CK3 "Fate of Iberia" FAQ - Developer Diaries, Q&A & Important Information

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Updated: 21/05/2022, 19:00 CEST
Crusader Kings 3: Flavor Pack Fate of Iberia FAQ

The sun-kissed lands of Iberia await your glorious rule with Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia flavor pack. Deeply rich in history, culture and people, the peninsula’s medieval destiny is ready to be shaped by your majestic hand, be it clad in conciliatory velvet or as an iron fist.
The new major multi-stage Struggle feature lets you decide on the fate of a lively and complex region across realms and cultures. Be the one to unite Iberia under a single banner, or watch as conflict marks generations to come.
From the Christian kingdoms in their northern mountain strongholds to the sumptuous Muslim taifas of al-Andalus, immerse yourself in Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia with all its splendor and art. Breathe life into your Iberian adventure with new events, music, traditions, models, and style your ruler as a royal Castillian knight or dashing Umayyad emir.

In this thread, we will add the recurrent Questions from the Community, and the Answers from our developers.
Keep your eyes peeled, this thread will be regularly updated with our Dev Diaries, Q/A, and other communications!

means the Q&A is a recent addition to the FAQ.
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► Answers

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Topic Index, with links to threads

  • General Questions
  • Turmoil in the Peninsula
  • Anatomy of a Struggle
  • Flavor of Iberia
  • Event Illustration Showcase and Workflow
  • Videos
  • Press & Articles Previews


General Questions & Main Features

♛ ▲ Can I already pre-order Crusader Kings III's Flavor Pack "Fate of Iberia"?
► The Flavor Pack"Fate of Iberia" is available on the Paradox Store & Steam for €6.99/$6.99/£5.80. This Flavor Pack is also included in the Royal Edition and Season Pass.

♛ ▲ Any release date?
► May 31, 2022

♛ ▲ What is coming with the Flavor Pack "Fate of Iberia"?
► The Flavor Pack "Fate of Iberia" will include:
The Fate of Iberia lies in your hands
“The Struggle” is an expansive new feature found in Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia, simulating multi-stage, large-scale conflicts across decades, or even centuries.
  • You tell the ever-evolving saga of Iberia with each decision you make. Appeasing or hostile, influence the constant turmoil on the peninsula to your liking during each phase of the Struggle.
  • Follow the path of history with a definite end goal in mind or play out a completely new fate for the region. Be the early founder of a Hispania steeped in blood, or bring together a multicultural caliphate in peace.

Embrace the uniqueness of Iberia
Step up and discover an Iberian peninsula brought fully to life, with new art, music, models, costumes and characters, events, and more.
  • A dazzling array of new thematic events, decisions, and cultural traditions unique to Iberia can be explored. All are historically accurate and meticulously researched.
  • Dress up your character as a true hidalgo or a Muslim prince, or choose your pick from well-groomed beards and curly hair, armor, clothes, new turban styles, or some of the tallest headgear medieval Europe has to offer!
  • A host of new 3D models and environments, including holdings, units and ships, can be encountered.
  • Not only are a series of new Iberian-inspired artifacts, heirlooms and treasures yours for the taking, Crusader Kings III: Royal Court owners are also able to display their full regalia in their personal court. A new throne, council weapons, treasures, and other themed customization options will enrich your courtroom even further!
  • Get carried away by the richly themed soundtrack, as you admire the stunning new art, from loading screens to icons and revamped user interface.


Turmoil in the Peninsula

Read our Vision Statement for the upcoming Flavour Pack "Fate of Iberia".

▲ What is the reasoning behind announcing new DLCs only a few weeks away from when they'll be released?
► We prefer to have a shorter and focused communication period for the Flavor Pack. Hopefully, each of them should bring you exciting details about what's to come!

Does the new culture set up for 867 means visigothic as a culture will be gone?
► The Visigothic culture still exists but is not assigned to counties, hence it disappeared from the map

Do I have to be christian or muslim to participate in the Iberian Struggle?
► There is a way of becoming involved, even if you are not part of the Struggle from the start.

Will the AI understand the significance of taking actions like "reveal a secret" to advance the struggle meter, or is that just for players to do?
► Yes, the AI is aware of actions affecting the progress of the Struggle.

I wonder how this will affect overall game balance?
► This Flavor Pack is more contained within the Iberian peninsula. The Flavor Pack will change the balance and the dynamic within the region and for their neighbours but it should not change the overall balance of power. As usual, we will count on your feedback though to help us improve the experience!

All iberian cultures'll share the same, new holding graphics, or the andalusians'll get their own graphics too?
► For the holding specifically, we did a common set for the peninsula, with a variant for the Temple (1 Christian and 1 Muslim).

Any chance we can tweak the Portugal formation decision?
► We adjusted the existing Decision a bit :)


Anatomy of a Struggle

Read our DD#94 - Anatomy of a Struggle.

Could the struggle system be implemented to England during the Norse invasions?
► It's not at the moment, but it certainly could be. Personally I think the timeframe there is a little short for it, but it would depend on implementation.

Is this like border conflicts but taken to the extreme?
► There's elements of that in the Iberian Struggle, but it doesn't, strictly speaking, have to be.

Could you give some more examples of regions where the struggle system will be implemented in the 867 start date?
► Strictly speaking, no. At the moment there are no other regions where the struggle system will be implemented - Iberia is our first struggle. I've got a handful of personal favourites that I know I'd like to try and which those unfortunate enough to be within rambling distance of me are very well aware of, but I don't think I'm allowed to share those.
► At the moment, it's just the Iberian Struggle. We may well see struggles in future flavour packs or expansions, but they're not a standard component for every DLC. Our first struggle is very much a result of fixed conditions (it technically starts in the history files in... I think 719?), but there's nothing stopping struggles from being set up to happen more naturalistically except for the preset region.
► Worth pointing out that these phases and ending decisions are Iberia specific - future struggles would be expected to have their own phases and ending decisions.

As a side note, I haven't seen any new cloaks in any of the new screenshots, which I find just a tiny bit disappointing. I see a lot of them in the various new artworks though, which just makes me want them all the more. Are we not getting any?
► I'm very sorry to say that Art tells me we do not have any cloaks planned for this DLC - we do, however, have some of the biggest and fanciest hats yet added to the title.

BTW, we're not forced to become an Empire after dominating the peninsula, are we? I rather like being a King instead of an Emperor.
► You are not! Creating Hispania is locked behind resolving the struggle (to keep things a bit more interesting), but resolving the struggle does not automatically create Hispania.

▲ How can another *faith* become involved in a struggle after the struggle has begun?
► Same mechanic, I'm afraid, so new smaller faiths can get in, but most larger ones practically won't be able to.

Are there mixed catalysts?
► Not in the Iberian Struggle, but there's nothing stopping that from being scripted. ^^' Funnily enough, it's something I considered early on, but we tried to focus on clear fundamentals for the first time folks'd be interacting with the system.
► The progress towards a phase is never reduced. It's more of a race between the two potential future phases.
We also adjusted the AI intent for characters within the Iberian Struggle to pursue catalysts. When a character joins the Struggle, they receive an agenda and will act accordingly. This agenda is hidden however, but might be deduced by observing how they behave.

Is this struggle system fully moddable and scriptable or some cannot be modded because it's hardcoded,i.e,can we create new struggle ,phases and so on through modding or not?
► Fully moddable! New struggles, phases, the works!
► New struggles, struggle phases, struggle catalysts, and struggle parameters are all scriptable.

What is the reasoning behind making every independent ruler an Emperor if deciding for status quo? I get the reasoning behind destroying Hispania. I don't get making Kings into Emperors.
► To be clear: kingdoms become empire titles, every independent ruler doesn't become an emperor. Though they would then have an easier time creating those titles.

Can a character join two struggles at the same time?
► You hypothetically could but we'd generally recommend against that as a default - it'd be very easy to end up in situations where you've got +X% of Y modifier from one struggle and -Z% of Y modifier from another. We hope to address some of this in the future with some clever modifier shenaniganery.

▲ Is there a way for an uninvolved power to overcome a Struggle through intervention?
► We have indeed a fourth way of ending the Struggle, but only for non-Involved characters :)


Flavor of Iberia

Read our DD #95: Flavor of Iberia.

If everyone in my dynasty gets the ability to disinherit, does this still cost renown even if they are not the dynasty head? If yes, then this legacy sounds *very* bad.
► No, I should have been more clear in the initial version of the post. It's a new interaction, that costs Prestige and incurs Tyranny, but it does not cost you any Renown.

Is this 'sharing secret' a passive ability or a character interaction? If it's a passive ability, won't it cause some lags when the house is large enough, like witch coven?
► It is an interaction, more information to come in the future.

Does sponsoring a golden age have additional requirements not shown?
► The decision has a hidden requirement for a specific struggle phase.

What are the triggers for the flavored events and decisions ? I take for an example the possibility of a new viking aventurer conquering some lands and establishing a new hybrid culture with norse heritage. I take that this new culture would take part in the struggle, but would that new culture (present only in Iberia, therefore an Iberian culture) get Iberian flavored event, heritages and decisions ? Or will the norse heritage completely exclude this?
► It depends on the event/decision ^_^
Struggle events necessitate that you get involved in the struggle, of course, whereas the flavor events and decisions have different triggers. Many events, for example, will be available even if you don't have Iberian Heritage.


3D Art Showcase

Read our DD #96: 3D Art Showcase

♛▲ I see several of the models are currently held by museums. How do you go about finding them?
► Well, a lot of things are available online nowadays, so a Google Search or deep delve into academic papers on the region are easier to arrange than a trip to Spain. However, museum trips have also been known to happen. ;)
One thing we do always try to do is cross-reference everything we find online as much as possible. Sometimes you find a low res picture of something that looks cool on Pinterest with no date or source attached to it -- might be just the thing we need held in a museum, or it might not be historical at all. If we can only find it on a single website, we would be a bit wary. Fortunately many museums also have online catalogues of their collections.

♛▲ Will the clothing styles replace the generic outfits for Iberian cultures or will they be an addition to their current wardrobe?
► Iberian cultures will use both, with a higher chance of getting the new assets. :)

♛▲ When it comes to the new clothing, do you guys feel limited in a way when mods make them first? Are those mods supposed to delete their crowns or only disable them when certain DLC is active, or are you trying to not get each other in the way?
► I think it's difficult to avoid having some degree of overlap between what we make and what modders create. For example it can happen with some items that are a bit more iconic for the region and time period like the Crown of Sancho IV (which is also part of the Community Flavour Pack I believe). Other times, source material can be scarce, so both us and modders end up looking at the same illustration simply because we don't have that many to choose from. But the cool part about that is that they can be interpreted in so many ways by different artists. We can end up with visibly different end results even though we start off by looking at the same reference images.
Modding is all about expanding your experience as a player so we'd rather encourage modders to keep on modding. We are also history nerds over here so even if we end up doing the same assets, we love seeing different interpretations!
► When correlating historical sources for anything, there ultimately is a limited amount of ways you can properly depict these. We have our in development systems and assets which modders have no insight into, so they are always at a risk of making something we are making or will make down the line. This can be anything from systems to art assets, and a recent example of this which comes to mind was the Way of Kings presents: Artifacts and Dueling Module mod by Tobbzn before The Royal Court. How modders ultimately choose to use their assets afterwards is entirely up to them. We generally adore seeing what our community creates :)

♛▲ So you archive those High Poly Models, so that maybe in 10 years you can release them as part of a "CK3 Remastered" version or something, when PCs got more powerful?
► We do try to keep all the source files in a safe place. There are times when we need to rework certain assets or use them as a base for something else, so it's always important to be able to go back and access those files.

♛▲ Please, don’t forget Ibn Marwan is his Last Name. His name is Abd al-Rahman.
♛▲ Maybe it would be cool if the Dynasty is called Marwanid or Banu Marwan and give to Ibn Marwan the Nickname of “al-Yilliqi” or “the Galician”.
♛▲ Please, update the Dynastic tree of Ibn Marwan and give him his real sons.
► The names we use in the bookmark screen aren't completely consequent; you'll notice that we tend to favor more well-known or often-used names for characters, so for example, in "The Fate of England", we have "King Harold of England", yet the king of Norway is simply "Harald Hardrade". Historical Muslim persons often become primarily known to posterity under their patronymics, in Iberia for example "Ibn Rushd", and it was very much so in sources talking about Abd al-Rahman ibn Marwan. That's why we decided to use his patronymic in the bookmark screen. In game, you'll see that he has his full name of course.
Still, we have done a lot of changes to his setup that I think you might appreciate... Thank you for a very helpful and thoughtful post!

♛▲ Is there any other monuments or artifacts you are not showing?
► Yep! We wanted to keep some suprises to discover in-game, and indeed the Alcázar is amongst them.

♛▲ Curious, are any of the new clothes also historically found in the regions around Iberia and if so will some of the neighbouring regions also get some of the new clothes?
► Currently the trigger is based on capital province location being in Iberia. But it would be quite easy to mod this. And of course any character can equip the clothes from the Barbershop.


Event Illustration Showcase and Workflow

Read our DD #97: Event Illustration Showcase and Workflow




Press Articles & Previews
What does the Press think about Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia? Here is a selection of Press articles!
  • Screen Rant - Crusader Kings 3: Fate Of Iberia DLC Arriving In May
    • Quote: "The world of Crusader Kings 3 was already huge at launch, offering many hours of playtime with the content in the base game...Crusader Kings 3 was beloved by critics at launch, and hopefully the game is only going to get better with each expansion." - Scott Baird
  • Comic Book Resources - Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia Brings Medieval Spain and Portugal To Life
    • Quote: "Fate of Iberia appears to be honing in on these [unique] qualities, adding more opportunities for intrigue in the role-play aspect of the game with the Struggle system." - Julia Anderson
  • PC Gamer - Crusader Kings 3's next DLC will spice up Spain
    • Quote: "Flavour pack implies something cosmetic and not particularly essential, but like the Northern Lords DLC, Fate of Iberia is more than just a bunch of new character art and unit designs. That's included as well, of course, but it's on top of the new struggle system, a pair of additional dynastic legacies to pursue, more cultural traditions specific to the Iberian peninsula and additional dynamic events." - Fraser Brown
  • PCGamesN - Crusader Kings 3 Fate of Iberia DLC set for May release date
    • Quote: "It will be interesting to see how this interacts with the recent overhaul to Crusader Kings III’s culture system, introduced in the update that arrived with the Royal Court expansion earlier this year. However, Fate of Iberia is introducing a new system of its own, called Struggles." - Ian Boudreau
  • Twinfinite - Crusader Kings 3 Fate of Iberia DLC Announced, Portraying the Struggle for Spain
    • Quote: "As the title suggests, this flavor pack focuses on the struggle for the domination of the Iberian peninsula." - Giuseppe Nelva
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