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Mar 15, 2012
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As promised, here is the first of what we like to call “summer teasers”. These will be kept fairly small in scope while we enjoy our summer vacation. Today, we’ll have a small showcase of a few traditions that you’ll be able to pick up with the upcoming overhaul for cultures. Remember that what you see is a work in progress, and may be subject to change before release.


[Image of the By the Sword tradition]


[Image of the Collective Lands tradition]


[Image of the Isolationist tradition]


[Image of the Mystical Ancestors tradition]


[Image of the Stalwart Defenders tradition]


[Image of the Staunch Traditionalists tradition]

We’ll be back with proper Dev Diaries sometime in August!
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I'm very happy to see that these traditions aren't just straight up buffs for the most part, and that many have a thematic but still important downside. The one that doesn't have a downside doesn't seem all that strong anyway, as defensive wars aren't extremely common.
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The only one of these that sounds interesting for my playstyle is Mystical Ancestors... Gaining Renown from granting titles to my house (which is something I would do anyway) sounds really, *really* strong. Though of course I don't know how much renown we are talking about here.
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Looking good.
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Those look pretty fun. Nr. 1 seems primarily made for crusader cultures.
Common Lands seems pretty interesting, is there more content regarding the peasantry planned?
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Poor Estonians have a trait that not only seems pretty bad, it also increases the cost of changing away from the tradition... maybe tweak that one a bit?
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So mystical ancestors... It looks really strong once you're used to consolidating your land without having to disinherit your sons. If you win a war against them and take their title, will the piety cost apply? Also, if everyone can claim mystical ancestry, maybe make it so they're more likely to join factions?
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Oh fun concept! Will there be culture-group specific traditions like there are innovations?
We have several different ways of unlocking traditions. Some will be available depending on your culture, or your heritage. Certain traditions have unique triggers, such as Mystical Ancestors, which is only available to cultures that start with it, so you will have to hybridize with an existing culture if you would like to have acquire it for your own culture.
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In the future when we will be expanding our culture with new traditions will we be able to purchase any (I assume price would vary based on our current traditions) or would we have to somehow be exposed to that tradition in the first place.

also, will there be any traditions no culture starts with?

How will the Sardinian diplo range -25% work? Can I expect not to be able to communicate with Sardinian characters from inside my diplo range if I am outside of theirs?
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