CK3 Community Spotlight - CanYouPassThePie, Coat of Arms Designer

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As CanYouPassThePie adventures in Crusader Kings III, she masterfully crafts dozens of Coat of Arms to the community’s pleasure.
Discover her work and learn more about her inspirations and process in our latest Community Spotlight!


Hello CanYouPassThePie! Tell us everything about your CK3 experience and how you came to the game?
► Hey there! I discovered Crusader Kings lll three months after the release date. I was searching for a new "medieval" game to play and I just randomly came across it. I don’t remember the specifics but I do know it wasn't too long before I started watching "Let's Plays" on Youtube and “The Heir is Born” trailer. I was sold so I purchased the Royal Edition and the rest is History! According to steam I’m almost at 5,000 hours of CK3 gameplay which speaks for itself.

I can tell the team works hard and from personal experience I love the fact they engage and listen to their audience - It is always a good sign!
I've met new friends in the community as well and they’ve been nothing but helpful and supportive. It's strange to think I wouldn't have met them if I didn't stumble across CK3 during my search, let alone have an amazing opportunity such as this so yeah, there's sentimental value!

What inspired you to create these amazing Coat of Arms we can find on your Twitter?
► I wanted to match the crests to my theme rulers since my saves consist of a bunch of them. For example: If I create a family by the name of "House Pizza" and I start as “Countess Pepperoni" in the county of "Garlic Crust" I'm going to need an actual pepperoni pizza on the COA!
I was curious whether or not I could make objects from scratch using only what they’ve given us. I acted on that initial thought because I don’t like feeling limited. I was determined to make it happen with whatever theme I had going on during that time. Once I found out it’s possible to make that “Pizza” crest I started exploring more items.
I mean, who doesn't want to spot cousin Pineapple the NEW Queen of England with a Pizza COA!


Do you always choose a theme before working on your next masterpiece, or do you sometimes just see the different patterns & symbols and you think: “Ha! I could do this!”?
► I find it easier to choose and give myself prompts, It helps me have a direction! If I'm fixed on completing the theme I had in mind but see a new image from the patterns and symbols I'll go ahead and save the code in the notepad and work on the “new idea” later. These are the moments when I usually come up with another technique.

What do you like the most about CK3?
► What do you mean?! EVERYTHING. The community, the music, the graphics, ART, micromanaging court, the fact it’s a baby simulator cause I’m a hardcore The Sims player...( yep, I said it) I can’t pick just one thing I like but at the top of my list is Ruler Designer and COA design. I spend the majority of my game time there. I’m so happy we were given this! It allows for so much creativity!
I’m also glad that we can rename counties. It may seem small for some but that’s huge for me when you think about how I play. There’s something for everybody!

Do you have a favourite Coat of Arms of your creations so far?
► I recently made a potion bottle that I’ve grown to really love. The summoned Mickey Mouse ice-cream bowl was my favorite too..
Oh the Pokemon COA and Crusader Kings lll crown..Okay, I know that’s more than one but I’m sorry there’s just too many!


What is your process to create a great CoA?
► I treat the process like I'm drawing graphic art with a tablet in Adobe photoshop. In photoshop you begin with a white canvas so I start the background of the crest as solid white! If I'm creating a complex design with multiple shades and undertones I use the light and dark yellow base colors provided in the square boxes. Sometimes I'll add in the dark brown if I need an even darker shade. Once finished you go back and select the color you want to replace the base yellows!

You’re 'drawing' except using the shapes, altering the size, the x/y axis, and rotating. That is part of the challenge and creativity. If I'm making a cat I'll be in the circle category because that shape can be applied for various features (face, nose, paws, and eyes) . I select the abstract category and find a triangle or diamond to use as ears! Then to fill in the ears or any shape that isn't already a solid I use the solid circles to color in and outline but make sure they're the same color as the ears and the face so it blends well. (I hope this isn't confusing you guys!) Next I go to the nature category and patterns category to use crescents and lines as mouths and whiskers. Then you’re free to decorate!

In photoshop you can move layers, luckily we can do the same in COA! Drag and drop on top of the "black thin line" to go beneath/above the layer. Layer placements are crucial to a design, I use them all the time! On average I’ll have 20-40 layers! If you're making eyes for a cat those circle layers should be on top of everything else so you can see them and if you want to add from the “patterns” category as background drop the layer at the bottom. That’s pretty much the gist of what I do.

Do you have any advice for your fellow CK3 community members who’d like to craft their Coat of Arms?
► The best advice I'd give is to be patient and take all the steps from the question above into consideration. Set aside an hour so you can focus - don’t rush! I've kept at COA everyday, dedicating at least 2-4 hours on them since the release. I find emblem creation therapeutic, somehow it relaxes me but it also takes time. Just don't give up because you can create anything! Do you want a bicycle, cartoon character, giraffe or sandwich as a crest? You can!

How have your skills improved since you’ve been regularly sharing new CoAs? And is there any improvement you would like to bring to our CoA designer?
► I've noticed that I've been able to make crests 2D!
The objects aren't as flat like a pancake (that's the best way I can put it) . The remake of my Pie design is a good example. I created a cherry pie when the COA patch was released and to see the comparison of how I can manipulate it so that we can see the Pie from a completely different view was shocking! I use brighter colors and I add more details to objects and the background!

One of the features I would love for us to have is a custom COA palette. In that palette players can choose what colors are inserted in the square boxes from the "Color Picker" area themselves! It’ll help tremendously because It can be difficult when I can't seem to find that same red picked four layers ago.

Another thing that would be great is to give another category with shapes that have shading similar to the heart and solid circle (with the shadow inside) If we got a cube, cylinder, right triangle, rhombus, squares, stars, heart and cuboid in different styles that can be game-changer! We have a wide selection for the circles and crosses, it would be sweet if we had the same for all the other shapes. And last, a “COPY” tool!! If we can copy layers that would be great so we don’t have to take another 20 minutes trying to recreate another one. That's it from me though, you guys did a phenomenal job with the COA designer overall!


How has the CK3 community reacted to your creations so far?
► Oh my gosh, I’ve had a lot of positive feedback!!! I can’t thank you all enough for all the kind words, likes and comments on my socials. I’m super awkward so sometimes I don’t know what to say other than thank you but I love creating these COA for the CK3 community! When you guys are hyped, I get hyped. It's one of the main things that I look forward to. Emblems are my daily routine now.

Tell us about your most memorable CK3 moment?
► My most memorable CK3 moment was when I hosted a Disney Multiplayer with my community! I’m not big on Multiplayers, I only do them every once in a while but that one in particular was so fun for me. We all played a Disney character, I was Ursula. We had Thor, Jasmine, The Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Mufasa, Hercules and more. I could barely focus on my own ruler, I wanted to see what everyone else was up to. That was around the time I was active and met a lot of new people.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
► YES. I’d like to do some Shoutouts for other CK3 players whom I consider mutuals and friends. I think everyone should check these content creators out; You can find them all on Twitch and youtube:
OldManMordaith, Lionheartx10, Adonian, EnigmaticRose4, MasalaMouth, SpenguinZPenguin, Tarkusarkusarkusarkusar, Anthropophagic64, FakinitWithJason, BerserkerKamikaze, Laaang, Gustyrill, BearlyTactical, theaginggamerz, Satorn!

Where can the community find more of your work?
► You can find them on my socials below!

Thank you to CanYouPassThePie for agreeing to share her Coat of Arms and story with us!
As always, if you have crafted something you think the CK3 community would love, share it on our socials: via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Discord.


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PlantMonster! and the Grim Reaper (on your Twitter account), and the Witch’s Cauldron (and so many others on your Discord) also deserve mention! I tend to slip into playing the same way by the middle of every run through, but I think using one of your COAs could help me keep it lighthearted-and fun. :cool: