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Mar 11, 2022
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Greetings Rulers!

As of September 13, we will be altering the prices of our Flavor Packs (Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia) to reflect the overall value of this kind of content moving forward. This means that the current price point of these two products will increase from 6.99 USD to 12.99 USD. This of course, is changed equivalent to the regional pricing of your area and may vary. This change will also be reflected in future Flavor Packs whose cost will be more in line with this price point.

The price change will not affect the price of the Base Game, Royal Court, or the Royal Edition—those prices will remain unaffected. If you are already a holder of the Royal Edition or Expansion Pack 1, you are all set and nothing will change for you and your versions of the game.

The price of Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia will not increase until September 13, so we recommend getting your copies at the original price point of 6.99 USD before the change occurs.
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My only question is, why change the prices retroactively?
I would understand it if it was decided that flavor packs needed to expand in scope. Which obviously would mean a price bump.
But changing the price of old DLC that was well worth it's price is just...Shooting yourself in the foot in the eyes of the community.
I can't see how this will have any financial gain from it either. Most people who play CK3 have already bought these DLC's.

I know games and DLC cost money to produce and Paradox is a company that has always had a "unique" and controversial DLC policy...I'm not here to argue about that, but I just think that this price change does nothing but spite fans, and might even end up not being as profitable as predicted due to people seeing double digits and thinking twice about buying it the next DLC unless it's not on sale or promises huge gameplay changes.

I don't agree with this change. As much as I love CK3 and bought the Royal Edition to save some bucks on future DLC. A lot of my friends kept away from buying the game due to the DLC prices not corrosponding to what it actually gave you.
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How bad is inflation in sweden where you need to more than double the price of already released dlc? Will base game also be increased in price?

How will you market a sale that includes the dlc? 50% off ck3 sale, buy it for the same price it was a year ago when not on sale? I thought EU Regulators were meant to be undoing marketing schemes like that where you rise prices before a sale?

Do we know if eu4 dlc is also going to be bumped up in price? Res Publica becoming 15 pounds?
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Honestly Fate of Iberia was worth the price. Northern Lords isn't the same quality. If you said at the begining that fate of iberia would be more expensive and turned out this good that would be fine but changing prices later on is just scummy. Charging both of them the same is also just stupid.
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Neither of those packs was worth 13 USD, especially with all the need for retroactive fixes.

If the price of future packs is double and the quality and scope is even close to the ones released earlier, I will simply not buy any, and I suspect many players will think the same.
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Tell me, why should I buy this stuff at all if you think increasing prices for DLC is ok?
People already associate Paradox with ridiculous DLC policies, this will just reinforce it.
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Honestly Fate of Iberia was worth the price. Northern Lords isn't the same quality. If you said at the begining that fate of iberia would be more expensive and turned out this good that would be fine but changing prices later on is just scummy. Charging both of them the same is also just stupid.
How is fates good. Rite is still bugged, so most mozarabic stuff is subsequently bugged. Jewish content got delayed. Jews now instantly convert iberia rather than slowly gaining power. Struggle clash cb makes things easier than holy war ever did. Dissolution was broken on release with how often it fired and is now semi broken with titles not being destroyed. Umayyads still break up into 3 rather than just being given partition. Castile somehow exists in 867 but aragon cant for some reason
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I can see the idea of making future dlcs more expensive if they really include more content than the first flavour pack (it's easy to spot the difference between Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia) but changing their prices retroactively is ridiculous. Nobody is going to buy those two anymore, I assure you this.
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Is this an out-of-season April Fool's joke?

If you consider Fate of Iberia or Northern Lords to be worth 13 bucks, then all I can do is laugh. Every single piece of DLC you released for CK3 so far has been ridiculously overpriced for what little content they had. If I didn't have the Royal Edition, I wouldn't have even bought a single one of them. Not for that price.

I only have half an interest in CK3 as it is, because I think the game is boringly easy, offers no challenge or any meaningful content other than roleplaying.

With the price incnrease you either have to deliver godly out-of-this-world content for CK3 that single-handedly adresses all these issues, or I will definitely not buy any future releases for that price.

Well, let's hope for every one you alienated with that you have 2 people who keep buying, otherwise you won't even break even with that and make a loss.
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Well if the price will remain the same for Expansion passes, I'd like another one for the future DLC. Thank you!

If the price for season passes remains the same, and they release more of them, then that would imply that their true intentions is to force people to buy the passes by creating the illusion of "best price" by inflating the price of individual content. Yeah, I'd love if the devs would first screw with their playerbase and then offer a cheaper option that is the same price of the old option!
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If you're going to DOUBLE the prices, can we at *least* have some transparency as to why?
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At the very least lie to my face and try and feed me some bull about how "Oh yeah in the future we will be doing more with flavor packs! *wink wink*" or something like that, at least try. But just outright saying that you're increasing the price with no other context for the decision whatsoever is... bold, to say the least.
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Tbh I can kinda understand that. They were rather cheap, and while the new price is quite high compared to the included content, that is true for most DLC of Paradox, as we also pay for continued support of the game. Since it's announced and we know when the prices will go up, I don't think it's done in a consumer unfriendly way.

However the price seems a bit too high now. Like 10USD I can understand, but at 13 I feel like I am not gonna be able to justify buying that stuff. Flavour packs only add local flavour to some region or culture, they are easy to skip. It sounds fun to have a nice campaign with new content, but with such a price I'd feel like I am overpaying hard. It just seems to me like I'll have to skip most of them from now on.

And it might feel like the game isn't receiving enough development now. If for a few months there is work on something I won't buy and not a DLC that affects all my CK3 games... that was basically few months of no updates.
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It's great you guys are making money, but your reputation seems to have really tanked since you went public. If this were to increase compensation for the workers, that would be a different story. However, there's no way you'd leave that out for the good publicity if that were the case.

Then again, who cares about reputation so long as your shareholders get their short-term profits so they can eventually bail out and reinvest in their next victim once you've been taken for everything you're worth.

You can keep debasing your currency all you want, but you're eventually going to have to pay off that corruption or start a fresh save.
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I would certainly pay $13 for a high quality flavor pack. That is not what we have been delivered, though. I'm not even sure I'd continue paying $7 for the current level of quality. Given that previous packs are being increased, that suggests to me that the new price will not reflect an increase of quality.
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