what’s been mentioned here as well as other things coming in the expansion. We hope you’re excited to join us on this journey!

You can expect the expansion to release later this year.
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Will the Throne Rooms differ depending on culture and religion?
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I love the topic of the expansion. CK3, as well as CK2, lacked depth in internal management. I am very pleased that this is one of the fist focuses of the dev team.
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Hopefully your vassals will also double as courtiers because right courtiers are mostly a bunch of random nobodies. Other I'm really interested in the culture mechanics and am interested on the details because it sounds really interesting.
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The culture part sounds very interesting. :)
And the artifacts - I really hope you found a way to do it without power creep. At least, your visions sounds like it might be possible.
Given the trailer, I kind of expect it to include some kind of more involved marriage arrangements and something like a promise system, but it seems like you forgot to mention that. ;-)
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Neat ideas but hope we see some of the many larger missing CK2 features added as well like a ERE government and tributaries somewhat fit this DLC's theme. I'd mention things like the College of Cardinals too but I'm sure we'll see that in a more religion focused DLC instead and nomads and republics/trade would likely get their own DLC as well. We were told these DLC's that are going to be 30 dollars would be 'chunkier' so I do expect a bit more than what is announced so far.
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Dynamic cultures sound very cool, but my excitement is tempered by all the problems that still exist with the dynamic faith system. I will reserve judgment until we have more details, but I am worried that we will see the same thing we see with religion - all of the unique minor faiths are wiped out within a few decades, and we are left with just a few major religions.
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I Love the idea of having dynamic cultures!
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very surprising, definitely not what I expected. I'm very interested if the throneroom is actually walkable or a 3D room explorable ala point-and-click games.
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