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Jul 29, 2015
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  • PDXCon 2017 Awards Winner
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  • Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory
  • Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters
  • Crusader Kings II: Reapers Due
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet
  • Stellaris Sign-up
  • Crusader Kings II: Conclave
  • Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords
  • Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense
  • Crusader Kings II: Way of Life
  • Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado
  • Cities: Skylines



[Download Plus for CK2 2.8 Installer]
[Download Plus for CK2 2.8 Zip]

Which download to use? Installer should really be the choice for 95% of people. It will automatically delete old mod files, clear the stale flag cache, and install the mod correctly. As an added bonus it's also about 15MB lighter. But, if you want to make a manual installation, the zip is still available. Just remember to follow the instructions, mainly the pink/purple letters above the links ;)

What is it?
As the name implies, CK2+ exists to give you more—more content, more choices, more fun. The goal is to offer a deeper and more challenging CK2 experience without straying too far from the original game mechanics or adding overly deterministic events. The purpose of this mod is not historical accuracy (although we try to preserve it whenever it’s not detrimental to gameplay), but rather to enrich the medieval sandbox that CK2 offers.

Main Features
  • A completely overhauled factions system -- rather than solely having factions which go to war with their liege as soon as they are strong enough, there are also "common interest" factions which consist of vassals who meet regularly and can reward a liege who's kept them happy or make demands of a liege with whom they're angry...and who can start a civil war if their liege doesn't comply. These civil wars can be incredibly dangerous, as other factions can join in the war if the liege is unpopular.
  • Catholic and Orthodox religions are united as Chalcedonian Christianity in the Old Gods, Charlemagne and Millenium bookmarks. The schism only occurs after the millenium if the right events occur prior to that, and can be prevented should a Patriarch Supreme be anointed.
  • A cadet system for younger brothers of very large dynasties to establish their own dynasties if they should ever inherit a title. Likewise, powerful rulers who are part of very large dynasties but who not the head of that dynasty (and not closely related to him) may elect to start their own -- particularly if they are Muslim, who will always start their own dynasty if not in the realm of thier dynasty head.
  • German and Italian cultures are split to their historical variations which can be united though special decisions and events by powerful imperial rulers.
  • Berber and Moorish cultural groups.
  • Playable Aztec invasion. Player needs to be a Nahua Aztec Count on Atlantic coast(not Scandinavia or Iceland) on game start.
  • Overhauled heresies -- conversion to heresies is not completely random, and sometimes "heretics" will actually switch to non-heretic religions within the same religion group (where it makes sense). There are brand new heresies, such as the Adoptionists and Tondrakians (amongst others), and many individual heresies have been given a great deal of unique content to make them more interesting to play.
  • A more logical system for adventurers -- adventurers will travel around to nearby kingdoms, attempting to raise money from sympathetic rulers and by campaigning in lands. Only if they raise sufficient funds will they be able to form a host, and the size of the host will depend on the amount of coin they raised as well as their individual prowess. A deceptive ruler may attempt to take their captive when they arrive and offer you them to you in exchange for a hefty ransom.
  • A coronation system, which requires feudal kings and emperors to hold a coronation -- an event which invites not only vassals but nearby independent rulers and relatives -- which will solidify their rule. Until they are coronated, weak claims can be enforced against them and their Crown Authority can not be increased.
  • Imperial Government -- Special feudal government type that replaces the viceroy system. Instead of being given the kingdom/duchy title outright, ruler can choose whether to allow normal inheritance, give the title to someone else, or take the title for themself.
  • Imperial Court Events -- Vassals can send their family members to imperial court to learn and gain experience.
  • New Tributary System -- Tributary CB is disabled and it is replaced with a targeted decision. The target is given a choice to either pay tribute or go to war. If the target rejects, attacker can still backout, at the cost of prestige. Accepting to pay tribute without war has the benefit of reduced tribute percentage.
  • Congenital traits are no longer visible at birth, and are discovered as the child grows up. Affected traits are: genius, quick, imbecile, slow, tall, dwarf, strong, weak, homosexual and most of the congenital traits added by the mod (e.g. tall, ambidextrous, imposing).
  • Regnal name selection -- Before the coronation, ruler can select a traditional regnal name for their culture, or choose a traditional dynastic name.
  • A Spy Network rating, built by assigning the Spymaster to the Build Spy Network job. Spy Network can be spent to speed up the success of plots, and can also be spent to hire an assassin to target someone you have a murder plot against. The rating slows down plots against you, but you can devote your own Spy Network to reducing your target's.
  • The vanilla decadence system for Muslims is gone -- mostly. Muslims can still gain the Decadent trait, and if they are in the realm of the head of their dynasty, they can cause him to gain a "Decadent Dynasty" trait of increasing levels of negative opinion with other Muslims based on how many family members have the trait. The dynasty head can demand they straighten up if he has enough Piety, and should they refuse he gets the right to exile (not execute) them. An exiled decadent family member can be almost as much trouble away as in the realm, as they will otherwise plot and scheme and ask for money and estates.
  • A system for Martyrs and Saints. Christians who die during a Crusade or executed by an infidel may become Martyrs. Rulers who die with very high Piety (or with other qualifications, such as being a Martyr or having mended the Schism) may be declared Saints -- this changes the portrait and provides Piety to their family.
  • Tribal rulers feudalize similar to the pre-Horse Lords manner -- they must upgrade their capital holding's hillfort or market city, and must have Absolute Tribal Organization or reach a sufficient tech level. Their non-upgraded holdings do not turn into castles, but can be once they're upgraded, and they do not instantly get cities and temples in every province. Cities and temples can be built prior to feudalization, with difficulty, and that process speeds up for the first century after feudalization in provinces of the ruler's culture.
  • A new tyranny system similar to EU: Rome. Kings cannot wantonly revoke titles, imprison, banish or execute subjects any more without incurring Tyranny. The "Tyrant" trait lowers relationships with everyone and in turn makes it more likely for vassals to revolt, and sufficiently high tyranny can cause a "dynastic stain" which is passed on to descendants.
  • A unique map with many more provinces and territories, along with a revamped setup for de jure kingdoms and empires. One thing experienced players will immediately notice is the scarcity of de jure empires -- most empires are formed as titular titles first, and gain de jure territory through the course of the game.
  • A revamped system of demesne laws. Crown Authority has also been changed, having the effects of the vanilla Centralization law folded into it while simultaneously making it more difficult to raise (requiring a certain prestige score). Kingdoms and empires require a medium level of Crown Authority in order to enforce their de jure claims.
  • Changing of Crusade/Jihad mechanics to more accurately and fairly represent large-scale holy wars. Winning a crusade/jihad results in the de jure kingdom of the war's target being created (e.g.: a successful Crusade for Jerusalem results in the Kingdom of Jerusalem being created and awarded to the victor), as well as the institution of a special truce to help Crusader states survive more than a few years.
  • All Christian religions have the capability to unite Christianity -- whether it be via Mending the Schism (for Catholics and Orthodox), Repudiating the Council of Chalcedon (for Miaphysites) or Repudiating the Council of Ephesus (for Nestorians). This only requires that the religion has a religion head, and works even if the "main" religion has been replaced with a heresy.
  • The episcopal sees (Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria) have ducal patriarchate titles which are gained when a Catholic or autocephaly religion (like Orthodox) gains the temple barony. For autocephaly religions, it's this title which constitutes the actual pentarchy...and some religions (like Miaphysites or Nestorians) only gain the Petrine sees and not Constantinople or Jerusalem.
  • Adds a greater list of ambitions and plots, including: "Get a lover", "Break out of prison", "Convert a province", "Win a war", etc.
  • A completely revamped set-up for the historical transition between Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire to the Holy Roman Empire, with events allowing for this to occur even with the AI at the helm (or in a completely ahistorical manner). The de jure set-up for the Holy Roman Empire has also changed, with the former kingdom of Germany broken up into its individual "stem duchies" while under Holy Roman rule.
  • Expanded mechanics for female heirs and rulers. Women can now have their claims enforced by war even on agnatic titles, can have a martial trait which allows them to lead armies (though only in certain cultures, or at certain levels of gender law), and have special versions of some events (such as hunting and tournaments) which apply only to them.
  • Changing succession laws requires prestige, and can cause anger not only among your vassals but particularly among those who find themselves disinherited as a result of the change. Some laws, like Feudal Elective or Tanistry, require the agreement of your vassals in order to change them at all.
  • While tribal rulers cannot build new holdings normally, they will have pious characters sometimes ask to found a temple with their support. Their steward may also use the "Settle Tribe" ability in provinces of their culture to find a site for a new city -- which will require support and many years to build.
  • The ability to disinherit an heir -- though an angry former heir may take arms against you, if he can find support.
  • Expanded events for pagans, including new pagan religions such as Celtic and Ancient Egyptian -- many of which were adapted from the Ancient Religions mod.
  • A "New World Order" function, usable at the beginning of any game, which allows you to break up every kingdom or even duchy in the world and start everyone at the same level. It also has a function which allows you to change the world's starting religion set-up, making pagans dominant in many areas and all but removing Christianity entirely.
  • Ruler Designer reworked to allow creation of more powerful rulers. Additionaly it allows the choice of assuming one of the existing dynasties.
  • Many new additional start dates, focusing on characters and periods throughout the era.
  • A host of improvements for the AI, insofar as how they run their realms and how they use the existing events and wars a little more intelligently.
  • A myriad of other new events and decisions, many of which are too minor to list here and also many of which are fixes for vanilla bugs or revisions of vanilla events & decisions to improve their function in the game.

Installation Instructions:
1) First find your installation directory. This will depend on your OS, and may not be (especially in the case of Windows) the directory where you actually installed CK2 itself:
  • Windows: ~\My Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\
  • Linux: ~/.paradoxinteractive/Crusader Kings II/mod/
  • Mac: ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/
2) If the "mod" subdirectory doesn't exist in the above location, create it.

3) If you already have a "mod" sub-directory there, excellent. Make sure you delete anything related to CK2Plus prior to the manual installation -- this includes any old versions of the mod, anything that was installed by Steam Workshop (which we no longer use), etc. You want a clean slate when installing, even if you're just updating to a new mod version.

4) Make sure you've downloaded the .rar file from the link at the top of this page.

5) To extract the files from within, you'll first need a program like WinRar or 7-Zip. Once you have that, you should be able to just click to open the .rar file and you can move the files over to the "mod" sub-directory. Alternatively, you can use the extractor program to select the .rar file and select where you want the files extracted (the installation directory in #1).

6) Start the CK2 launcher. Check the "CK2Plus" box in the list of mods. When the title screen comes up make sure the checksum (the four-letter code to the left of the title scree buttons) matches the one listed for that CK2Plus version. If so, you're good to go. If not, you've either made some other alterations, installed some other mods, or made a mistake.
Frequently Asked Questions Thread

Current Mod Version: 4.07.8
Requires CK2 Patch: 2.8.3.x
Current Checksum: XFMO

Version 4.06.8
Compatible with CK2 2.7.2
Without India: NFAR
With India: IRPN

Version 4.05.4d
Compatible with CK2 2.6.3
Without India: MCWO
With India: CIVY

This mod for Crusader Kings 2 is offered as is. CK2Plus Team, hereinafter referred to as "modder", takes no responsibility for harm done in using this mod or its installer.
Modder makes no guarantee of support or update of this mod. Modder does not take any responsibility for results of further modification.

Paradox Interactive Mod Policy: http://www.paradoxplaza.com/mod-static-info-ca.html

Due to a recent change in Paradox's Policies, we can now accept donations..

  • What does this mean for CK2+?
Nothing will change with how we operate. Donations won't make us go faster, nor will they make us go slower. This is purely an optional thing for those who feel so inclined to donate any amount. We will not judge you for giving a lot, nor will we if you give a little. Most importantly, you will not get any perks for donating, period.

  • What will you guys do with the money?
It will be given out in this order of priority, as the needs are filled:
  1. The money will be used to buy any missing DLC for active developers of the mod.
  2. GitHub subscription fees, as we use that as a development platform
  3. In the unlikely scenario that we get enough donations to achieve 1 and 2 in a given month, we'll save money for future months.
This money will never go directly into anyone's pockets. It is not fair to any one person on the team, both past and present, to accept donations for a team project. This is very important to us as a team that it is outlined as such.

If you still want to donate, know that we appreciate the gesture and you may do so using only the link below.

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Jul 29, 2015
  • Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics
  • Imperator: Rome Sign Up
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Expansion Pass
  • Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury
  • Cities: Skylines Industries
  • Cities: Skylines - Parklife
  • Cities: Skylines - Parklife Pre-Order
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Expansion Pass
  • Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon
  • Cities: Skylines - Green Cities
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor
  • PDXCon 2017 Awards Winner
  • Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit
  • Europa Universalis IV
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory
  • Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters
  • Crusader Kings II: Reapers Due
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet
  • Stellaris Sign-up
  • Crusader Kings II: Conclave
  • Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords
  • Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense
  • Crusader Kings II: Way of Life
  • Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado
  • Cities: Skylines
Modder Diaries:
Modder Diary #1: Way of Working
Modder Diary #2: Sometimes Less Is More
Modder Diary #3: Complex Trade vs. Meaningful Trade

  • "Raise Chinese Regiment" and "Raise Honor Guard" decisions not working.
  • Sainthood narrative event not visible.
  • Some de jure laws not copied from Empire to vice-royal kingdoms.
  • Berber Empire

  • Buddhism and Jainism decline in India as it did in history.
  • History in Central Asia corrected.
  • Minor culture tweaks in the Balkans and Saxony.
  • Moved two Roman pagan holy sites from Greece to Istria and Montpellier.
  • Unlocked Pagan Great Holy Wars immediately on game starts after year 1099.
  • Dutch Empire can now be formed by Frisians.
  • Kingdom of Belgium can now be formed by Flemish and the French.
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands can now be formed by Flemish and Frisians.
  • Coronation tweaked so the highest crowned trait can also be given by a pentarch or king-tier vassal priest.
  • Theocracies banned from using Border Dispute CB.
  • AI will not use CBs with financial cost if they can't afford the war.
  • Declaring Border Dispute war will give opinion penalty from all neighboring rulers.
  • Carthaginian empire available for Tamazight and Zenati.
  • German melting pots revisited & simplified to hopefully give better results.
  • Tribal Barons no longer prevent Late Feudal/Imperial Administration.
  • AI Vassal rulers less likely to switch to a culture different than their liege if Active Culture Conversion law is active, or they have a high opinion of the liege, or are of the same dynasty.
  • Base decadence for new rulers is now based on existing decadence. Fibonacci and stuff.
  • Sawdan vassal of Benevento on character selection screen in TOG start.
  • Imperial commanders getting title claim with low martial skill.
  • Various "Schism Lead-up" events not having correct event targets for localisation.
  • Conditions to form HRE significantly different from conditions for requesting papal coronation.
  • Bohemian and Wendish dynasties using the germanic "van" prefix.
  • Roman province of Sardinia-Corsica active on game start.
  • Longobards not being able to convert to Plus diversified Italian cultures.
  • Reformation event referencing reformed religion instead of the old one.
  • Religious head can have any priest do the coronation in their own name.
  • Leprosy doesn't take Non-Epidemic disease game rule into account.
  • Caspian MRs being able to build TPs outside of the Caspian without their realm having land outside of there.
  • Infinite diplomacy from earning nickname ambition.
  • Removed Vanilla Germans/Italians Game Rule.
  • Baby portraits game rule.
  • Frisian Empire.
  • Coronations will now start with a selection of the priest who will perform it. The options given are "Religious Head", "High ranking in-realm priests" such as a cardinal, or "Any in-realm priest" e.g. bishop or lord spiritual. The choice influences the cost of the coronation, and prestige and piety gain.
  • Bön monastic order.
  • Bön holy pilgrimage.
  • Added Thuringian and Bavarian cultures to the CM/TOG map.
  • Removed Rhenish from the map and events.
  • Dutch Empire only creatable by Dutch and Flemish characters.
  • Overhauled the likes and dislikes by the Chinese Emperor to fit CK2+'s cultures and religions.
  • Austrian and Teutonic cultures will only emerge in provinces outside HRE.
  • Adventurers will generate a bigger portion of troops based on the money they collected, and less based on their attributes and "out of thin air". Overall troop count was reduced a bit.
  • "Dreams of Conquest" trait now provides a bigger health boost.
  • Aztecs given permission to start invasion CBs immediately after landing.
  • Temujin will now prefer to use nomad invasion CB instead of taking one duchy at a time.
  • Bön get same patron deities as Tibetan pagans.
  • Mongol Empire can use nomad invasion CB with population factor of 50%.
  • Religious branch selection can now be aborted.
  • Enabled Buddhist ambitions for Bön.
  • Removed vanilla spymaster actions which Plus already had included in different events.
  • Hindus are now the majority in India instead of Jain.
  • Bön using random CoAs.
  • Another case of theocracy titles ending up with secular succession laws.
  • If weaponsmith is given extra funds, created artifacts were of lower quality.
  • Secret religion event chain where member get's nervous about hidding their faith missing character name in description.
  • Lombardy always attacking Papacy in CM bookmark.
  • Baby portraits sometimes not shown on Linux/Mac.
  • Kingdom Lockout Laws get revoked in annual maintenance.
  • Bön and Taoist religions have access to "Choose Religious Branch", but don't have any branches defined.
  • Tibetan pagans sometimes getting "regular" feudal government.
  • Genghis Khan having less troops in historical setup than dynamically generated Mongol Empire.
  • "Mongol Invasion of Khwarezmia" using tribal invasion CB.
  • Bön referencing non-existing religious head.
  • Bön being able to get sympathy to eastern religions.
  • Immortal women becoming infertile.
  • Plus gender rule not applied for Assassins.
  • Plus gender rule not applied for various events from JD and M&M.
  • Pope spamming Great Schism mending event.
  • Baby Portraits for children of age 0 to 2 - original artwork by Georges de La Tour.
  • Removed the frame from the loading screens.
  • Kingdom Lockout law group enabled for everyone, with additional law which allows creation of kingdom-tier titles for the top liege only.
  • "Middle Aged" nickname chance reduced and added limitation so it's given only to unremarkable characters.
  • Removed "Employ Smith" decision limitation where one could only get one item. Now the decision can be taken untill top-tier item is owned.
  • Temple owners copying top liege succession law.
  • Secret religion actions increassing visibility for secret society.
  • Melting pot events not taking melting pot game rule into account.
  • Kanem Bornu Empire not creatable by Central African characters.
  • De jure Kingdom of Siberia set to be inactive.
  • AI always keeps prisoner jailed after torture/humiliation.
  • Heretic Lord Spiritual Event having two options which end up with taking on a secret religion.
  • Portraits not changing for characters who are on a boat.
  • Compatibility with latest CK2 release,
  • Duchy of Septimania in southern France, replaces duchy of Upper Pyrenees which is now titular.
  • New unique nicknames for Scottish monarchs up to John Balliol.
  • New unlockable nicknames: the Dangerous, the Middle Aged, the Aggressor, the Vehement.

  • Imperial Government can enable Vassal Peace law with medium CA, and Total Peace with high CA.
  • Horse Archer pursue_attack, melee_defense and pursue_defense adjusted to make it more inline with changes made to light_cavalry
  • Redone Scottish cultural names.
  • When an empire gets shattered because it's too small, a replacement kingdom tier title will be given to ruler.
  • Nomad succession event missing names.
  • Icon-breakers disliked by Iconoclast.
  • Horse nation in EU4 converted games if SSI is enabled.
  • Forced Hausa centenarian "Warisi" to die earlier.
  • Gender laws not taken into account in employment decisions.
  • Gender laws and game rule have no effect for AI succession law changes.
  • Bunch of missing name links.
  • Duchy Claim CB from JD missing.
  • Hellenic mechanics not working for Hellenic religion, only Roman.
  • Lake Chad and 24 new provinces around it.
  • 6 new duchies, Sokoto, Hausa, Dardaju, Kordofan, Kanem, and Bornu. They're arranged into 3 kingdoms, Hausa, Dardaju and Kanem.
  • Central African cultural group, containing Hausa and Kanuri cultures.
  • New East African culture, Daju.
  • Historical rulers of Kanem, plus fictional dynasty trees for rulers of all new provinces.
  • Titular empires for Kanem and Hausa.
  • Mali Empire expansion added to history from "The Lion King" bookmark.
  • Tribals will now accept early feudal government as liege lords and will count towards vassal limit. Late feudal and imperial administration cannot be adopted if the realm has tribal vassals. If a ruler with late feudal administration "inherits" tribal vassals they will have an opinion malus towards their liege. Tribal behaviour towards imperial government remains unchanged.
  • Faction Aggression GR - Allows configuring how likely faction is to make demands of liege.
  • Flemish emergence events.
  • "Challenge" event for Just trait - Personality trait events replacement event for rulers.
  • New Tuareg fictional holders for Saharan provinces.
  • Unique Bavarian names.
  • Exclave Conquest CB - can target any single-county exclave that borders your realm, as long as it doesn't de jure belong to you or the target.
  • Trade route paths tweaked slightly.
  • Silk Road trade wealth adjusted to bring it in-line due to recent changes.
  • Number of new creatable holding slots now depends on the terrain. Plains and farmlands can get 3 new holding slots. Hills, woods, forest and marsh can get 2. Jungle, mountain, savanna and steppe can get 1. The rest cannot increase holding slot number.
  • Moved Caen to Bayeux province.
  • Stafford and Derby moved to Mercia/Hereford duchy.
  • Stafford made capital of Mercia duchy and kingdom.
  • Tamworth and Lichfield switched holding types. Tamworth is now a Castle and capital of Stafford.
  • Players can have 8 personality traits. AI is still limited to 5. - To be replaced with "Challenge" events.
  • Removed in-game ads for DLCs.
  • Cynical rulers won't always refuse papal investiture "suggestion" since it's normally a stupid move.
  • If player is controling the Aztecs, the "second landing" can be called with a decision instead of happening automatically.
  • Syphilis(non-epidemic) will happen less often unless Aztecs have shown up, or year is 1350.
  • Hermetic society available to Aztecs once they have a religion head.
  • Faction meeting agendas against the liege have ~10% bigger chance of being selected.
  • "Baqt" between Egypt and Nubia
  • ERE starting decadence increased across the board. More noticeable in earlier starts than later
  • Seljuks troops in 1066 war increased (AI only).
  • Roman pagans get heir designation.
  • Strait and portage lines made thinner.
  • Gender succession law is lost when creating HRE.
  • Chinese Imperials can attempt religion conversion on other characters, despite the government description saying otherwise.
  • Banu Tamim dynasty has correct culture.
  • Immortal trait not working on RD characters.
  • Kingdom of Guge having cognatic succession.
  • Tooltips for childhood culture/religion conversion showing current culture/religion.
  • Two Keita dynasty having two dynasty trees and duplicate characters.
  • Not possible to increase gender laws or female council laws with governments that block them at start.
  • Gender law availability not taking Gender rule option "Plus" into account.
  • Mecca's unit, city and councilor positions.
  • Do not apply Recently Conquered when ruler abdicates in excommunication war.
  • Hulegu's wife re-united with him.
  • Factions have only a minor chance of making an ultimatum towards liege.
  • Pope willy-nilly excommunicateding people because PDS thought it'd be fun.
  • Rulers won't get automatically excommunicated if they refuse papal investiture. Insted pope will have a choice of doing so in a follow-up event.
  • Catholic count of Zeeland in TOG.
  • Theology focus "seclusion" event chain won't result with miracle healing of Syphilis or Leprosy if supernatural events are off. Instead a health improvement modifier can be gained.
  • Able to build Third Temple with a non-Jewish liege.
  • Missing Resist Viceroy Revocation CB description.
  • JD cultural buildings not behaving like other buildings.
  • RD missing cost for combat_rating.
  • CTD on Linux/Mac (tested only on Linux). Probably.
  • CTD when running EU4 converter.
  • EU4C not converting Female Council law correctly.
  • Players able to select Ancient Religions game rule without having TOG DLC, resulting with game over on converison.
  • Italian dynasties and dynsties of cultures split from Italian will now mostly mirror eachother.
  • Removed "only once a month" employment constraint.
  • Renamed Carantanian to Carniolan.
  • Employed courtiers have dynasties of other cultures.
  • Italian count of Cinarca.
  • Heretics unable to "seek ancient knowlege".
  • Voting pattern for granting landed title checks incorrect law for women, and ignores Plus gender game rule.
  • Reduced complexity of the Silk Road. The game should now run almost twice as fast.
  • Provincial Revolt Strength GR is changed. Instead of selecting rebel strenth between normal, 2x, 4x, or 6x, rebel strength can be normal, 2x, 3x, or 4x.
  • Schism GR text adapted to fit Rex Teutonicorum submod. Functionality is the same.
  • Added 20 year delay option for Crusade Delay GR.
  • Carantanian (Slovenian) culture as an emergent culture.
  • Kingdom of Illyria is creatable for South-Slavic characters.
  • Removed Scots culture. Everyone is back to being Scottish.
  • Secretly introducing character to a religion now has a realistic chance of success.
  • Tibetan invasion of the Western Protectorate is now targeted at Tibet-adjacent provinces.
  • Muslim realms won't use Holy War CB on Iberian christian kingdoms before the year 1000.
  • Kiev's holdings in Crimea turned into a voluntary tributary, preventing them from technically neighboring Byzantium at certain bookmarks.
  • Renamed second Chud province to use local variant of the name.
  • Nowruz celebration not triggering properly if delayed.
  • Secretly introducing character to a religion event chain not checking stats or flags from introducer.
  • Granting vassals a de jure title they want won't gives opinion malus if they're on the council.
  • Duchy of Nevers being de jure to Lotharingia between CM and TOG bookmarks.
  • Unit positions for Ilam.
  • Seclussion events generating +5 tyranny per courtier.
  • Unable to play Il-Khanate or Golden Horde after 1241.
  • d_sistan ducal holder having no titles below the ducal tier from 1066-1215

  • AI will check decisions for secret religion introduction less often. Occurence rate is the same.
  • (BETA1) Added new JD counties
  • (BETA1) Amber Road has been split into the Amber Road and a new trade network, Rus Road
  • (BETA1) Reorganized counties in northen Greece to Duchy of Makedonia
  • (BETA1) Dyrrachion split into two counties
  • (BETA1) Added two new counties in Thessaly and made it a duchy
  • (BETA1) Reworked counties and duchies in Serbia
  • (BETA1) All trade networks have been revisited, revised and improved
  • (BETA1) EU4C updated with new counties and cultures
  • (BETA3) Added province of "Mark" to Westfalen region, and renamed Göttingen to Westfalen. Adjusted baronies and borders accordingly
  • (BETA5) Rearranged and renamed some provinces in northen Iran. Duchies adjusted to round-up the counties
  • (BETA5) Duchy of Pamir is now in the Himalayan region instead of the Tarim Basin
  • (BETA5) Moved c_chortitza to Pereyaslavl (no longer a one-county duchy)
  • (BETA6) Caspian Sea is now an "ocean" for the purposes of having ports
  • (BETA6) The rivers nearest Novgorod defined as an ocean to allow Novgorod to be a merchant republic
  • (BETA6) Lake Peipus (near Pskov) is now connected to the Gulf of Finland allowing Pskov to have a port
  • (BETA6) Tibet Adjustments ideas are thanks to the Tianxia modders
  • (BETA6) Tibet and Tarim Basin max holding counts and starting holdings reduced
  • (BETA6) Tibet's provinces in the northwest section of the plateau is now wasteland. Idea & Inspiration courtesy of the Tianxia mod, thanks!
  • (BETA6) In Arabia; a few new duchies but no new provinces
  • (BETA6) Added Oasis provinces to Sahara
  • (BETA6) Added 2 desert provinces to Persia
  • (BETA6) Added Savanna terrain to a portion of Abyssinia
  • (BETA6) Added minor rivers to Baluchistan
  • (BETA6) Added Kharan Desert to Baluchistan
  • (BETA6) Added Registan Desert to Afghanistan
  • (BETA6) Added Wasit province to Mesopotamia
  • (BETA6) Province of Kalat renamed to Quetta, Zamindawar to Jask, Hormuz to Hormuzgan- same with the duchy, Baluchistan to Makran
  • (BETA6) Duchy of Qom and Kerman added
  • (BETA6) Zabulistan duchy pushed into Afghanistan, Sistan into its historic area, Baluchistan/ Makran into the West
  • (BETA6) Added new Paderborn province, changed Celle province to Hoya, adjusted other provinces in the region
  • (BETA6) Added duchy of Angria (Engern)
  • (BETA6) A pass through the Carpathians added
  • (BETA6) Paths around Lappland are restricted
  • (FINAL) Split Jylland into two provinces, "Jylland" and "Nørrejylland"
  • (FINAL) The Karakum and Kyzlkum deserts added
  • (FINAL) Added duchy of Holstein (Nordalbingia)
  • (FINAL) Merged in the 3D settlements from "Culturally Different Cities Remix", courtesy of @Nendur (original mod by @Velho e Bom Joe)
  • (FINAL) Syrian duchies changed and provinces are now more accurate
  • (FINAL) Samoyed duchy removed due to a lack of historical basis
  • (FINAL) Split duchy of Brittany into "Upper Brittany" and "Lower Brittany"
  • (FINAL) Added duchy of Nevers
  • (FINAL) Helmand River added
  • (BETA1) Grand duchies of Milan, Naples and Sicily. Work similarly to other HRE stem duchies, except if kingdoms get vassalised by HRE they won't be automatically turned to duchies.
  • (BETA1) Split Hellenic pagan into Hellenic and Roman paganism
  • (BETA1) Jinn Sorcessors DW society for Muslims and Arab pagans
  • (BETA1) Cult of Titan DW society for Hellenic pagans. (Replaces Titan pagan religion)
  • (BETA1) Cult of Apep DW society for Egyptian pagans
  • (BETA1) Cult of Balor society background GFX
  • (BETA1) Cult of Balor quest message
  • (BETA1) Historical Tibetan Kings
  • (BETA1) Tibetan pagan religion
  • (BETA1) Event chain that converts Tibetan religion to Bön. Only happens to independent realms that have Bön or Buddhist neighbours, or if top liege is Bön or Buddhist
  • (BETA1) Forced and Voluntary tributary types added for use in Plus tributary mechanic
  • (BETA1) Decision to try to vassalize tributaries. Can be taken after the same realm has been a tributary for at least 30 years. Applies only for Voluntary and Forced tributary types
  • (BETA1) "Seek Protection" decision which can make smaller realms protectorates of their more powerful neighbours. (NOTE: This type of tributary will not count for tributary vassalisation). Player only
  • (BETA1) "Release as Protectorate" decision which allows players who control imperial realms to release non de jure vassals as protectorates. Vassals can reject this proposal. Player only
  • (BETA1) When a Jewish county is converted the province has the chance to gain a Jewish community or expel the last Jews from that province
  • (BETA1) When a jewish_group province is converted to anything but another jewish_group religion the province holder will be given the chance to turn it into a community or expel the rest of the Jews
  • (BETA1) Added Imperial tributary type which is used between two empires
  • (BETA1) Overpower Suzerain CB which can be used by Imperial tributaries to become suzerains themselves
  • (BETA1) "Rename Character" decision which allows player to rename their character
  • (BETA1) Player can transfer vassals to tributaries if the tributary has the same rank
  • (BETA3) Added more upgrades to the fort (including moat and drawbridge)
  • (BETA3) Added a flavor event relating to the Jade Emperor
  • (BETA4) Imported the Kingdom of Daylam as a titular kingdom
  • (BETA4) Localizations for various provinces, titles, and holdings
  • (BETA4) Translations for the "the Reformer" nickname
  • (BETA4) Added the nicknames "Whitehand", "the Elder", and "the Salic" and added them to appropriate characters
  • (BETA5) Added new and unique coats of arms for Kemetics
  • (BETA5) Hold Blot decision for Germanic pagans
  • (BETA5) Shieldmaidens for Germanic pagans
  • (BETA5) Comission Runestone for tribal Pagan Saxons
  • (BETA5) Patron Deities for Germanic pagans
  • (BETA5) Hellenic artifacts, Achilles' Spear and Spartan Sword
  • (BETA5) "Change Hellenic Branch" decision, switches between Greek and Roman versions of the religion
  • (BETA5) Added the nicknames "Greymantle" "Greycloak" "the Mother of Queens" "the Coalburner" "the Chivalric (le Prudhomme)", "the Walker", "the Fortunate", "the Stubborn", "the Surley (le Réchin)", "the Iron King", "Longsword", "the Tall", "Curtmantle" and added them to the historical rulers. "The Walker", "the Fortunate", "The Stubborn" and "The Tall" are able to gained in-game
  • (BETA5) Improved the translations for the nicknames "the Handsome" and "the Fair"
  • (BETA5) Added the titular kingdom of Bhutan
  • (BETA5) Added old Egyptian Empire (Empire of Kemet)
  • (BETA6) Added Roman province of Sardinia-Corsica
  • (BETA6) Added a trade post game rule. Comes in 3 options: Free (old default), Restricted (only MRs can use the
  • coastlines) and Merchant Republics (only MRs can construct any TP)
  • (BETA6) Major revision for Persia after Ilkhanate: Injuids, Jalayarids and Chupanids as successor kingdoms
  • (BETA1) Tributaries more likely to accept new suzerain if suzerain is their dynasty's head.
  • (BETA1) Moved Vaspurakan Jewish holy site to Baghdad.
  • (BETA1) Removed secret religious cults, as societies, entirely. Conversion can now be done by any landed character with enough piety. Revealing secret religion will only trigger the reveal in own sub-realm. Other realm characters will be given the option to remain secret
  • (BETA1) Complete overhaul of tactics thanks to the HIP team and Think0028
  • (BETA1) Egyptian and Hellenic pagans split out of the main "pagan group"
  • (BETA1) Merged Numidian culture with Tamazight
  • (BETA1) Asia minor and Armenia history tweaks
  • (BETA1) Moved Dornoch to Cromarty
  • (BETA1) Lappish culture/Finnic Pagans go further south in Scandinavia in first three bookmarks
  • (BETA1) It's now possible to change to late feudal succession laws if liege has "Late Feudal" law
  • (BETA1) DW no longer get the face-covering mask
  • (BETA1) All DW societies get DW robes (DLC locked!)
  • (BETA1) Theology focus makes conversion more likely
  • (BETA1) Changed the colours of the Albanian, Polish, Low Prussian, Thuringian, Czech, Swiss and Austrian culture for better contrast
  • (BETA1) Changed the colours of Hellenic and Roman religion for better contrast
  • (BETA1) Several provinces were made Afghan and the majority religion is Buddhism and Hinduism with a Zoroastrian minority
  • (BETA1) Pontic culture and dynasties added
  • (BETA1) Galatian culture removed from history setup
  • (BETA1) Celtic Headhunting now results exclusively from duels, not random battles, and rewards a skull in your treasury for each head hunted
  • (BETA1) Headhunting after the 5th head only grants 5 prestige and 2 piety, not the previous 20 and 10
  • (BETA1) Relocated pagan holy sites to more accurate locations (in progress)
  • (BETA1) Created buildings to represent specific holy sites which provide a piety bonus to the liege for controling. (in progress)
  • (BETA1) Court Educator title's functions combined with Teacher title from 2.8: for owners of Conclave, Court Educator will now be the default educator for children that do not have an assigned Guardian. (Non-JD court educator is paid less and gains less prestige.)
  • (BETA1) Bon moved from Pagan group to Eastern group
  • (BETA1) Bon and Buddhist may holy war each other, even within the same realm, due to their antagonistic tendencies with each other
  • (BETA1) Tibetan Pagan religious rebellion can happen in Bön provinces up to five years after conversion
  • (BETA1) Default start reverted to year 1066
  • (BETA1) Tibetan culture set as patriarchal
  • (BETA1) Removed Tsenpo from Tibetan name list
  • (BETA1) Unjust conquest opinion penalty reduced to -5
  • (BETA1) Disabled Border Dispute if holy war is available
  • (BETA1) Disabled Border Dispute for Merchant Republics
  • (BETA1) Border Dispute costs tweaked to mach fabricate claim costs
  • (BETA1) Reduced offmap boon costs
  • (BETA1) Bon tweaked to differentiate itself from Buddhism. No river movement, not feminist
  • (BETA1) Merchant Republics no longer able to declare war for any coastal province within range. You once again require a trading port be present to take the city, then in a seperate war to take the county
  • (BETA1) Border dispute cannot be used on OPMs
  • (BETA1) Border dispute cannot be used to take the capital away from someone
  • (BETA1) Voluntary tributaries will be less likely to try to break free
  • (BETA2) Tibetan pagan get access to minor titles
  • (BETA2) Tradepost Buildings on trade routes, except for the Silk Road and African Trade, have had their flat monthly income reduced
  • (BETA2) Silk Road and African Trade routes have had their base value increased slightly
  • (BETA3) East African tributary states switched to "voluntary" type in order to keep them longer as tributaries
  • (BETA3) Prestige gain/loss from establishing voluntary tributary status depends on the rank of the tributary
  • (BETA3) Threat values, ie decay, adjusted
  • (BETA3) Female Marshal law, or Full Equality law, or Equality game rule, should always allow any woman to become a commander under the same rules as for men
  • (BETA3) Improved DW event descriptions. Thanks to Omniscient!
  • (BETA4) Ruler Designer bastards can assume any dynastay, regardless of the culture. Legitimized bastards can assume dynasty within cultural group
  • (BETA4) Polish Empire uses the same flag as the kingdom
  • (BETA4) Renamed the county of Celle to Loingau, with localizations
  • (BETA4) Renamed Al-Jazira back to Mesopotamia
  • (BETA4) Renamed the county of Kempten to Allgäu, with localizations
  • (BETA4) Renamed the county of Bern to Ogo, with localizations
  • (BETA4) Renamed the county of Kempten to Allgäu
  • (BETA4) Entire Mecklemburg area made feudal with castles, cities and temples
  • (BETA5) Tweaks to the Jade Emperor's effects on the silk road
  • (BETA5) "Evil events" will now reduce wealth based on scaled income
  • (BETA5) Yazidi can now intermarry with the Muslim religious group
  • (BETA5) Zurvanist can now intermarry with the same religious groups as Zoroastrians can: Eastern, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish
  • (BETA5) Mandaean can now intermarry with the Jewish and Christian religious groups
  • (BETA6) Switched regions for Naxos and Cyprus
  • (BETA6) Expanded Irish High Kingship to 769 with historical rulers
  • (BETA6) Corrected title holders for the county and duchy of meath pre-867
  • (BETA6) Irish rulers are now disinherited by blinding (due to historical precedent)
  • (BETA6) Frisia is more pagan during Charlemagne
  • (BETA6) Estonia remains mostly pagan
  • (BETA6) Poland is still not fully christian in 1000 A.D and there is still a slavic minority in 1066
  • (BETA6) Trade post "baggie" map icon will now only indicate if there is free room for a TP to be built. The icon has also been slightly shrunk
  • (BETA6) Movement speed has been increased for the "savanna" terrain in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • (BETA6) Vassalize Tributary action now factors in both the rank of the suzerain and the tributary when evaluating the prestige cost.'
  • (BETA6) West Sub-saharan trade routes updated
  • (BETA6) Reshaped the Irbil, Ilam and Kuwait province
  • (BETA6) Renamed to Irbil to Duhok/ Kuwait to Kāzimah and Hijaz to Duba
  • (BETA6) More Zunist in Afghanistan
  • (BETA6) Restore Roman Empire decision tooltip will now only list duchies which are not yet controled as required
  • (BETA6) Renamed to Tell Bashir to Rakka/ Asas to Resafa and Deir to Ana
  • (BETA6) Tweaked history of Persia and Mesopotamia to fix wrong title owners
  • (FINAL) For Trade Posts; Mercenary Garrisons can now also be built by MRs on any trade route in general
  • (FINAL) For TPs; Mercenary Garrisons now cost wealth per year instead of generating but provide much bigger boons in fort levels and garrison size
  • (FINAL) The cost of most JD boons have been increased by 40%
  • (FINAL) Many CBs now also clear out Trade Posts on success
  • (FINAL) Moved Germanic holy site of Thunær's Oak to c_wurzburg to be closer to its historical location
  • (FINAL) More winters in parts of the map, for example in the Atlas Mountains
  • (FINAL) Tweaked static age modifiers
  • (FINAL) Made Iceland's provinces more realistic
  • (FINAL) Reduced China's diplomatic range significantly to try to prevent mass-proliferation of Chinese influence
  • (FINAL) Changed Icelandic history to more closely match reality
  • (FINAL) Adjusted localizations to allow some which had been hidden by circumstances to show in correct situations
  • (FINAL) Trade post map 3D object removed
  • (FINAL) In 1066 if William abolishes the Witan he gains the "Title Revocation Law" at allowed
  • (FINAL) In bookmarks after William the Conqueror becomes king of England he starts with "Title Revocation Law" at allowed
  • (FINAL) AI made slightly more willing to prioritize income buildings
  • (FINAL) MRs may not build TPs in the Caspian Sea, except if they own a province on the silk road there
  • (FINAL) Removed succession law tooltips which refer to vice royal titles
  • (FINAL) ERE will try to HW everyone in south-east Europea and Asia Minor first, before moving on.
  • (FINAL) ERE won't HW for Jerusalem before it has complete control over Syria
  • (BETA1) Kingdom of Italy having wrong culture.
  • (BETA1) Crusader events should happen only during a crusade.
  • (BETA1) Succession Crisis incorrectly always claiming the heir is female.
  • (BETA1) Spanish translations of some cultures were corrected, thanks to forum user King Tony I.
  • (BETA1) Vassals able to use Restore Papacy CB against targets with the same religion as their liege.
  • (BETA1) Non-Sunni generated physicians have Sunni traits.
  • (BETA1) Missing Israeli title localisations.
  • (BETA1) Revert Duchy CoA not working if all de-jure counties are not owned.
  • (BETA1) Non-nomads stuck with nomad succession.
  • (BETA1) Brazen Bull start event happening multiple times.
  • (BETA1) Characters who are abroad can be invited to a party.
  • (BETA1) Nationalist rebelion event chain not taking split cultures into consideration (Italian and German).
  • (BETA1) Corrected flags of c_dublin and d_meath
  • (BETA1) DW Societies not actually available for secret religion members. (Some were only partially visible.)
  • (BETA1) Promethean religion should now convert properly in the EU4C
  • (BETA1) Liberate Religion war will not be possible if county holder has the "correct" religion
  • (BETA1) No longer able to attack a tributary of a charachter with whom there is a NAP or an alliance
  • (BETA2) Duchy of Köln not having a readable string
  • (BETA2) Syntax error in hl_silk_route_events
  • (BETA2) Various trade routes being duplicated
  • (BETA2) Taoist and Bőn characters getting caste traits
  • (BETA2) Syntax error in jd_jewish_decisions
  • (BETA2) Charecters being converted to noreligion
  • (BETA2) Offmap Powers not alligned with vanilla
  • (BETA2) Offmap Powers adapted to take Plus-specific cultures into account
  • (BETA2) GoPagan event triggering too often
  • (BETA2) Win a War ambition not being completed for JD CBs
  • (BETA2) Jiuquan not having tech seed defined
  • (BETA2) Combat tactics checking if martial attribute is less than 0
  • (BETA2) Some new provinces not having proper climate defined
  • (BETA2) Fleets not being able to exit Thames
  • (BETA3) Saka cultural retinues
  • (BETA3) Theocracies losing Crown due to low CA law
  • (BETA3) Only people building a temple are allowed to be sent to China
  • (BETA3) Missing East African Tributaries
  • (BETA3) Missing Saka characters in Persia
  • (BETA3) Two Rahba provinces
  • (BETA3) Cinarca is Catholic pre-schism
  • (BETA3) Secret Taoist community requiring a secret society which doesn't exist
  • (BETA3) Corsica with Lombard culture at game start. Later switch to Tuscan culture is kept
  • (BETA3) Corsica will be included into Roman Provincia Italia if fully controlled
  • (BETA3) "Groom an heir" tooltip made smaller
  • (BETA3) Hired Bogomilist priests can now serve as Court Chaplains
  • (BETA3) Byzantine faction "Reduce CA" effect not persisting after coronation
  • (BETA4) Tibetan pagans added to AR system
  • (BETA4) Added missing fort tower buildings
  • (BETA4) Hellenic and Egyptian pagans not being linked with the correct sympathy trait
  • (BETA4) Character able to demand tribute from Western Protectorate
  • (BETA4) Characters in East Africa having counties with different lieges
  • (BETA4) JD invasions spawning in Europe
  • (BETA4) Italians using Tuareg dynasties
  • (BETA4) Non-Dynastic heir event reverted back to 4.06 version
  • (BETA4) County of Valona included in Albania
  • (BETA4) Albanian culture can now appear in Valona too
  • (BETA4) Bern founded in 1191 and not game start
  • (BETA4) Historical corrections in the Kingdom of Arles/Burgundy region
  • (BETA4) All title name localisations for german split cultures
  • (BETA5) Duchy of Thessalia added to Roman province of Macedonia
  • (BETA5) Employed Taoist or Bon characters have caste traits
  • (BETA5) Dead title holder of Norrland at Millenium BM
  • (BETA5) Male Ulyana of Tver
  • (BETA5) Proper Hermetic clothes for Plus cultural groups
  • (BETA5) Fixed broken Evoke Sympathy decision
  • (BETA5) Sympathy for the Pagans trait now has effect on Hellenic and Egyptian pagans
  • (BETA5) Various title localisations
  • (BETA5) Titular kingdom of Daylam can now actually be created
  • (BETA5) Germanic Pagans not converting to reformed version when it becomes available
  • (BETA5) Nyingchi and Nagchu unit and councillor positions
  • (BETA5) In order to prevent pentarch titles from being given away, they are all now kingdom tier titles
  • (BETA5) Fixed uncleared flags in Liberation revolts that could cause liberated states to be revassalized on revolter's death
  • (BETA5) Fixed instantly invalidating religious and heretic revolts
  • (BETA5) Release as Protectorate decison working on self
  • (BETA5) Landless characters initialising wars. E.g. Pope without a single holding
  • (BETA5) Characters with "Druid" traits being disinherited
  • (BETA5) Certain culture/religion combinations reverting to the default "stone church" temple picture
  • (BETA5) Hermetics having weird robes in cultures/groups that don't exist in vanilla
  • (BETA5) Men dying in childbirth
  • (BETA5) Disease immunity not being checked in RD disease scripted effects
  • (BETA5) Utrecht becoming feudal from 1139 onwards
  • (BETA5) Intermarriage between Nestorian rulers and Eastern religions is now actually possible
  • (BETA5) Sicilian retinue doesn't match cultural buildings
  • (BETA5) Limited tyranny morale penalty to 50% in order to prevent invincible army bug
  • (BETA6) Russian history years 1000+
  • (BETA6) Missing Tibetan rulers in 1000 BM
  • (BETA6) Yemeni baronies (Thanks @LordPeter)
  • (BETA6) AI tributary vassalisation now has a prestige cost
  • (BETA6) In-realm holy wars invalidating. (Shouldn't actually be allowed)
  • (BETA6) Restoring Roman Empire as Byzantium switches religion head back to pentarch in Rome
  • (BETA6) Emperor with Imperial administration able to refuse title inheritance after pressing the claim for the inheritor
  • (BETA6) Chalcedonian Pope in Rome always going independent after a regular succession
  • (BETA6) Trying to secretly convert a province one doesn't own never fails
  • (BETA6) Fixed Tantan province having "Ocean" terrain
  • (BETA6) Displaying "Can be Vassalized" for tributaries in the tooltip for ineligble suzerain
  • (BETA6) Displaying the "Demand Tribute" decision for a target that is already a tributary
  • (BETA6) Journey of Nerthus event chain not triggering if started in the wrong time of the year
  • (BETA6) Being able to vassalize religious heads using the vassalize tributary decision
  • (BETA6) Religious heads being unable to vassalize tributaries at all
  • (BETA6) Being able to demand tribute of allies
  • (BETA6) 3D Capital marker missing for the Zoroastrian and Kemetic religion groups
  • (BETA6) Roman empire restoration tooltip saying Adrianopolis duchy is required
  • (BETA6) Hellenic and Kemetics getting wrong "Martial Lady" trait
  • (BETA6) Requesting imperial marriage from the Jade Emperor canceling the "Become Married" ambition instead of completing it
  • (FINAL) Fictional Dukljanin dynasty used in medieval Serbia/Montenegro. Rulers with known dynasties updated to Vojislavljevic and Vukanovic
  • (FINAL) Allowed all Reaper's Due epidemics to appear past the vanilla end date
  • (FINAL) Eastern Indian trade route pathing
  • (FINAL) Missing localisation for Desert Cavalry V and VI
  • (FINAL) Incorrect tooltip for unjust Imprisonment
  • (FINAL) Immediate war in 1066 between HRE and Republic of Genoa because of patricians holding wrong baronies
  • (FINAL) Mongol invasion being invalidated because the script created a second Temujin
  • (FINAL) Anhalt unplayable between 1170 and 1252

  • (BETA4) Improved usage of ai_check_interval in all decisions
  • (BETA6) Removed usage of any_character scope.

  • Fort building "Ditch" (Basic, Upgraded, Advanced) - increases fort level.
  • Fort building "Tower" (Basic, Upgraded, Advanced) - provides archers for forts.
  • Fort building "Command Post" - gives one additional commander slot and some other benefits. Requires all level 2 fort upgrades.
  • Spanish translation for Bookmarks (by tahlaskerssen).
  • Option to improve education added to reeducation event chain.

  • Trade HQ modifier now lists in the province modifier description what HQ is built there.
  • Forts will no longer be consumed when creating a new holding.
  • Advanced and Superior forts provide higher infantry defensive capability and morale.
  • Reduced disease levy impact by half. NOTE: the plague still has an impact of 125%
  • AI will no longer press claims for dynasty members unless they have a really high opinion of them.
  • Vassals can request council position only if they haven't done it before, or if five year have passed since the last time they've made a request.
  • Paranoid characters are only twice as likely (previously 10 times) to go into seclussion.
  • Going into seclussion for legitimate reasons will no longer result with an opinion penalty.
  • "See the Realm Prosper" and "Reign in Peace for 10 years" ambition will result with reduced threat level.
  • Italian cultural empires require control of the entire cultural region or the correct culture (e.g. Umbrian for Umbrian Empire).

  • Incorrect localisation for Trade HQ event.
  • Female relatives asking for a spot on the council that is already taken while on lifetime appointment.
  • Missing "dismiss" option in "female councilor appears" event chain.
  • Druze getting the hafiz event.
  • Mutazilite/Ashari traits being given to non-Sunni-or-heretic characters.
  • Visigothic/Suebi characters forced to culture flip to Iberian cultures.
  • Apostolic Monastic order not available to Paulicians if they stop being a heresy.
  • Apostolic Monastic order not available to womene under gender equality game rule.
  • The Assassins Society not available to women under "Plus" gender equality game rule.
  • Italian cultural empires requiring capital for creation.
  • Ancient Religions option "Characters" which converts both characters and provinces based on their own culture.
  • Gothic Empire formable by anyone from East Germanic cultural group.

  • Improved viceroy selection for AI. More likely to select liked characters, and less likely to select rivals. Nearby rulers have a higher priority.
  • Emperor can deny inheritance to all viceroy vassals regardless of their de Jure status, if Empire has medium or higher CA law.
  • On Empire creation capital kingdom will be made de jure to the empire if it's entirely controled.
  • Everyone under imperial government starts with primogeniture succession.
  • Removed all redundant tooltips from Female Council law group
  • Abdication decision, in addition to already existing conditions, will now only be available if current heir is of the same dynasty, religion and culture, is adult, is not at war, and is neither incapable, lunatic or possessed. Abdicating ruler must be at least 50 years old, and must have ruled for at least 10 years. Abdicating ruler must also have health attribute at 3 or less, or be depressed, stressed, or infirm.
  • Vassal rebels can again be asked to stop wars against their liege.

  • After a succession crisis, if previous ruler is no longer landed, all money will be transfered to new ruler.
  • Raise Zealots / Tribal Army decision tooltip showing inaccurate troop count. (Removed troop count from tooltip.)
  • Bogomilist formalisation status going negative and being unable to continue.
  • Completely removed usage of add_alliance effect which probably caused everyone to be allied with everyone.
  • Non-pagan tribals voting against higher tribal organization.
  • Matrilineal marriage availability being reset in annual maintenance event.
  • Paragon trait not affecting society devotion gain.
  • Vassal rebels imprisoned after stoping wars when liege demands it.
  • Not being able to increase Female Councill Law with anything other than agnatic-cognatic succession.
  • Rulers of Empire tier Kingdom titles (e.g. Great Britain) don't get imperial crown on their portrait.
  • Removed Seljuk pre-raise levies on 1066 start.
  • Missing localisation for Numidian culture.
  • Retinue conditions not checked in the correct scope, resulting with AI maniacally investing in it.
  • Crimean Empire being formable outside of Crimea.
  • Nickname "the Suicide" - guess who might get this.
  • Sardinian empire.
  • Estates castle building.
  • Hermetic Society available to all reformed pagans.
  • Recreating Macedonian Kingdom gives the nickname "Diadochos".
  • All feudal/married-life/job-flavour/court events can happen again after enough time has passed (5 years for most, some are timed at 10 years).
  • Added timer block for bastard events.
  • John of Eu gets nicknamed as "Lackland".
  • Better flag for Umbrian empire.
  • Better flag for Sardinian Duchy and Kingdom.
  • Removed naval attrition.
  • Liberation revolt winner will no longer become ally with everyone who helped them. Instead, they will vassalise those of lower rank, and gain a NAP with everyone else. Opinion boost remains.
  • Reclaim Land prosperity event can only happen once per province. If there are Major Estates in the province then it can happen twice.
  • Depopulation/poverty will reduce estate level in the province.
  • HRE stem duchies can only be formed by non-independent rulers, and they require the control of the entire stem duchy.
  • Kingdom of Tuscany now requires the entire Tuscan region.
  • Job action "Improve Relations" can now be targeted at owned provinces in order to improve relations with the barons.
  • In AR culture specific conversion, Somali will turn to Arab Pagan instead of Kemetic religion.
  • Anglo-saxons now use saxongfx instead of germangfx as their default facialpack.
  • HRE/ERE/LE getting destroyed instead of being replaced when owned by ruler of wrong religion.
  • Studying Hurufi character getting Ill trait with Reaper's Due.
  • Being able to create two Avaria Kingdoms.
  • Desert Mother/Father gives currency to Miaphysite/Monophysite monastic order.
  • AI lustful characters without seduction focus are far less likely to initiate seduction.
  • HRE/ERE/LE auto-destruct event triggering several times on inheritance.
  • Finger of St John artifacto increseas province conversion only if owner is Christian.
  • Reformed Pagans get county conversion (for and against) with the same rules as non-pagans.
  • Being able to create titular Vandalia as a non-Vandalic ruler.
  • Many, many, many Validator fixes.
  • Playable Republic of Ragusa - Playable from 1066 bookmark to the last bookmark.
  • Limited feudal life flavour events to happen only once to a character.
  • Limited married life flavour events to happen only once to a character.
  • Limited job flavour events to happen only once per each councillor.
  • Limited court flavour events to happen only to a character.
  • Demand Tribute decision should now show more requirement info in the tooltip.
  • England CoA will now be switched dynamically based on owner culture/dynasty.
  • Base imperial decadence is reduced 25% on inheritance instead of 33%.
  • Nomads are 3 times more likely to try to gain tributary.
  • Default start changed back to 1066.
  • Reduced chances for death by snu-snu for strong healthy characters in all event scenarios.
  • Israel no longer allowed as a base for a custom empire.
  • Issue resolved for assignment of government types in the EU4C.
  • Grand Tournament continuing with no participants after war has started.
  • Kings Peace for non-Conclave being only available at medium CA.
  • Duplicate MR coastal CB.
  • Headhunter trait not providing correct modifiers for its level.
  • Seek Treatment not working sometimes when Physician is also councillor.
  • Create Macedon decision icon transparency.
  • Duplicate province entries in Greater Israel region.
  • Getting "Ill" trait with activated RD.
  • faction_disapprove_obligations now modifies opinion by -5/10 instead of +5/10
  • Missing "no yerly random event".
  • Wolf Child events should now obey Supernatural game rule.
  • Wolf Child taken in and rescued by wolves should only happen once.
  • Set Title CoA title decision which sets county CoA as duchy CoA. Can be reset.
  • Attempt Religious Conversion decision will now work on foreign prisoners.
  • Bogomilist Imperial Government type. Even though it makes no sense... It's there.
  • Flemish dynastic names for use in Ruler Designer.

  • Increased the soft cap for non-Trade Republics to hold trade posts by one.
  • Made the event for the destruction of trade posts held by non-Trade republics visible to inform the player when, where and why they lost a trade post.
  • Added variation to duchy colours in India.
  • Religions that have high MA will be harder to convert.
  • Passive decadence gain slowed down. The biggest difference is that if title is inherited, current decadence will be cut down by a third. Slightly reduced decadence gain from realm size, and added decadence reduction if vassal count is low.
  • No more avanculate marriage for Orthodox and heresies.
  • No more avanculate or cousin marriage for Hindu.
  • Location added as a factor for AI priests selecting Chalcedonian rites.
  • After the Great Schism HRE should never go Orthodox.
  • Increased range at which Overextended Republic modifier will trigger.
  • Made Chess with Death event chain 5 times less likely.
  • Characters who have commited suicide will no longer be able to become saints.

  • More Chalcedonian Pope weirdness. There shouldn't be anymore history gaps.
  • Imperial government should now be kept if imperial title is inherited by a feudal emperor.
  • Some cultures unable to create any empire title.
  • Peasants being angry for only 2 or 4 days about being beaten
  • No longer able to try to elope with your own liege
  • With MnM enabled you no longer see the ransom prisoner decison
  • Positive charitable event should no longer offer the same character for both the courtier and vassal options
  • No longer able to grant titles using the intrigue menu if your council or regent must approve handing out titles. This does not apply if you do not own or have Conclave disabled.
  • Despot title going to random vassals on game start.
  • Marshal beating someone text references correct gender.
  • Level 4 Magnum Opus artifact has only level 3 quality.
  • Ruler Designer -100 trait having wrong text.
  • Changed vanilla Dievs to Dievas in Baltic pagan religion description.
  • Invited chancellor will now actually disapear if he's not good enough.
  • Saint István appearing twice in Hungarian title history.
  • Chess with Death event chain generating pre-schism catholic death.
  • AI delayed from forming Jomsviking too early.
  • Missing Fayoum history.
  • Grey Eminence and Schemer traits slowing down claim fabrication.
  • Cadet branches created because of high decadence now convert children and grandchildren to correct dynasty.
  • Triggered schism game rule not working correctly for Nomads.
  • AR game rule not working correctly for Nomads.
  • Councillors being upset for changing their council job.
  • Improved do_not_disturb cleanup mechanics. (auto-cleanup happens after two years)
  • Added Succession Crisis Rule - By default unsuitable heirs may lose their inherited titles.
  • Added Low CA Instability Ruke - Titles may get destroyed if Crown Authority gets too low.
  • Defensive Pacts are now disabled by default.
  • AI vassals will now form alliances.
  • Empire level title called "Kingdom of Great Britain" which is formable via decision if England, Scotland and Wales are controled. If the decision is taken kingdoms will be made de jure vassals to the GB.
  • Persian regnal names.

  • Reduced duchy adventurer max army troops from 2500 to 1500.
  • Reduced artifact loss chance to 1% for normal inheritance, and to 10 percent when character dies without heirs.
  • Reduced "Marshal beats someone" event chance four times.
  • Slowed down AI from going full cognatic if their liege isn't full cognatic.
  • Female characters who are married matrilineally no longer automatically legitimize their bastard children. Children are given their mothers dynasty and can be legitimized with a decision.
  • AI will prioritize the non-titular empire title when faced with choice between two imperial titles.
  • Able to plan for Nowruz instead of only firing it during the 2 month window.
  • "Imperial" government is renamed to "Imperial Bureaucracy".
  • Lower Imperial Decadence decision can now lower decadence up to 5. Additionaly, decadence will be reduced more if it's high and the decision can be taken every three years instead of five.
  • All Irish kings are called "High King".

  • Court educator title DLC locked.
  • When HRE is formed via decision ALL stem duchies will be made de jure, regardless if they're vassalised or not.
  • AI will prioritize title saving a bit better if the title is threatened to be destroyed by low CA.
  • Dynasty members asking to go to war if Kings Peace law is active.
  • Not being able to create an empire if culture is Basque or Flemish.
  • Some berber cultures using default christian units.
  • Wrong Iberian retinue description.
  • Missing cultures in the EU4 Converter.
  • Missing voting pattern for vassal obligation focus sliders.
  • Imperial decadence modifier is removed if character stops being Emperor.
  • Christian crusades unable to trigger if no Paulician religious head exists.
  • If player hands out titles before unpausing the game, welcome screen would be shown for each title.
  • Added is_not_busy_trigger which checks both the flag and the modifier do_not_disturb.
  • Removed some fast-travel county connections in England.
  • When selecting education focus, unfitting traits will now have a red background. The fitting trait still has a blue background.
  • Convert to liege culture decision shows correct culture in tooltip.
  • Added major river crossing modifier to several counties that are on both sides of a major rivers.
  • Switched some Saxon dynasties to Saxon culture.
  • Jewish communities returning to Israel now have a chance to convert the province, dependant on the size of the community.
  • Specific claim wars, which can only be used against members of other faiths now check the secret religions in the same way they check public religions. Previously they were prohibited for characters who had a secret religion.
  • Court Educator minor title can be given and revoked at any time.
  • If re-education decision is taken, the focus will depend on selected educator. If no educator is selected or current one is not appropriate a new educator with desired traits can be hired.
  • Success of re-education depends more on the educators traits, although investing in better education should in most cases give better results.
  • If re-education doesn't go to well, there's a chance of losing a tier in existing education trait. If current tier is 1, old education will be removed entirely.
  • Reduced maximum range for claimant adventurers from 600 to 450.
  • If rulers lack money, are greedy, or are deceitful, they are more likely to try to capture and ransom claimant adventurer.
  • Slightly increased chance of rulers rejecting claimant adventurer.
  • Playable Aztec invasion is now available to Aztec rulers of any rank who own provinces in the West Atlantic or North Sea zones.
  • Made a few more traits available in RD, and also added a Minus 100 customizer trait.
  • Tribal vassals in feudal realms not converting to feudal under Government conversion rule.
  • Greater Israel decision no longer requires a Jewish culture.
  • Missing localisation for one of the rival duel events.
  • Rivalry intrigue event using description localisation in option.
  • Removed temple of Limoges from Canaries.
  • AI can use nomad pillage decisions again.
  • Missing unreformed pagan religion society descriptions.
  • Gotland added as island region.
  • Distribute Holdings decision creating female temple holders for religions where it's not allowed.
  • Iron Crown and Bones of St. Peter not given to anyone in early starts.
  • Köln-Jülich river crossing.
  • Various fixes for nomad maintenance events which force correct culture and religion.
  • More cases of raiding adventurers ending up in province 0.
  • Immortal females losing "Beauty" trait.
  • Jewish communities returning to Israel that manage to convert the province not flagging the ruler for the ambition.
  • AI is using "Celebrate Nowruz" decision even if they don't have enough money.
  • Selecting option not to be informed about claimant adventurer moves doesn't block further information.
  • Cognatic succession not possible on secondary titles.
  • Desert nomad retinue not available.
  • Overthrow Khan decision not available.
  • Syntax error in feudal_life_events.
  • Offering bribe during tributary event chain transfers 75% of annual income instead of 25%.
  • Minor EU4C province tweaks.

  • Startup event succession law change should no longer cause a law cooldown.
  • Mercenaries always using culture settings for AR conversion.
  • Moravia added to EU4C.
  • Various minor Validator fixes.
  • Demon-led Aztec invasion not having correct statup event.
  • Double owner scope in "Heresy Appears in Province" event.
  • Condition same_realm using bool type scope for right-hand value instead of character scope.
  • "Tribal to Feudal" rule renamed to "Government Conversion".
    • Option "No" renamed to "Default".
    • Option "Yes" renamed to "Feudal" - converts all tribal characters to feudal government.
    • Added option "Tribal" - converts all feudal, republic characters to tribal government, all holdings are destroyed and capital is converted to a tribal holding.
  • Quarantine buildings for trade posts. They increase disease resitance, but decrease trade route value.
  • New Finnish dynasties provided by Zaltys
  • Minority Culture Ruler designer trait - If selected, and if no top-realm provinces share your character's culture, your capital will be converted to character's culture. Any demesne province that's bordering your capital will have a 50% chance of conversion. This conversion will happen two weeks after game start.
  • Additional ways to avoid kingdom/empire titles being destroyed after a revolt at minimum CA:
    • Holders of certain titles that existed during the entire timeline may take a loan to save the title even when they lack the required gold or presttige.
    • Realms with major foreign-culture or non-de-jure vassals may save the title by granting them (and any other foreign/non-de-jure vassals) independence.
  • Greco-Persian melting pot culture.
  • Greater Israel, Eretz Yisrael Hashlemah, can be founded if you own the most of the land from Egypt to the Euphrates.
  • Israeli culture will appear in Greater Israel as a melting pot of the various Jewish cultures. Unlike other melting pots however those of Jewish religion but not a Jewish culture will also become Israeli due to the close tie that Jewish culture and religion have.
  • If Israel exists Jewish communites from around the world will slowly return to Israel. Those communities will settle in a province and convert the culture and religion of that province along with it.
  • Three more deities for Egyptian Pagans
  • Five more deities for Canaanites.
  • May now convert to Jewish culture/religion if a community is present in your demesne.
  • Re-educate decision - allows adult characters to get a different education trait. Decision is self-targeted, and requires a character who is at least 20 years old, isn't slow or imbecile. Character needs to have scholarship focus.
  • Prepare ground decision will now work in capital provinces or holy sites regardless of the neighbouring provinces having the matching religion community.
  • Before the Kingdom of Poland is created, Polish duchies are named according to their respective tribes. Albeit in a somewhat anglicanised way.
  • Once the Kingdom of Poland is formed, the kingdom will take the name and CoA from the kingdom capital's duchy.
  • Israelite patronyms, names and other cultural tweaks.
  • Checksum warning event will only apear on game load.
  • Canaanite (jewish pagan) characters can now have multiple wives and are considered pre-reformed pagans.
  • Adjusted localization of German Pagan deities.
  • Anglo-Saxon and Frisian cultures will use German portraits.
  • Reduced chance of strong and healthy characters from dying during sex.
  • Can no longer ask rebel vassals to stop their war with another vassal.
  • Bulgarian characters will turn to Tengri when adopting the "Old Ways", or on AR setup.
  • Adopting the "Old Ways" events should now allow a secret conversion.

  • Frankish counties in Germany will convert to German(Allemanic) instead of French.
  • Berber and Moorish title holder localisations.
  • Lord Spiritual demanding infidel of his own secret religion being burned.
  • Duchy Adventurers not spawning properly.
  • Non-dynastic heir rule triggering under Elective succession.
  • Prune Family Tree decisions removing living branches.
  • Under AR rule characters not converting when using "Region" or "Culture" setting.
  • Missing Sahara region.
  • Prepare ground decision not working for Messalians.
  • Rulers with Plus religions get "Crown Jewels" events.
  • Gdansk-Galindia passage.
  • Secret religious society leader description.
  • Spouse of independent rulers not getting proper headgear.
  • GoPagan decisions and events not working for all Italian cultures.
  • Nomad cleanup not working.
  • Creation of the Songhai Empire requiring Manden culture.
  • Wrong tooltip on Feudalism/MR conversion decision.
  • Marshall getting just/arbitrary trait after being "beating mayor's daughter" instead of ruler deciding on the punishment.
  • Guardians getting double trait reveal events.
  • Flamboyant Schemer not having diplomacy and martial bonus.
  • Spynetwork not upgrading for owners of MnM.
  • German Pagan priest missing localisation.
  • Hermetic fabricated artifacts always having the same quality.
  • Vassals not getting option to go independent on succession when liege over vassal limit.
  • Homosexual trait not visible to people who have discovered it.
  • A lot of titular titles not being available, forcing the player to create custom titles.
  • Demand Tribute on characters who already are someone's tributaries.
  • Blind people complaining about their dark cell. Instead they must contend with a smelly dungeon.
  • Tributary timer not applied after tributary war.
  • Several ports in Oman being in the wrong province.
  • Option "Join" in Great Schism game rule which will merge catholic and orthodox back to chalcedonian at any date.
  • Option "Disable" in Great Schism game rule which will merge catholic and orthodox back to chalcedonian at any date and permanently disable Great Schism from happening.
  • Tribal to Feudal game rule - Turns all tribal rulers to feudal rulers and gives them castles.
  • Multiplayer Compatibility game rule - Disables certain things known to cause issues in MP. This includes the duel engine.
  • Rule group for Plus rules.
  • Rapid Conquest game rule. - Allows conquest/subjugation CBs for rulers with small realms.
  • Ancient Religions option "Yes" replaced by "Region" and "Culture". Selecting "Region" will assign pagan religions like before, based on location. Selecting "Culture" will assign pagan religions based on province culture (e.g. slavic people use slavic pagan religion).
  • Ancient Religions game rule now configures distribution method of pagan religions if New World Order rule is active. Options "No" and "Culture" are identical for NWO.
  • Ancient Religions game rule has an option called "Specific" - This will turn only some regions to ARs. Example - Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Brittany will be Celtic, but England, France and Iberian regions will remain what they are at given bookmark.
  • Fabricate Claim Rate game rule.
  • Non-Dynastic Heirs game rule. When this rule is active, if the player dies without an heir of their own dynasty, they will continue play as the heir with their dynasty. That heir will assume the player's dyansty for one day, and then revert to their previous one.
  • Devil Worshipers game rule set by default to "Off", "Default" option renamed to "On".

  • Imported most changes from vanilla 2.7 map.
  • Ragusa lifted to De Jure Duchy.
  • Reworked Dalmatian Counties. Zadar is moved a bit north. Zachlumia is renamed to Knin and includes most of Dalmatia.
  • Added county of Syrmia as a part of Slavonia.
  • Added county of Vrbas as a part of Bosnia.
  • Rama and Usora placed in correct positions.
  • Kingdom of Strythclyde corrected to be historical borders in the years 769CE and 869CE.
  • Tweaked Hungarian counties around Danube.
  • Moved Szczecin county all the way to Oder.
  • Moved Vistula closer to real-world location.
  • Adjusted borders of counties within Poland.
  • Added kingdom 'Tassili' in the Sahara desert with the duchies Air(3 counties), Tibesti(2 counties), Adrar(with existing Taghaza county and county Touat) and Hoggar(4 counties).
  • Added movement routes in the Sahara and adapted trans-saharan trade along with the new Tassili realm.
  • Added county 'Tantan' as part of the duchy Infi near the Atlas Mountains.
  • Readded the Canarias as a playable realm with its own Kingdom(Gran Canaria), duchy(Maxos), and 2 counties(Fuerteventura and Lanzarote).

  • Apostolic monastic order.
  • Norse artefacts available for Germanic pagans.
  • Trollcrafters available for german pagan.
  • Hermetic Society available for Kemetics.
  • Benedictine order available for Chalcedonians.
  • Updated map with some changes from 2.7.
  • Devil worshiper society for Celtic Pagans.
  • Devil worshiper society for Zoroastrians.
  • Found devil worshiper society decision if society has no members.
  • Common devil worshiper requirements change to require both vice and impious traits. However characters who are either lunatic or possessed don't require anything else.
  • Secret religious cults for all Plus religions.
  • Prepare ground decision can only be taken for provinces that border a county that already openly has targeted religion or has secret community of the targeted secret religion.
  • Chance of secret religious community being created in a county is reduced, and has about 30% chance of outright failure.
  • Character can now prepare grounds only in one province at a time.

  • The following traits are no longer visible on birth, except to the child itself: genius, quick, imbecile, slow, tall, dwarf, strong, and weak. Instead they are 'discovered' as the child grows up by others. This functionality can be disabled with the "Hidden Traits" game rule if desired.
  • The Homosexual trait is no longer visible by default, except to the character itself. It can be discovered when a character's same-sex affair is revealed (via the Intrigue focus Spy On action from Way of Life, or various other means). This functionality can be disabled with the "Hidden Traits" game rule if desired.
  • Amber Road has been expanded to also encompass trade along the Volga.
  • Trans-saharan trade routes have been added.
  • Regnal names for Byzantine Coronation.
  • Regnal names for HRE Papal Coronation.
  • Regnal Name event chain allows selection of a dynastic traditional name.
  • Bookmark - Kingdom of Portugal
  • Male Norman regnal names.
  • Female Danish, Greek, Norman, Castillan, and Norwegian regnal names.
  • Help I'm trapped in these change notes!
  • Begin Pillage decision - Player only decision which continously pillages targeted settlement owned by the player. This can be stopped with the Stop Pillage decision. This will eventually destroy all buildings in the holding, but the holding itself will not be destroyed.
  • Longevity hidden trait, this trait adds health and should increase average life span of characters who have it.
  • Buildings from Conclave content pack submod added. Thanks to Swampos
  • Imperial Decadence, if relevant, now viewable in the hover character tooltip.
  • Players are able to block carousing invites for 5 years
  • Nowruz Celebration decision for Iranians and Zoroastrians.
  • Prune Family Tree targeted decision - removes childless dead characters from targeted character's family tree.
  • Added Cumbrian, and Galatian cultures to maps where applicable.
  • Berbers split into Zenatian, Guanche, Zenagan(recycled 'Bafour' culture), Garamantian, Tuareg, Tamazight, Numidian, and Maghrebic(Arabized Arab identifying Berbers(Or Moors).
  • Culture groups 'Berber' and 'Moorish' added and cultures added where appropriate.
  • Italians split into Emilian, Ligurian, Lombard, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Tuscan, Umbrian and Veneto.
  • Added Dalmatian culture an Italian - South Slavic melting pot. Credits for some of the names go to https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/new-cultures.610605/page-35#post-17925486
  • Two new cultures added: Sardinian and Corsican.
  • Hidden traits now use the system from the 2.7 patch, rather than duplicate visible versions of traits.
  • A character's same-sex lovers, and anyone who discovers their affair and blackmails them about it, can now see their Homosexual trait.
  • A guardian whose ward has come to them with questions about their sexuality can now see the ward's Homosexual trait, depending on the guardian's reaction.
  • Greek culture will split unless it's realms are ruled by a Greek empire. This split will affect Pontic Greeks and Sicilian Greeks.
  • Kindom of Valencia formable by characters of Catalan culture.
  • Kingdom of Macedon, formable by Greek, Bulgarian or Albanian cultures.
  • Titular Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein.
  • Formable empires for new Italian cultures.
  • Playable Aztec invasion. Player needs to be a Nahua Aztec Count on Atlantic coast(not Scandinavia or Iceland) on game start. After one day event will appear which can grant Aztec Empire and event troops to player.

  • Changed how the Imperial government works. In Imperial administration all feudal rulers in the realm will be switched to Imperial Government. Decision to make title inheritable is removed. Instead, every ruler who is not de jure vassal to top liege will automatically inherit. This also means that that Imperial government is only available to non-titular empires. There are a few exceptions to this rule. If title revokation law is active, ruler can refuse inhertaince to slow, imbecile inbred or incapable characteres. If religious title revoke law is active ruler can also refuse inheritance to infidels/heretics, and excommunicated characters of their own religion. Finally, ruler can refuse inheritance to characters who are known to have comitted a crime.
  • Sahidic(Coptic) culture can now appear also for Kemetic pagans.
  • Become Nomad decision is now available to player if they're Altaic, Magyar, or a tribal next to a nomad realm.
  • Seduction targets are no longer eligible for another seduction after "Vene, Vidi, Vici" choice. This effect lasts 90 days for player, and 730 days for AI.
  • Removed unused inaccurate Roman Dynasty names, replaced with similar Roman gentes (family names).
  • Lord Spiritual will only ask to burn heretic if liege is also zealous.
  • Lord Spiritual will not ask to burn infidel/heretic who is a spouse, consort, lover or pregnant with liege.
  • Yugoslavia is now an empire level title.
  • Copts able to create Egypt.
  • Imperial rulers are less likely to try to revoke titles after succession.
  • Excommunicated characters are more likely to accept conversion.
  • Changed localization of people from Faereyar to "Faroese".
  • Seljuk/Timurid Revitalised event troops will happen only once per title, and only to sons and grandsons of Seljuk himself. Troop count is halved and extra troops require higher martial.
  • Demanding tribute from landed prisoners will force them to accept. After this, they will go free.
  • Prosperity events won't fire anymore if province owner doesn't have enough money.
  • Sainthood should no longer happan for people with inappropriate nicknames.
  • Four Plus faction moods are now shown in the faction description.
  • Troops hired by adventurers will disband on peace.
  • Character ID visible in the tooltip.
  • Set define NEED_GUARDIAN_AT_AGE to 6.
  • French Empire creation requirement changed to require any other kingdom title, along with full control over France, and either Aquitaine or Lotharingia.
  • British Empire creation requirement changed to require any other kingdom title, along with full control over England and Scotland.
  • They just keep going...
  • Reduced conversion rate in India two times.
  • Fitting child focus traits are now colorblind friendly. The "good" traits are now blue with little 'spurs' sticking out of them.
  • Added Finnish names more accurate for CK2 time period. Thanks to Zaltys
  • Steward with stewarship lower than 8 will no longer increase chance of vassal/county culture conversion.
  • Hedge Knights events made less annoying. Refusing them access will stop event from repeating.
  • Marshal arresting Hedge Knight event can happen only once.
  • Bogomilist Dukes and Kings less likely to switch to theocracy. Emperor will never switch.
  • Irish, Cumbrian, Welsh, Breton, Cornish, Scots, and Scottish given more unique and accurate cultural names for holdings.
  • Improved AR with "Specific" game rule. County culture is taken into account, e.g. Sicily needs to be Greek or Latin (not Norman) to become Hellenic.
  • Duel Engine changes:
    • Now accounts better for various symptoms and diseases introduced in Reaper's Due.
    • Celtic characters in battlefield duels are now more eager to collect the heads of opponents they judge worthy.

  • Chess with death event chain will only trigger for characters older than 45.
  • People who like the liege enough (+40 opinion) will not be blocked from joining factions.
  • De Jure Requirement rule is not applied to empires if Vanilla Empires rule is off.
  • Demon Children can no longer trigger the Sunset Invasion before it could otherwise have happened, as determined by game rules.
  • Increased the rate that the statecraft job action affects threat decay.
  • Mazdaki no longer have PC marriage.
  • Mazdaki get reincarnation mechanics.
  • Frankish rulers and provinces will convert more slowly to French. Most likely conversion time is middle of 9th century.
  • Ruler who creates Carolingian Empire will get Aachen (unless player owns Aachen). AI will then have their capital automatically set to Aachen.
  • Compared to vanilla disease spread chance slightly reduced for provinces with trade routes/posts.
  • Improved flag of Grand Duchy of Tuscany.
  • Changed the "Fellowship of Hel" to "The Children of Múspell", an actual reference to the Ragnarok story.
  • Second empire destruction event will now offer to player an opportunity to give second imperial title to a vassal if both imperial titles are non-titular. Player can normaly give away the normal way, or give the title using the "Grant Imperial Title" decision. This special decision will make the second empire a tributary to player.
  • Toned down Gallawa melting pot event speed. Will only spread easily to Pictish, Breton, Cumbrian or Cornish culture.

  • Assyrian melting pot not activating for Assyrian rulers.
  • Fixed rulers having two different lieges in India/Persia.
  • When using Ancient Religions mercenary companies should now also convert to their culturally appropriate religion.
  • Successful liberation revolts should no longer usurp baronies from realms that hold territory in the target de jure kingdom but were not the target of the revolt.
  • Zoroastrian and Celtic CoAs not rendering properly on Linux.
  • Notification event missing for Invite Chancellor etc.
  • Mongol invasion not triggering.
  • Dead holder of Huntingdon in CM start.
  • Demanding tribute from someone already at war.
  • Courtiers going out of seclusion during an epidemic.
  • Seduction game rule not applied for non-focus characters.
  • More conflicting conditions in pillage settlement decisions.
  • And going...
  • Losing kingdom title without de jure land now obeys De Jure Requirement rule.
  • Missing death reasons for Court Anarchy and Weak trait.
  • Disabled low MA events in India which cause provinces and rulers to convert to religion with higher MA.
  • Chalcedonian Pope and Patriarch Supreme losing titles if they become non-titular.
  • Longevity trait doesn't cause error.
  • Zoroastrian modifiers not applying/removing properly.
  • Coptic Monastic order members getting only 1/10th devotion.
  • Prisoners losing stressed/depressed etc. traits.
  • Characters not being given Holy Grail if supernatural events rule set to "Unrestricted".
  • Druze characters being berated for not going on Hajj.
  • Early Karlings being French.
  • Some custom regions lacking localisations.
  • Can no longer hold a Sky Burial while not an adult.
  • Characters changed to their correct Anglic(English and Scots) and Celtic cultures.
  • Characters switching to main religion under AR Specific rule.
  • Wrong society identifier used for the satanists.
  • Merge fault in birth events file.
  • Adjacencies not rendering properly for Taghaza.
  • Potentialy wrong scope in imperial decadence inheritance maintenance event.
  • 'Stressed' trait gain notifications when this was not true or redundant.
  • Downgrade of the trait 'Depressed' to 'Stressed' counter to the narrative in the event.
  • Restore Zoroastrian Highpriesthood decision giving the title to non-Zoroastrians.
  • Vassals nomads not being able to pillage holdings they own.
  • Hermetic gathering giving money instead of taking.
  • Some HRE rulers being republic government type.
  • Prisoners using WoL decisions.
  • Some characters getting stuck "nowhere". Thanks to Zaltys
  • Bussiness expedition gift "A dozen horses" costing less that other gifts.
  • Leon not copying Asturia's de Jure liege when the decision is enacted
  • Beauty contests should no longer pick winners with various new unattractive traits.
  • Faulty tax/levy modifiers in laws.
  • Case of adventurer using province 0 as home.
  • And going...
  • Despot title grantable to family members even if current (purpleborn) heir is not an adult.
  • Oxford and Lancaster not part of their roman province region.
  • Unable to create Trollcrafters or Cold Ones cults.
  • Courtiers not captured during siege.
  • "One Eyed" nickname not being given to one-eyed characters.
  • Some melting pot cultures spreading quicker at later dates for no real reason.
  • Character conversion to secret religion not working.

  • Removed all achievement events. They don't do anything in plus anyway.
  • AI will start tribute demand event with a pulsed event.
  • Maintenance events redistributed between three always existing religious heads.
  • Some maintenance decisions turned to pulsed events.
  • Crapload of events with MTTH of one day switche to appropriate on_action or other triggers.
  • Filtering pre-triggers checked first where applicable.
  • Removed most triggered modifiers.
  • Most time consuming MTTH events turned into pulsed events.

  • Plus nomad succession events now obey Nomad Stability game rule.
  • Adopt Feudalism decision tooltip now displays holdings that won't upgrade properly.
  • CTD on nomad succession event.
  • Regnal names for Welsh, Cornish and Breton culture.
  • Meissen-Lausitz river crossing.
  • Patronyms for Roman cultured characters.
  • Unique Shaman names for finnish_pagan.
  • Reduced chances of some Celtic events.
  • Reformed Celtic Paganism (formerly Tuatha) has been renamed Gentlidecht to reflect the earliest recorded name for Celtic pagans and avoid confusion with the holding also called Tuatha.
  • "My Daughter is My Heir" event chain fixed to only fire for agnatic-cognatic rulers.
  • Epic hunt happening more than once.
  • Miaphysite holy order leaders not getting random traits on creation.
  • Seduction event chain failing for non-focus seduction.
  • Disinhertance decision.
  • Fixed GoPagan conversion decisions for germanic cultures added in Plus.

  • Reduced chances of some Celtic events (Feedback welcome!)
  • Enabled parent-child seduction for Kemetic characters.
  • Enabled parent-child seduction for characters who are syphilitic and, lunatic or possessed.
  • Provinces with savanna terrain get proper prosperity values.
  • Reformed Celtic Pagans no longer lose prestige while not at war.
  • Egyptian and Celtic pagan priests have been given their proper titles so events will no longer list them as blank spaces.
  • Monetary Incentives for culture conversion event will no longer trigger if Culture Conversion law is set to None.
  • Zoroastrian and Messallian parent-child seduction.
  • Enforcing Ephesus should now turn Nestorian branch religion into a heresy.
  • Corfu once-again is part of the Mediterranean Trade route.
  • Tributary event chain being broken if attacker is already at war.

  • NWO Customisation can again be triggered more than once.
  • Culture Conversion law is now applied to saves started before 4.05.4.
  • Provinces with savanna terrain get proper prosperity values.

  • Rulers can now select a regnal name during coronation events. Supported cultures are:
    • North Germanic group
    • Frankish and German (all of them)
    • Polish and Bohemian
    • English, Scots, Scottish and Anglo-Saxon
    • Hungarian
    • Croatian, Serbian and Bulgarian
    • Wallachian (Romanian)
    • French, Italian
    • Basque, Castillan, Catalan, Portuguese
    • Greek, Armenian, Georgian
    • Russian
    • Lithuanian
  • The Tributary CB is replaced with a targeted decision. The target will respond either by accepting becoming a tributary, rejecting, or offering a deal. If they reject, the attacker can then declare Tributary War, or back out of the whole deal and lose prestige. If attacker is offered a deal (bribe), they can accept the money or, again, go to war. In addition to that, using the tributary action will block tributary decision for a year, or five years in case war was won, or ten years if player chooses the backing out option.
  • Roman province of Pannonia-Dacia
  • Trigger Schism start decision is now a game rule.
  • Empire Creation game rule which regulates how many kingdom titles are required to form an empire. Options are Two and Three.
  • Culture Conversion Law - This law controls the speed and behaviour of culture conversion. It is available to independent feudal kings and emperors. This law does not affect melting pot events. Available laws are:
    • None - Culture conversion is happening at 1/10th of normal speed. Change Province Culture ambition is not available if this law is enacted, and chance of an uprising is reduced 10 times.
    • Passive - Default conversion settings.
    • Active - Culture conversion is hapening at twice the rate. Chance of an uprising is increased two times. Provinces with "wrong" culture will not prosper. Medium or higher CA is required for this law.
  • Vassal kings don't get the crown or coronation.
  • ERE/RE provinces remain De Jure under empire when created. Italy only for RE. Macedonia, Thrace and Asia for both.
  • Percentage tribute gives to suzerain reduced to 30% if reached through war, or 20% if reached through an agreement.
  • Shut The Gate decision only available if there is a disease in demesne counties or in neigbouring counties.
  • Croatian priests more likely to follow Latin rites.
  • Seduce action available to characters with the Seducer/Seductress trait.
  • Spy On action available to characters with the Schemer trait.
  • Free from Captivity action available to characters with the Schemer trait.
  • Duel action available to characters with the Duelist trait.
  • Invite to Carousing action available to characters with Hedonist or Socialiazer traits.
  • Aztec Emperor will get 400 prestige on creation. He requires 500 for the invasion CB, so this should make him invade sooner.
  • All empires now require a number of kingdom titles set in Empire Creation rule.
  • Empire of Britannia requires having complete control over England, Scotland and either Ireland, Wales or Brittany.
  • French Empire requires having complete control over France, Aquitaine, and either Burgundy, Brittany, Lotharingia or Frisia.
  • Unreformed Pagans can declare holy war if they control at least 3 holy sites.
  • Unable to destroy settlements as Nomad.
  • Bogomilist faith staying Chalcedonian heresy after schism.
  • Localisation for various pagan deity followers, they now use unreformed religion name.
  • South slavic culture group missing one retinue type.
  • Various Validator detected issues, including missing events, letter frame pictures, and a few scope fixes.
  • Mongol Invasion happening only for "Delayed Random" rule.
  • Lowborn bastards getting legitimized and getting a dynasty other than "None"
  • Adventurers asking for support more than once.
  • Emperors losing imperial government due to inheriting feudal title (only partial fix, still under investigation).
  • Chalcedonian pope ending up with gavelkind succession.
  • Fixed Bible Translation event where ALL Christian rulers would get event to increase their religion MA, causing insane MA.
  • Aztec/Mongol invasions not being delayed for 50 years in later bookmarks.
  • Pagan religious head titles being blocked if Start Reformed rule is used.
  • Another case of death by snu-snu for an immortal.
  • HRE Grand Duchies becoming de jure independent immediately after switching to kingdom variant.
  • Peresechen being Russian before Russian melting pot event.

  • Bogomilist faith remaining Chalcedonian heresy after schism.
  • Nomads can again destroy pillaged settlements.
  • Nomads who are vassals can also use pillage decision.
  • Byzantine coronation event text not fitting window size (for weak basileus only)

  • Cut-off text during Byzantine coronation events.
  • Duchy of Armenia can no longer be used as base for a custom titular kingdom since normal kingdom title already exists.
  • Wrong scopes in many events.
  • Empire auto-destruct events will no longer trigger twice for ERE/HRE/LE.
  • Sender shown in maintenance on-action events.

  • Added an option in 'Game Rules' to start with all Pagans reformed. This option is listed under 'Pagan Reformation'
  • Old Plus Tyranny removed in one of the 4.04 versions is back. Tyranny is again represented with traits, not opinion modifiers. In addition, Tyranny trait system is now compatible with Conclave DLC (credit to AGOT team, some of their code was used for this).
  • When empire autodestruct mechanic triggers, non-zealous, christian or pagan rulers can choose to convert to, in ERE/LE case, majority religion of Constantinople, or in HRE case, majority religion of their capital (if that capital has correct religion). This option will only be availble to ERE/LE rulers if they control Constantinople. HRE rulers must have their capital in one of the HRE regions: Frisia, Germany, Lotharingia, Pomerania, Poland, Bohemia or France.
  • Rulers who convert will get Recently Converted character modifier resulting with religion opinion +5, other religion group opinion -10 and 0.5 increase in monthly piety.
  • Entirely disabled Seduce Character plot for owners of Way of Life DLC (previously it was available to non-playable characters even with Way of Life) now that the Seduce decision has been made available for lustful characters regardless of focus.
  • WoL business focus events slightly tweaked. Build events require a certain starting fund, but might cost a little bit more. Potential income is also slightly higher.
  • Added a start up option for CK2+ games converted into EU4. You are now given the option to reveal the map as it was displayed in CK2. Most notable this was an issue for nations with a capital not within Europe, as those with a capital outside of it can end up with owned provinces surrounded by 'terra incognita' for the first few decades of a converted game.
  • Aztec religion head, once appointed can call for a great holy war. After that Aztecs will lose Invasion CB.
  • In later game starts (after 1150) some rulers of certain cultures and high enough legalism will switch from gavelkind to primogeniture, or from elective gavelkind to elective.
  • Spouse will be prevented from recommending councillors for 7 years if rejected.
  • Only foreign kings and emperors, and domestic powerful vassals will RSVP for coronation.
  • AI rulers will be more likely to switch to primogeniture or seniority as their legalism tech level rises.
  • Adopt Feudalism decision is now also available if ruler has Medium Tribal Organisation, and legalism, majesty and noble customs atleast at level 3.
  • If ERE/HRE/LE autodestruct event triggers and ruler doesn't convert, old title history will be copied to new title.
  • Hellenic heresies will no longer trigger ERE auto-destruct event.
  • Celtic Changeling event chain now properly controlled by Supernatural Events game rule.
  • Celtic female rulers can now have their children replaced by changelings and receive events/choices related to them.
  • Sacrificing heads of other religions at Celtic divination now earns extra prestige/piety as in vanilla Norse blots.
  • Nordic/Scandinavian et al. cultures now properly get Elective Gavelkind.
  • ALL cultures now have castle cultural buildings.
  • Indolent child bribe event chain won't fire if child doesn't have any money.
  • Female councillor event chain won't fire if ruler has lifetime appointment law.
  • NWO event setup allowing patrician player to cause game over.
  • Prisoner instigating challenge with an insult.
  • Some patricians not being able to trigger NWO events.
  • Fixed Aztecs not having Invasion CB.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the EU4C from converting CK2 countries to their proper government rank in EU4
  • Many other EU4C bug fixes.
  • Despot title existing while current heir is underage.
  • Player being forced to break with lover because of having low opinion of lover.
  • Character being able to legitimise himself/herself.
  • Miracle healing on pillgramage should now work.
  • Several cases where councillors were appointed by event with Lifetime Appointment law active.
  • Added another check which should prevent Patriarch Supreme from taking Rome too easily (he can still get it in the normal way).
  • Added the missing icon for the 'Grand Trunk Road'.
  • Fixed some issues with the 'Grand Trunk Road'.
  • Adventurers will no longer be stuck as planning adventure while incapable.
  • Missing Assyrian and Kurdish kingdoms from India Expansion.
  • Caliph titles that are deactivated at game start are now creatable via special decision.

  • Added new icons for trade networks. One for primarily land or sea, one for African trade and one for the Silk Road.
  • Added missing retinues for Scots and Basque cultures.
  • Added missing retinues for East Germanic cultures.
  • Added missing retinues for East Romance cultures.
  • Added missing retinues for Franco Germanic cultures.
  • Replaced Release Prisoner game rule with appropriate decisions.
  • Allowed seduction for lustful characters if they don't have a lover.
  • Messalian self-castrate decision will now be taken less often. In addition, it will only push MA up to 70. After that, it will no longer have effect on MA. It's effect is reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Messalian perfection decision, will now be only possible if MA is above 70. It's duration is reduced from 10 years to 5 years.
  • Reduced chance of Lord Spiritual demanding infidel BBQ. Now, both Lord Spiritual and liege BOTH have to be zealous.
  • Schism can now happen even if one of the Orthodox heresies has taken over Patriarchate of Constantinople.
  • "Dealing with rebels" event option descriptions are now shorter and readable.
  • Adjusted some succession laws (Norway becomes elective, Croatia and Hungary become primogeniture after PU, Iberian kingdoms also get primogeniture).
  • Normal chalcedonian papal succession will result with one normal papacy and with one interim papacy that will be removed after a day.
  • Fixed child rulers without regents being penalised for lack of ambition.
  • Fixed prosperity tooltip.
  • Fixed two persistent papacies when India module activated (run event Plus.2295 in current game to fix).
  • Fixed "The Anarchy" bookmark war being invalidated.
  • Fixed an issue causing rulers to not start with their defined historical succession law.
  • Fixed a bug disallowing women or any character in Agnatic realms from choosing the Become Heir objective.
  • Fixed former Varangians getting "returned home" events long after they're landed
  • Fixed Bogomilist rulers being stuck with no Church Law.
  • Fixed errors in province map - invalid colours and a shortcut through the Pyrenees.
  • Fixed separatist faction leader staying leader after the war is over.
  • Fixed claimant starting adventure if one of his claims is already being pressed.
  • Fixed war games (and various other WoL events) triggering during war time.
  • Fixed papal jurisdiction event scoping to mercs or holy orders.
  • Fixed immortals losing combat skill
  • Fixed "Unexpected Duel" firing for a province.
  • Fixed usage of vanilla Do Not Disturb flag.

  • Added Arab localisations to some titles.
  • Fixed history of Abbasid Caliphs, they are now Levantine instead of Bedouin.
  • Fixed the religious history of Sicily, since it would jump to Orthodox, although the provinces are still under muslim control.
  • Colour of the Catalan culture was changed, because it was too similiar to Castilian.
  • Attempted fix of multiple event for prisoners and missionaries. (Apparently this might be a vanilla thing, so there may be more.)
  • Fixed CTD when selection Religion tab as Manichean
  • Fixed decadent dynasty cadet branch decision.
  • Fixed RD characters not being able to run NWO. With this change event will run on the second day of your chosen start.
  • Fixed Chalcedonian Pope succession events
  • Mercenaries and holy orders can no longer get a claim on the imperial throne.
  • Reduced chance for a claim on imperial throne for characters that are of different culture within a group.
  • Characters of different culture group or of different religion can no longer claim imperial throne.
  • Fixed marriage ambitions having same conditions for abort and success.
  • Temporarily disabled decision to expand Immortals holy order.
  • Reworked Papal Chalcedonian succession. Papal title should now go directly to one of the cardinals.
  • Despot title for players with the Conclave DLC is no longer active if there are no suitable candidates for it.
  • Fixed Lack of Ambition modifier being stuck for some ambitions.
  • Fixed a redundant map region inclusion

  • MAJOR: Comaptible with "The Reaper's Due" DLC
  • MAJOR: The "German" culture has been entirely reworked.
    - Starting with the "Millenium" bookmark and on all Germans will be split into regional variants
    - For bookmarios prior to "Millenium" Germans will start as a mono-culture but diverge over time
    - This process cannot be stopped however an exceptionally strong German emperor that holds uncontested control of the entire region of Germania can attempt to enforce a unified "Imperial German" culture over time
    - These various German sub-cultures will treat each other as different cultures in matters of opinion but are unlikely to want to fracture from a Germanic overlord
    - These changes have also been reflected in the EU4 converter
    - If you do not want this, either in early or late bookmarks, there is a game rule to revert to vanilla Germans from the very start
  • Legitimization is now allowed for sibling of a ruler. In this case of legitimization, negative opinion modifier is applied to siblings and children of the ruler.
  • Regnal religious names will no longer be given to secular rulers.
  • After schism, title history is copied to Ecumenical Patriarch and Papal State.
  • The "Shield Maiden" trait (pagan version of Martial Lady) has been renamed to Warrior Woman to avoid confusion with the Shieldmaiden trait added in 2.6. Since they do different things, both will remain.
  • Normally in Plus, Aztecs have a very minor chance of appearing. This option was added as a "Reduced" game rule, and is set as default option.
  • Streamlined Zoroastrian holy orders: instead of the previous three (one formed by event, two formed by decision, all named some variation of "Immortals") there should now only be one, formed by a decision and expanded by another.
  • Plus day-one decisions transfered to game rules.
  • Supernatural events are by default turned OFF.
  • Crusades/GHWs now prioritize targeting the person who actually holds the target kingdom title (unless the title has no holder or is held by someone of the crusading religion). This prevents having a kingdom title usurped out from underneath a non-participant in the crusade.
  • Added titular kingdoms for Assyrians and Kurds and a titular Assyrian Empire.
  • Numerous cultural fixes, changes and additions
  • Fixed catholics not having religious head
  • Fixed both kingdom lockout laws being active
  • Fixed berber cultures missing retinues

  • You can now pick aztec_pagan as a religion in the character customizer DLC
  • Adventurer troops no longer reinforce
  • All relevant titles should now start with a 'King's Peace' law active
  • Kingdom of Yugoslavia can be formed by any south slavic character
  • Added a customization option to start the game with all realms, where possible, gender equal
  • Added a player-only targeted decision that allows removal of unwanted courtiers
  • Added abort option to councillor replacement event
  • Fixed bug allowing lieges to elope with their own courtiers using the Elope plot
  • Fixed bug allowing player to select two AC succession laws.
  • Fixed patricians losing ability to marry matrilinealy when switching gender laws
  • Fixed improper Aquitaine de jure fragment in the millenium bookmark
  • Fixed Despot title being unavailable to players without Conclave DLC
  • Fixed Isle of Mann not being part of any roman provinces.
  • Fixed issue where minors could get coronated if regent dies
  • Fixed poets, they should now get random traits
  • Fixed player characters being being automatically married to AI
  • Adjusted borders between Norway and Sweden
  • Decadence traits for Muslims now apply to any ruler who has no lieges of their dynasty in the realm above them - not only to the dynasty head. Convincing relatives to straighten up may now also be performed by any ruler who is responsible for dynasty members in their own sub-realm, and not only by the dynasty head.
  • Rulers who are HRE vassals can no longer create kingdoms that have grand duchies under HRE (Austria, Bavaria, Tuscany etc.), which sometimes led to loss of vassals
  • Chief Qadi is now a voter title
  • Added a day-one option, to delay crusades after game start (only applies to game starts AFTER first crusade)
  • Slightly optimised CK2Plus events to use pre-triggers more
  • Added Bogomilist and Messalian to existing schism mending mechanics
  • Fixed Chalcedonian Pope missing regnal numbers
  • A great number of smaller fixes

  • Added a customization decision to start the games with an approximation of ahistorical, de Jure vanilla CK2 empires. Please note that depending on the bookmark chosen there may be some variation compared to vanilla due to differently shaped kingdoms.
  • Fixed a bug preventing ships from sailing in or out of Kerry in Ireland
  • Fixed an issue regarding certain CBs due to an issue PDS introduced recently
  • Fixed several mercenary and title issues thanks to Agnitio Ex Mach's help
  • In later bookmarks changed the vassal relationship of Russia rulers to the hordes to instead be tributary relationships
  • Shuffled the kingdom colours in India around to make them more easily distinguishable
  • Added the bookmark "A New Millenium" to the era chooser UI, replacing the 1337 era. The latter can still be chosen as a regular bookmark via "Custom Game Setup"
  • Fixed a phantom character appearing in the "High Middle Ages" era
  • Fixed a CTD with the title finder
  • Rulers with tributaries may now declare war on them for claims, at an extra penalty. You will lose all your tributaries, lose 100 prestige and a loss of opinion with your vassals. The AI will never make use of this
  • You may now release tributaries peacefully, signing a 10 year non-aggression pact in the process
  • Fixed consorts being able to marry other courtiers on their own
  • Emperors of the HRE, ERE and Roman Empire may now reduce the Title Laws back down if they wish
  • Courtiers may no longer pick the "Gain an Estate" ambition if their liege is unable to grant them one due to their government from
  • Courtiers may no longer buy estates if their liege would not be able to grant them due to their government form
  • Distributing a new primary title to a courtier or vassal will now also make that title adopt the liege's succession laws, including gender laws, instead of using Agnatic Gavelkind everytime.
  • Visigoths added to the new East Germanic culture group.
  • Byzantine Empire can now be inherited by any christian. However, if Latin Empire does not exist, and new ruler is catholic or catholic heresy, Byzantine Empire will convert to Latin.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the usage of "Invite to Court" and other similar diplo actions
  • Fixed the tech group icon strip for the EU4C
  • New King's Peace law allows those who don't have Conclave or have abolished the council to enforce peace in their realm.
  • Localizations cleaned further to localize by culture for non-temple holdings and religion for temple holdings with as few exceptions as possible
  • Removed most inaccurate and direct translation celtic localizations
  • Added events for Levantine rulers and provinces to flip to Assyrian culture if they are Nestorian or Messalian.
  • MAJOR: India has been removed in core CK2+. Save games made prior to this change will NOT be compatible unless the "CK2+ India" sub-mod is used
  • MAJOR: "CK2+ India" sub-mod added to enable India
  • Cleaned up the tooltips for when the "Recent Uprising" modifiers are applied to provinces after a rebellion is defeated.
  • Fixed options tooltip in child's combat training event.
  • Adventurers now only recruit from provinces in the demesne of a ruler who has given them permission to do so. They must approach the top liege of the realm, and if given permission to remain must go to each vassal in that realm in turn. If they are not permitted to remain by the top liege, they cannot approach any of his vassals. Adventurers are now restricted to a maximum distance from their point of origin (so no Irish adventurers wandering their way down into Africa, or similar).
  • More holdings added into Alpunte province in Hispania.
  • Seduction distance expanded to 150 (from 100) or in the same realm (as the tooltip actually states). The AI will only target someone within the 150 distance, however, same realm or no.
  • Added a player only diplo action for the sending of semi-custom amounts of wealth. This action will not grant any opinion modifiers.
  • Updated the siege/capture events. Chances of capture (or other siege effects) should now be properly random.
  • Trade Post tooltip updated to reflect restrictions better

  • Fixed rebellions only ending with invalidation.
  • Fixed broken ze_adolescence_events file.
  • Fixed event text for when your Lord Chaplain refuses to stay behind in a pagan realm he's been ejected from, so he tells you so.
  • Emperors of Imperial realms can no longer be the target of claimant factions for their own duke/king titles.
  • Fixed two imperial court events that had mislabeled options.
  • Fixed the War of Two Eriks revolt CB -- again.
  • Family members serving in the empire's capital now gain imperial traits much more quickly.

  • A number of events have been added to empires based on the presence of courtiers in the top liege's court with either the Imperial Bureaucrat, Imperial Courtier, or Imperial Guard trait. One of these is likely to pop up every 5-10 years, and can lead to both good and bad effects -- from reforms being suggested to an increase in Imperial Decadence to an intrigue within the court or a claim upon the emperor's title.
  • Emperors can no longer use 'Make Title Inheritable' decision upon themselves.
  • The Patriarch Supreme no longer vassalizes themselves to the emperor over Rome if and when they usurp Rome, if they already have an emperor as their liege.
  • Councils in an Imperial realm should give preference to counts/dukes who are inside or bordering the viceroy realm when suggesting alternate picks.
  • Updated a number of events to use the new 'educator' scope and not break when the AI doesn't assign an actual guardian at age 6.
  • Threat is now lowered when granting a vassal independence.
  • Fixed the Kharijite Rebellion event to not invalidate the CB.
  • Fixed tournament winners sometimes being calculated incorrectly and not properly favoring the highest Martial attendees.
  • Relinquishing a viceroy title for a favor also increases Imperial Decadence, the same as accepting a bribe.
  • Fixed the "Restored Roman Borders" event to actually look for more than central Anatolia provinces.
  • Fixed Imperial Decadence so it actually reduces the liege's levy totals and the levies from their vassals.
  • Dealing with a province where a religious or nationalist rebellion began will now also stop similar rebellions in realm provinces of the same religion/culture for up to 3 years, depending on the harshness of the example.
  • Fixed a bug which made the Ecumenical Patriarch *more* likely to refuse your coronation if he didn't hate you.
  • An Ecumenical Patriarch who refuses to coronate the Byzantine emperor may now be asked again in three years, rather than ten.
  • Rebels and adventurers no longer get free money until *after* they achieve victory.
  • Fixed a bug where landless rebels/adventurers could hire mercenaries after their forces were destroyed, putting those mercenaries in limbo and thus eventually causing a crash.
  • The Conclave adolescent education events have been re-written to a make a bit more sense -- so you're not always ending up a rival with your ward for making them ambitious, for instance.
  • Guardians may now be assigned at age 5, same as when the focus alert comes up.
  • The AI will not form claimant factions against an AI religion head unless they are cynical.

  • Fixed the 'Create Provincia' decisions to account for the map changes.
  • Fixed the faction demand for a liege's title so that it works again.
  • Removed starting alliance between Khazars/Cumans in the OG bookmark, as it would occasionally make everyone allied with everyone.
  • The Byzantine minor title Despot has been made a councillor.
  • Added a historical war between the Almoravids and Ghana in 1066
  • Made formation of regular titular kingdoms by the AI less common.
  • Increased population-per-empty province limit for nomads.
  • Added event to have provinces along the trade routes in West Africa possibly convert to Cairo's religion between 900 and 1050 if they are unreformed Pagan.
  • Added event to have provinces along the Amber Road in Eastern Europe possibly convert to Byzantium's or Poland's religion between 1000 and 1150 if they are unreformed Pagan.
  • Changed the localisation for nomadic Magyars.
  • AI Altaic tribal rulers who have a few provinces and high Martial and enough prestige may now switch to Nomadic government.
  • Courtiers in the capital of an empire now have a chance of gaining one of three traits over time: Imperial Bureaucrat, Imperial Courtier, or Imperial Guard. These will give them a bonus to their traits, and also prompt them to seek employment as councillors elsewhere in the empire should the Imperial court begin to get full.
  • Adjusted the flow of the West African trade network
  • Fixed the 'Sidhe Offerings' event so it only has one possible outcome that fires.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the occasional liberation revolt result where province capital holdings are changed.
  • A liege with Imperial Government revoking a feudal title now properly reverts that title to remain Imperial even when granted to a new vassal.
  • Tribal AI will now sometimes use tributary CB against targets which they cannot subjugate.
  • Rollo will no longer use tribal/norse CB's.
  • The old pagan mystic who shows up at your court now appears with higher Health, so there's less chance of them dying immediately.
  • The "Go Pagan" conversion event will now also convert all close relative and same-dynasty courtiers.
  • Unreformed pagans may now use the 'Attempt Religious Conversion' decision, though they must spend Prestige to do so. The AI will not do so unless it is Zealous.
  • Heritage focus can now be taken for a child before the age of 6.
  • The 'Ask Permission for Heritage Focus' diplo-decision can no longer be used on a child if you're their actual liege.
  • Added a 'Scourge Province' decision (usable on count title) which allows a non-reformed pagan to scourge an owned province of their culture but a different religion, giving them a chance at converting the province at the expense of tyranny and an unrest modifier for five years.
  • Added more variability to the strength of nationalist rebellions.
  • The 'Make Title Inheritable' decision is now only useable on vassals which have a regular succession law (ie. for non-primary type titles).
  • Fixed a bug preventing the firing of the "Sunset Invasion" even if you had the DLC
  • Added a customization feature that sets the chance for Aztecs to appear to be identical to the chance in vanilla CK2. This only appears for those with the "Sunset Invasion" DLC active.
  • If a pagan ruler refuses to allow your chaplain to stay to preach, you now have the option of having the chaplain remain secretly - with a chance to convert the province (or be caught while doing so). The pagan ruler has the option of just sending your chaplain home, but if he imprisons your chaplain right off the bat you will get a justified holy war against him and a claim on a random border province (if you border him).
  • The vanilla 'speaking in tongues' modifier is now removed whenever the Possessed trait is removed.
  • k_north_sea made de jure liege of d_iceland again.

4.04 Archive Link
  • MAJOR: map overhaul for the following regions: Africa and the Middle-East. Some areas have less provinces but their relative power should be relatively the same.
  • MAJOR: The vanilla viceroy system introduced with the Charlemagne DLC now no longer exists, and the viceroy realm laws can no longer be passed. Now, when dukes/kings in Imperial government realms (who themselves have Imperial government) either die or have their title usurped, their liege may decide whether to assent to the new holder. If they refuse, the new holder may simply elect to agree to the decision, offer a favor/bribe, or rebel. If they agree to the decision, then the emperor's council will offer up to three alternatives (which may include the new holder anyhow)...and the emperor can override this and take the title for themselves if they have enough Prestige.
  • An Imperial liege may make an Imperial vassal's title inherited. This is a diplo-decision, making the vassal either Feudal or Iqta and giving them the same opinion modifier they would get if they had been granted their primary title(s) by the liege outright. The title is inherited like a normal title from that point onwards, until and unless it is ever usurped (or revoked by the liege). Note that when a ruler first passes Imperial Administration and switches to Imperial government type, ALL feudal/iqta vassals are considered to have their titles inherited in this manner.
  • Note that Imperial government type no longer appears on the government map mode in the game lobby. It only appears upon game start.
  • Vassals with Imperial government may never create kingdom titles and may only create titular duchies.
  • There is now an Imperial Iqta government type, as well, which functions like Imperial government in all ways except it also has some of the features consistent with Iqta (holding temples, requiring piety to pass laws, etc.).
  • Major history overhaul for West Africa, including a new culture; Songhai.
  • Added the "Savanna" terrain type which is unique to the West African Region.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Brugge from building the land-based trade route buildings.
  • Bogomilists will now become theocracies once the religion is formalized, without needing to first be at war.
  • The Magyar Invasion CB is no longer available to Hungarians outside of the actual bookmark invasion scenario.
  • The 'Building Church of St. Bogomil' province modifier is now removed once the church is built.
  • The date can no longer manually be moved forward from the 1000 AD bookmark, only from the 1066 AD bookmark (as in vanilla).
  • Fixed government flavor file for Imperial governments.
  • Added a setup option to start the game with "Ancient Religions" replacing default ones while leaving nations intact. This option will disappear, like other similar setup ones, after the first day of any bookmark.
  • Fixed rare matrilineal marriage setting bug for titles created by event, but which only copy the owner's former primary title's laws after they are granted.
  • Disabled the "Colonization of Iceland" event chain as the final colonization step proved too buggy to function as expected consistently.
  • Adjusted the course of the Rhine and Danube rivers to be closer to where they should be.
  • Removed the Tyrant trait -- the tyranny opinion modifier added by defying your council could not be removed, sadly, so rather than have both the trait and the opinion modifier I've elected to simply get rid of the CK2Plus tyranny system completely. The effect of all diplo-actions such as imprisonment and banishment has been restored to vanilla values.
  • Ruler designed nomads will no longer cause the nomadic realm to split because clans are unhappy about the new dynasty ruling.
  • Increased maximum population for nomads received from empty holdings (and thus overall population growth).
  • Rollo now always has to fight for Normandy, rather than gaining the provinces by event if their holders are AI.
  • Added sicilians into province and character histories, thanks to user daniloy.
  • Close relatives of Dukes and Kings in empires (whether they have Imperial government or not) have a chance of asking to go to serve in the emperor's court for up to ten years if they have no pressing job back home. Should the emperor give them a councillor or commander position -- or a title -- they'll remain away until and unless they inherit. Otherwise they'll return after a time with either good effects (higher education trait, increased stat, a lifestyle trait, etc.) or bad (a bastard child, they become drunkard, they become depressed, etc.).
  • All emperors with Imperial Government now have the option of spending 100 Prestige and up to 5 Imperial Decadence (less if ID is already higher) to corrupt a corruptible council member and give them a +50 opinion bonus for five years. This can only be done once per year, and has the side-effect of potentially giving the councillor some additional negative traits.
  • 'Claim the Imperial Throne' decision now available to all vassals of duke or higher tier in Imperial Government realms. It has been simplified to cost 1000 Prestige.
  • Added an 'Overthrow the Empire' plot useable in Imperial Government realms by member's of the emperor's council who have a claim on his primary title. This allows them to plan a coup in the imperial palace, one which involves all plotters as active participants (provided they are actually present in the capital) and can end with injury, death, or capture for any of the participants (including the ruler, so long as they are not away from the capital at the time).
  • EU4 Converter updated for version 1.15 of EU4 and 4.04.X of CK2+. Please note that development for the CK2+ to EU4 converter will be discontinued with the release of 1.16 of EU4.
  • Re-enabled 'Weaken Fellow Vassal' plot, now that viceroys no longer exist to screw it up.
  • Paulician priests may now both marry and inherit.

4.03.2 Archive Link
  • Added Imperial Government type, automatically applied to feudal rulers who pass the Imperial Administration law (and all their feudal vassals). They must maintain the Religious Control Mandate and Regulated Inheritance laws or be reverted to Feudal Government. This is (currently) the same as Feudal Government, but with the added benefit of free revocation on all duchy and kingdom titles.
  • Added a 'Women on the Council' law group under the Realm laws tab. This determines whether the roles of women on the ruler's council can be expanded from the default, and at its highest level provides the prerequisite for Absolute Cognatic succession. The maximum level also establishes a realm's status as 'feminist' if passed, meaning that the normal opinion malus for a female ruler or female heir will be removed.
  • The 'Expanded Women on the Council' law adds matrilineal marriage for republics and theocracies, which normally cannot have anything other than Agnatic succession.
  • Forts now require 30 days to build and have no bonuses as a base (they're only useful at that level for holding empty provinces). In order to receive fortification or garrison bonuses, they must be upgraded.
  • Fixed matrilineal marriages from becoming disallowed when a new primary title is created.
  • Female nomads created by the Ruler Designer now also get their primary title changed to Agnatic-Cognatic succession (after one day).
  • Rulers without a crown law title (such as independent dukes) may now pass the Revoke Title laws without worrying about Crown Authority.
  • Fabricated claims which were accidentally made super-cheap as of two versions ago have now been restored to their pricier, minimum costs.
  • Fixed missing descriptions for some of the new trade post buildings.
  • Negative events that occur during the Bogomilist formalization process now actually hinder the process rather than help it.
  • Formalizing the Bogomilist faith now removes the 'Formalizing Bogomilism' character modifier from the ruler.
  • Moved one of the Norse holy sites from Iceland to the western Isles since Iceland not populated in early bookmarks.
  • Fixed erroneous changing of province culture to liege culture via inappropriate assignation of 'Settle Tribe' steward job.
  • Reduced frequency of provinces converting to owner's culture.
  • Improved south slavic titles.
  • Fixed c_lorraine, c_messina, and c_reggio in the 1066 bookmark.
  • Fixed c_leinster and c_kilkenny in the 1000 bookmark.
  • Added upgradeable garrisons for all tradepost buildings, whether the holder is patrician or not.

  • Some tweaking to the values for Threat and Defensive Pacts (note that these values are in flux and will likely change further as we test them):
    - 15% Threat is required for defensive pacts to be created (up from 5%)
    - The maximum Threat gained from a single source is 14.5 (down from 50)
    - 2.5 base Threat is gained per province gained as a flat value (instead of the 2-15 range in vanilla)
    - base Threat decay lowered to a flat 0.06 (instead of the 0.21 to 0.4 range in vanilla)
    - base Threat reduction when giving independence to titles reduced to 0
    - No Threat is gained from titles that are inherited or vassals that are gained
  • Female rulers made with the Ruler Designer will now get the default Agnatic-Cognatic succession law, as intended.
  • Rulers that begin the game with Agnatic-Cognatic or True Cognatic succession (as opposed to those who are switched to it) will properly have matrilineal marriages allowed.
  • Rulers made with the Ruler Designer will now not start off having courtiers/vassals with negative opinions caused by being fired from the council.
  • Revolting against the liege via the regular factions (Court, Prosperity, Glory, Tradition) will now disable any non-aggression pact held with them.
  • Fixed duchy adventurers from sometimes ending up with an improper government type after usurping the titles.
  • The Pagan County Conquest CB now allows the ruler to usurp baronies in the target county held by rulers who are neither his culture nor religion, and the tooltip will properly display that.
  • Fixed Kharijite Rebellion event so the revolt doesn't invalidate.
  • Fixed liberation revolts so existing rulers may now actually join the rebel leader if he is landless.
  • 'Invite Priest to Court' decision now starts the new character off as a monk, nun, perfecti, desert father, or desert mother (depending on the religion) and thus eligible to be a Lord Spiritual. It also has a 50% chance of creating a woman, if the religion allows female temple holders.
  • History for c_znojmo changed to reflect the fact it's in de jure d_moravia.
  • Added description for Urglaube.
  • Using the customization decision to immediately create the Schism will no longer replace the Pope/Patriarch with new characters, if they already exist.
  • An Orthodox priest who is granted Constantinople by an Orthodox emperor will now usurp the Ecumenical Patriarch title, if it is still valid.

  • MAJOR: updated to the CK2 2.5.2 patch.
  • MAJOR: coalition/infamy mechanics are now used -- we are currently employing vanilla settings for this, and would appreciate feedback on how it works.
  • Most non-feminist religions now disallow matrilineal marriages by default, unless the ruler has at least Agnatic-Cognatic succession law (at which point matrilineal marriage is activated). Remember that, even if you have matrilineal marriage allowed, your target must also have it allowed in order for a matrilineal marriage to be agreed to.
  • Muslims now may pass non-agnatic succession laws if they wish, though the AI will not do so.
  • Iceland no longer starts settled in earlier bookmarks. It must first be discovered and settled by the random events narrating the process. The millenium bookmark and later are unaffected by this.
  • d_songhay is actually playable in 1060-1080 date range now
  • Combat trait advancement for children now accounts for education changes in the Conclave DLC:: rowdy children, or children using the Martial education focus or Struggle childhood focus, now gain combat trait levels more quickly.
  • Automatic title distribution no longer requires your marshal to do but instead uses title decisions to raise/lower your banner. See in-game for more details.
  • For the EU4C, Albanian and Anglo-Norse cultures should now properly convert
  • For the EU4C, Eger should now properly convert from the correct CK2 province
  • Fixed names in South Slavic group to be more authentic
  • Fixed two Opole/Oppeln counties
  • Fixed being unable to chage to Enatic-Cognatic succession
  • Fixed Harald Hardrada being unable to abolish the Witan
  • Expanded restrictions on provincial culture conversion to all religious titles which use papal succession mechanics.
  • The Heritage focus may now ONLY be used if the child's educator is either not their culture or religion (since changing it is all the focus does).
  • When using the 'Ask Permission for Heritage Focus' diplo-decision, the child's liege no longer automatically accepts unless you hold a favor on them (in which case the favor is used).
  • The chances of the Heritage focus successfully changing culture and/or religion have been decreased.
  • Fixed the Khorammdin Rebellion so same-culture/same-religion vassals of the caliph can actually join Babak's rebellion.
  • Prestige/Piety requirements for creating the Patriarch Supreme have been increased.

4.02.1 Archive Link
  • Restored the War of Two Eriks.
  • Made councillors vote according to their faction's interests, provided their own interests don't supercede.
  • Factions now want a member on the council, not just a member in one of the councillor jobs.
  • The Feudal Elective faction now once again requires Autonomous Vassals CA in order to form.
  • The AI will no longer start claim wars or claimant revolts for titles that are currently contested in another war.
  • The AI will only abandon a close-relation NAP for their claim if they dislike you enough to be eligible to form a claimant faction for it.
  • Halved the prestige gain from all minor titles.
  • It should be possible now for non-crownlaw titles to pass Title Revocation & Administration laws.
  • NWO should no longer sometimes generate children for children
  • NWO should properly generate a Catholic pope and an Orthodox patriarch when selecting the "Schismatic Christians" option
  • Ambitions to become a councillor no longer apply if the ruler already has an advisor title.
  • Lowered the Piety requirement for coronation from 100 to 25.
  • Faction leaders can no longer propose an ultimatum or revolt at a faction meeting if their liege has a liege who has declared Realm Peace, and thus they cannot actually revolt.
  • Council AI will now take into consideration the target's crime when voting on imprisonment, banishment, or execution.
  • The AI will now use a wider range of jobs for its councillors.
  • Councillors now can only be given one job every six months, same as in vanilla. This will also prevent player councillors from being spammed with job requests.
  • Strength of province-based revolts has been reduced by 20% across the board (since opinions are now lower, and thus levy size is harder to increase).
  • 'Suppress Revolts' action for marshals has had its revolt risk reduction increase from 2% to 5%, and the arrest chance modifier from 5% to 10%.
  • There is now a random event for the 'Suppress Revolt' job when the marshal is stationed in a province not of his liege's culture/religion or with a province modifier which add significant revolt risk that he will get into a battle with peasant rabble, and either anger or cow the population as a result (affecting revolt risk for five years).
  • The "In Hiding" trait no longer disallows rulers from serving as councillors.
  • Updated tributary-renewal events to only apply to the suzerain's death (since tributes are automatically renewed now when the tribute dies).
  • Fixed bug that would make some reformed pagan religion head titles be made primary even over higher-tier titles upon save.
  • The AI should now actually change succession laws on occasion, as intended.
  • Succession laws which were only unlocked with Late Feudal Adminstration now are also unlocked at a certain level of Crown Authority, as well.
  • Fixed bug in a vanilla event that would cause a man to impregnate himself via an event with the "Way of Life" DLC disabled
  • Lowered # of powerful vassals which demand a seat on the council by 1 (owing to the fact that Spymasters and Lord Spirituals are more restricted in CK2Plus as to who can hold the title).
  • The Byzantium reclamation event will now also fire for someone of emperor-tier if their primary title is titular.
  • Fixed create_provincia_britannia so that it adds d_oxford and d_powys to actually be de Jure k_britannia.
  • Added an event which should spawn in norse duchy adventurers on occasion between the start of the Viking Age and 1000 AD.
  • Adolescent romance events can now only happen once per character.
  • Reduced chance of the AI selecting the Homosexual outcome with the adolescent romance events.
  • Reduced frequency of mercenaries eloping with daughters and dueling with sons.
  • Increased base chance of the martyr trait being acquired when killed by heathens from 10% to 25%.
  • Fixed pentarch alignments of roman provincias.

  • MAJOR: Compatibility with the patch and the Conclave DLC. Most major new features should work as well as they do in vanilla (which is to say that they are fairly buggy at this point). Some major points of difference:
    - The Infamy/Coalition feature is completely turned off, even if you have the DLC active.
    - Shattered Retreats are active, but the distance of the retreat and the speed at which the armies moves during retreat is reduced. They regain morale at normal rather than accelerated rate.
    - "Crown Authority" is retained, and works pretty much as it always did.
    - Added a "Late Feudal Administration" law, which serves as a prerequisite for some succession types (such as Primogeniture).
    - "Status of Women" law is not included, until such a time as we can figure out a better implementation.
    - Only one of the new ambitions ("Build a War Chest") is available if you have the DLC active. None of the old ambitions have been removed, whether the DLC is active or not.
    - Council voting is not yet optimized for the mod, and pretty much uses vanilla parameters at this point until we figure it out.
    - Some of the new events are simply not active (like the horse chancellor), while others have been heavily tweaked. They will likely require more tweaking.
    - The new child education focuses and events are untouched and currently completely vanilla.
    - Non-Aggression Pacts are cancelled by rivalries and any opinion modifiers which would be considered a crime (held by either party).
    - Non-Aggression Pacts which exist solely due to blood (so not through marriage or voluntary agreement) may be cancelled by the AI if they have a usable claim against you or you are their liege and they dislike you enough.
    - We would very much like to hear about bugs in 4.02, just remember that what you're seeing may be vanilla functionality and there's very little we can do to affect it. You may also find some weirdness with regards to the new Non-Aggression Pacts affecting how mod events are supposed to play out (in particular factions, since having a Non-Aggression Pact means you're locked out of the four interest factions -- that's hard-coded and we can't get around it, currently). We've tried to anticipate everything we can, but there's no way for us to foresee how all the systems will interact this early on, so more eyes are always better.
  • Ransomed adventurers should now be properly imprisoned by their ransomer.
  • Fixed the event text on the event which grants the administrator trait.
  • The zealots raised by "Build Zeal" now remain if you are in a war with a primary attacker/defender of a different religion group or a heresy/parent of your own religion, not just for certain CB's.
  • Religious/Heretic rebel uprisings now target the duchy of the province they began in, taking all same-religion provinces therein if they succeed (in addition to any provinces they occupy), rather than taking all same-religion provinces in the entire realm.
  • The Grand Trunk Road trade network has been added to the Indian sub-continent
  • German Empire should now be createable when the Supreme Patriarch is in Constantinople.
  • Some Tamazight events and mechanics have been added.
  • Roman provincia kingdoms may now be properly formed after they have been de jure established.
  • Added a plot to elope with your unlanded female lover. Those who stand to inherit are more difficult to elope with.
  • Changed so that the WoL foci will also lower one stat along with granting their normal bonuses
  • Prevented a ruler from defending their capital when they are in fact in someone's dungeon and thus unable to defend their capital

4.01.8 - Archive link (useful for 2.4.5 compatibility)
  • Implemented a 'Taifa Vassals' demesne laws for muslim kings and emperors in Iberia, which will make their vassals more prone to want independence until the laws are changed.
  • All Chalcedonian priests may now not marry. The system whereby priests with Greek Rites could retain their spouse was simply too buggy.
  • English CoA's will now be set to their proper version upon loading a save (it may be wrong in the title screen, but will set properly upon entering the game). This will not retroactively fix old saves with this issue.
  • Updated Roman/Byzantine province-creation events to be decisions instead, so you can see the requirements before the province is created. You will see decisions for each province once your realm has any counties in or neighboring the province's region.
  • Added maintenance event to ensure some religion head titles with papal-type succession don't change their succession type.
  • Non-Christian fathers who denounce their illegitimate children will now be properly removed as the child's father.
  • Assyrian culture and history added
  • Added a "Become a Saint" ambition for Christians -- this will kick off a series of events which can take many years to appear/complete, requiring you to overcome your sins in order to build up a reputation as a Paragon of virtue. It gives you the Paragon trait upon completion (if you manage to complete it), which gives you a chance at true sainthood (aside from the benefits of the trait itself) upon your death. Those who have already acquired the Paragon trait through the "Become a Paragon of Virtue" ambition cannot then take this (or vice-versa). Really this is a means to achieve Paragon status without requiring large amounts of Piety alone, and is available to non-rulers. The ambition is visible when you have 100 Piety or more.
  • Fixed nomad event where a clan decides to join a departing brother but sometimes will not actually switch liege.
  • The event granting the crusade kingdom to a relative now gives preference to closer kin, and will only have an option for more distant kin if nobody closer is appropriate.
  • Renamed the Carolingian Reconquest CB so as not to be confused with the Roman Empire's Imperial Reconquest.
  • Papal Investiture now extends to all religions which use the papal succession system.
  • Added Meccan as a pagan religion for Arabs, Tamazight as a pagan religion for Berbers, and Canaanite as a pagan religion for Israelites. All are currently just very basic with no extra events associated.
  • Added Meccan, Tamazight, and Canaanite religions to NWO's Ancient Religion start option
  • Updated papal regnal names to be more medieval.
  • Tributes who are not independent or who have non-independent suzerains will now have their tribute status removed at the annual maintenance sweep.
  • Patricians are now no longer allowed to join factions unless they are landed.
  • Upon William the Conqueror's or Harald's victory over England, Saxon realm characters with strong claims on England will have their claim reduced to weak, and those with weak claims will lose them entirely.

  • Fixed claimant adventurers being able to send the target of their adventure a letter asking for support. Very cheeky of them, no?
  • Fixed succession law factions so that, if the liege agrees to the ultimatum, the law on the title is actually changed.
  • Fixed some localisation errors in events related to the succession law factions.
  • Fixed Carolingian Imperial Reconquest wars from immediately invalidating.
  • Added a Norman event chain for Rollo to invade or seize control of the Neustrian coast, and perhaps convert or eventually be subjugated.
  • Added a Norman melting pot event chain (for Norse rulers with French provinces and vice versa).
  • Seduction is now always limited by distance to the target, whether they're both in the same realm or not.
  • Fixed liberation revolts from sometimes ending in revolting rulers going independent from their former liege.
  • Upped lower-end prerequisites for sainthood, to make them less commonplace.
  • New saints only add to a religion's MA if it's below 75%.
  • Faction system revolts of rulers who are themselves vassals will no longer be invalidated.
  • Merchant Republics overthrown by a regular faction will now always abdicate -- their title is never usurped.
  • Religion heads who are theocracies and for whom the religion head title is their primary now lose all claims upon inheriting the title.
  • Nationalist revolts now do not apply if the de jure kingdom title of the province where the revolt occurs has a holder in the same realm who is of the province's culture (regardless of whether the top liege does not).
  • Claim All CB can now also include weak claims if they are usable when the CB is used.
  • Extended the "6 German Duchies" requirement for HRE formation to include de jure Bavaria and Saxony, in case those were not included in the Carolingian Empire.
  • If the claimant of a claimant faction is a player, and the title is in their realm, the faction leader will support the player and ask permission. If the player agrees, the faction continues to exist -- but they will not be able to declare support for their liege should the faction rebel, even though they also do not have to support the revolt. If the player refuses, the faction dissolves, and a claimant faction will never form around them again.
  • The regular factions will now be more difficult to keep happy.
  • Added a "Reconquista" CB for independent Christian rulers in Iberia targeting Muslim titles in Iberia -- it works like the Holy War CB, but with no Piety cost and no cooldown.
  • Rulers who should no longer have the Uncrowned/Crowned/Crowned by Pope trait upon a title being usurped should now lose it immediately.
  • Nationalist revolts no longer rise up against a top liege who is the religion head of the province's religion, regardless of culture.
  • Ruler claimants can no longer join a claimant faction revolting on his/her behalf if he/she is currently fighting in a war alongside their liege.
  • Christian & Jewish AI rulers will no longer declare war on their rightful religious head unless they are cynical, excommunicated, or crazy.
  • The events for re-establishing tributary status will no longer fire for the heir if they are also the new suzerain or tribute.
  • Added formation rules and crusade weights to k_mongolia and k_khotan.
  • Removed mongol_tribute triggered modifier.
  • Fixed "wife suggests councillor" event chains which didn't properly reduce your wife's opinion if you refuse.
  • Players can no longer join more than one faction at a time, save for when they are invited prior to a civil war starting.

  • The new CB's added since the HL expansion have been updated to provide success for the 'Win a War' ambition, and to properly adjust Glory faction opinions.
  • Fixed major river crossings that weren't updated when the Rhine was moved back to its original vanilla placement on the map.
  • The events adding and removing the Restless Sidhe modifier have been moved to the notification box, similar to general province prosperity events.
  • The event for improving the combat traits of children now fires much less often if the ward already has a higher level combat trait than the guardian does.
  • Fixed votes to remove a faction leader so that the faction leader votes against his removal, rather than for.
  • Fixed "building destroyed" siege event so it should no longer have the chance to destroy a building in the besieger's capital.
  • Made Cyprus its own de jure kingdom, to prevent Greece from being considered "adjacent" to the Levant for jihad purposes.
  • Removed vanilla Honest trait event chain which had no localisation.
  • Lowered the multiplier on the AI's evaluation of marriage Prestige Effects.
  • Capital of Roman province k_pontus moved to Sinope.
  • The first leader for many holy orders will no longer have no traits.
  • Claimant adventurers will now start with a title, rather than gaining one only when they begin the war. The difference this makes is that their target can plot against them without them constantly moving to different courts. They still "travel" around, approaching different rulers for support -- the difference is that they now do this solely by event, rather than by actually moving to the ruler's court. The claimant adventurer loses the title should they ever gain a different one, or if they should otherwise abandon the adventure. It cannot be inherited, even if the claim war has begun.
  • Vassals can only use the holy war cb against targets bordering/near their demesne provinces (or the demesne provinces of their own vassals), not any province in their liege's realm.
  • Paulicians are no longer eligible targets for excommunication events.
  • Revamped some of the duchy adventurer conditions so their targets make more sense.
  • AI Rulers of Duke or higher tier will now never marry a lowborn -- period.
  • Fixed sainthood events AGAIN (previous fix was accidentally reverted).
  • Moved Jolof Company to its proper capital in Cayor.


  • Fixed invalidation of non-standard faction revolts.

  • Fixed bug where NWO would produce extra prompts & ignoring selections when using a post-Schism bookmark
  • Fixed a bug with the "Rebuild Persepolis Decision"
  • Rebalanced the tax income from trade route buildings.
  • Fixed the "Replace Regent" plot, so it doesn't show immediate success after enacting it.
  • Removed the Blessed Virgin as one of the localized god-strings for Paulicians.
  • Chalcedonian faith no longer receives MA bonuses for holding Rome and/or Constantinople after 50 years of game time.
  • Sahidic culture now applies to all Christians, rather than just Coptics.
  • Crusade participants now can only ask for fiefs for relatives who are in their vassals or below.
  • Added a maintenance event which will re-assign AI vassals in large empires if they've been granted to far-away AI lieges (to prevent some of the border gore which can occur in empires).
  • Bogomilism will no longer revert to a heresy if it formalizes prior to the Schism occurring.
  • The Church of St. Bogomil decision can no longer be enacted more than once.
  • William the Conqueror's post-victory decision now changes England's succession law to Primogeniture, and not just England's duchies.
  • Minor events such as feasts and hunts can now once again be queued up while another event is ongoing.

  • MAJOR: All former tax and levy laws are now changed to the demesne law system used by EMF -- namely an Obligations law for each holding type, and a "slider" that allows you to customize whether you'd like to focus on levies or taxes (or strike a balance between the two).
  • MAJOR: Removed the Shattered World system and replaced it with the New World Order system from HIP (with their kind permission). It includes an Ancient Religions option, as Shattered World did.
  • MAJOR: Through a long period of work with zijistark over at HIP, we've revamped the faction system to work a bit more seamlessly with less chance of revolts invalidating oddly and leaving former vassals independent. From the player side, the main change that you'll notice now is that these sorts of revolts (anything involving the four main factions, the Claimant faction, or the Independence faction) have a "call to arms" period where your liege's other vassals are invited to join over a period of 30 days. At the end of that period, you'll need to enact a decision to either start the civil war or make the ultimatum to the liege. If the liege refuses an ultimatum, the civil war is started automatically (there is no vote in the faction to determine whether or not to go to war). You'll note that the revolts now have ALL vassals in the unified revolt realm, as opposed to a revolt realm and a number of third-party independent revolter allies. The CB should now also properly display all the possible results of the war.
  • Venice now playable in all bookmarks.
  • Fixed Restore Themata System decision to properly increase Crown Authority by only one level.
  • Patricians without county holdings now have more consistent access to the employment decisions.
  • The AI will now not create a new dynasty when it is heir or pretender to a title held by a member of their current dynasty.
  • Banishing a decadent dynasty member when there are no other rulers of your religion will now not result in them remaining in your realm.
  • Fixed the decadence tooltip to not state that imprisoning a decadent dynasty will mean they don't count towards your decadence trait.
  • Merchant Republics can no longer seize patrician family palaces through their CB.
  • The decision to lay a claim on the Byzantine Empire should now be more visible to players, and now solely requires that the emperor not have the Strong Basileus trait.
  • The Bogomilist religion head is now called an Elder, and is elected by a Council of Advisors filled by five Stroinik/Stroinitsa selected from those with the Perfectum trait.
  • The Subjugation CB can now be used by non-tribal & non-nomadic rulers against de jure vassals who are either independent or part of the same realm, and who are either both of the same culture group and religion or who have previously become independent through rebellion or after a different rebellion has resulted in them breaking free (these now apply the 'Broke Vassal Contract' opinion modifier, inherited by heirs for the next 50 years, instead of providing claims to the former liege). It does not require that the Crown Authority of king and empire titles be first raised to Medium or above, as de jure claim wars do. If the target was one who became independent, the CB will not only re-vassalize them but also imprison them (and the 'Broke Vassal Contract' opinion will allow revocation/execution).
  • When a minor clan rises in a nomad realm, the nomadic ruler will have the opportunity to simply give them the county and let them become a major clan in the realm rather than fight them.
  • Changed name of Finnish pagan high priest/priestess.
  • Revamped events for appearance of Genghis Khan -- Genghis will now definitely expand rapidly and not simply sit there with his troops.
  • Fixed bugs related to the Zoroastrian decision "Make Great Sacrifice"
  • Doubled the durations of modifiers for the Zoroastrian decision "Make Great Sacrifice"
  • Fixed late-bookmark rulers for Lietuva and Lithuania
  • The decision to create the Patriarch Supreme now can only be taken by an Emperor with 1500 Prestige, if it's not being taken by a Pope/Ecumenical Patriarch with sufficient Piety on their own.
  • The Patriarch Supreme is now also granted the bishopric of Rome by an AI Chalcedonian ruler (with no player as a top liege), just as with the Pope.
  • Fixed Paulician religion description localisation.
  • The Paulician religion heads may no longer excommunicate.
  • Nomads may now absorb tribal holdings held by a vassal chief in a province that is the same culture and religion (this destroys the holding).
  • Increased the annual chance of the Spy Network rating being increased by a spymaster.
  • Added some restrictions on where AI religion heads can declare crusades: the target must contain a holy site, have a province of that religion, or the de jure kingdom either contains a count belonging to that religion/one of its provinces neighbors one.
  • You now have the option of immediately triggering the schism for Christians in any bookmark prior to 1054 on the first day of a new game. This will supplant Chalcedonians with Catholics and Orthodox appropriately. After the first day this option disappears.
  • Bug fixed that prevented the selection of Novgorod as playable in 1221 and onwards.
  • The First Academy religion head title may now be properly created by Promethean pagans.
  • Patricians are no longer able to join independence factions.
  • Fixed up a few remaining empire-tier titles which weren't updated to requiring either 150 realm size or 50 provinces in order to create them (as opposed to just 150 realm size).
  • The Indian religious group no longer gets the 'wrong religion capital' modifier if their capital is of a different religion in the Indian group.
  • Non-merchant republics/patricians that gain a province with a trade post which will push them past the trade post limit of the Trade Practices tech will now result in that trade post being removed.
  • Fixed the sainthood events so they occur within a shorter timeframe, thus making it far less likely for the delayed event to simply be "lost" by the engine.
  • The Norse invasions in the Old God bookmark given a bit of a boost.
  • The "Ask For Embargo" diplomatic action has been disabled (since it does not follow the rules of the CB -- you can ask a liege to use the CB even when he is not valid to do so).
  • Fixed a bug where women rulers/heirs were sometimes prompted to marry other women.
  • When the Carolingian Empire is formed, rulers who have to give up lands to the Pope will now receive an event telling them why.
  • The Charlemagne event where an Ummayad vassal asks for help declaring independence now only fires for a neighboring realm, and the vassal will wait until his ally is not at war to start his own.
  • Crusades no longer grant the kingdom to the title holder if he is part of the target's realm, even if he is of the crusader's religion.

  • MAJOR: Nomad rulers with 25+ realm provinces and 4+ demesne provinces who die with at least two adult, capable sons will now split the clan between them (amongst up to four sons, depending on the realm size). The sons not inheriting the main title may choose to split off and become independant, and neighboring clans may choose to join them. To reduce border gore, provinces which are not connected by land to either the realm capital or the capital of a nomadic vassal will be usurped by one of the sons who has a neighboring province.
  • MAJOR: Added new factions for Seniority, Primogeniture, Gavelkind, and Feudal Elective succession. The factions work much the same as in vanilla, except -- if the liege refuses the ultimatum -- the rebellion itself works the same as the general faction rebellions, with individual vassals being called to join in. The factions themselves will only appear under certain conditions: if the culture is appropriate for the succession type, if the title previously had that succession law, or if the heir under that law is particularly ambitious and capable.
  • Empires now require only 2 King titles to form, instead of 3.
  • Kingdoms now require only 2 Duchy titles to form, instead of 3.
  • To form an empire now requires the holder to have either 150 realm holdings OR 50 realm provinces. Maintaining the empire requires either 100 realm holdings OR 35 realm provinces.
  • Nomad realms may now have up to 12 clans, and the ideal size for each clan has been reduced slightly.
  • Nomad rebellions won't be started by the AI for the first two years of the game, like the other rebellions.
  • Forts are now free, but take 60 days to build (instead of 20) and have a much smaller garrison.
  • Empty provinces now require 50 soldiers to occupy (instead of 100).
  • If a new nomadic khagan is of a different dynasty than the last one, there is a chance that their clans will decide to split off on their own (the chance is based on their clan opinion of you, as well as your relative power to each other, in addition to their personal traits). If they split off, you will get a strong but not inheritable claim on all their counties.
  • Tributaries are automatically inherited if a ruler abdicates or his title is passed off to another after a succession crisis.
  • Extra daughters for early bookmarks now appear at the start again (instead of after one day) and still have randomized traits.
  • The Shattered Realm decision will no longer make bunch of clone characters. After all decisions have been made the game must be run at speed 1 for exactly one day, then paused to allow the game to catch up on generating the characters.
  • Tweaked the initial distribution of duel engine combat traits to include martially-educated courtiers as well as landed rulers.
  • Battlefield duels should now more consistently impact the morale balance of the battle.
  • Fixed the Settle Province job action for nomadic stewards.
  • Winter supply reductions have been halved, to match the halving of the base supply limit.
  • Players will no longer be included in the "extra daughters for early bookmarks" function.
  • The "Saint" and "Martyr" nicknames will no longer be gained except on death, through the sainthood system.
  • The "Recent Uprising" province modifier added by Peasant, Decadence, and Minor Clan revolts now lasts 10 years instead of 5.
  • Religious, Heretic, and Liberation revolts now give you the option of dealing with the province where they originated, once the war is over. You can "teach them a lesson", giving you +1 tyranny and adding a harsh penalty to taxea and levies for five years but extending the "Recent Uprising" modifier to ten years and giving a 25% chance of converting religion/culture (depending on the uprising type), "force them to convert" which gives you +2 tyranny and harsher penalties, but the "Recent Uprising" modifier lasts twenty years and there is a 50% chance of conversion, or you can opt to find a more peaceful solution (ie. do nothing).
  • Trade network roads now increase movement speed of armies dependant on rank
  • Patricians without county holdings should now be able to join factions.
  • Fixed the province of Oland.
  • For the EU4 Converter, fixed a bug that prevented the loading of National Idea localization
  • Fixed a number of instances, such as with the schisms, where the effects would ignore characters/provinces in rebelling realms.
  • Fixed Bogomilist rulers bouncing back and forth between different religion organization laws, losing Piety each time.
  • Fixed mixed up Shekinah choices localisation.
  • Pretender factions now cannot support a claimant of a different realm unless the claimant is not a ruler or the claimed title's holder is independent.
  • The ruler of Poland-Lithuania is now called 'King' even though it remains an Empire-tier title.
  • The Shiite Caliphate revolt has been made more likely to happen, and if the Imamah should vanish then the Fatimid dynasty head can step forward and assume the title.
  • Incorporated new Coptic dynasty names helpfully supplied by user Polskers.
  • The AI will no longer use some CB's on non-neighboring targets unless they have at least the first level of naval tech available.
  • The "rule in peace for 10 years" ambition now works for vassals, as well.
  • Viking adventurers (including raiding adventurers) will no longer appear until the Viking Age actually begins.
  • Trade Network values have been tweaked. The base wealth of all trade networks, except for the African Trade and Silk Road, has been massively reduced. In exchange the contribution from buildings in trade posts in those networks has been greatly increased, especially from trade guilds.
  • Vassal limit for emperors raised slightly (multiplier raised from 15 to 20).
  • Asking for excommunication cost raised (now costs 100 Wealth and 250 Piety).
  • The barony of Wallingford has been moved from Oxford to Berkshire.
  • Imprisoning an adventurer will now actually end their adventure (so banishing them doesn't mean they'll simply continue their attempt).
  • Adventurers now will never attempt a second adventure in their lifetime, should they fail the first.
  • Fixed an issue where killing a kidnap victim sometimes didn't result in them actually dying.
  • Fixed name issue with Michael I of Byzantium.
  • Cleaned up some duplicate character history entries for rulers in Armenia Minor and Antioch.
  • Fixed two rulers in the New Millenium bookmark who were beginning as theocracies but shouldn't have been.
  • Non-feudal AI vassals who gain a kingdom as a result of a crusade will never keep the kingdom for themselves.

4.01.2 - Archive Link
  • MAJOR: New Millenium bookmark re-added (and also fixed and reworked).
  • MAJOR: Tributes are no longer automatically ended when one of the rulers dies. If the suzerain dies, all tributes receive an event a day later asking if they wish to pay tribute to his heir. If they do, the new suzerain receives and event (and can refuse, setting them free). If they decline, the heir receives an event and can let them go or start an immediate war to reclaim them. If the tribute dies, his heir receives an event and is presented with the same choice: pay tribute to the suzerain or decline and possibly face invasion. NOTE: The same is NOT the case when the title of either ruler changes hands in any other way than death -- usurpation or the like will automatically end the tribute.
  • Updated for the 2.4.5 Beta
  • Byzantine Subjugation CB now requires a CA of Medium or higher. It also now targets a de jure duchy, and if the holder of the duchy (or counties within the duchy, if the duchy has no holder) has no counties outside of the needed regions they will be vassalized. If they do hold counties outside the region, or are Emperor-tier, the duchy will be usurped instead.
  • Removed the change to the Rhine, moving it back to its original vanilla location (to free up mod space).
  • Fixed Afghan, Baloch, and Sogdian retinues.
  • Fixed up the event chains for Seljuk, Timur, and Sabuktigin to appear. Seljuk in particular is likely to first appear as a nomad adventurer, though he will quickly settle if he takes feudal territory.
  • Fixed Enforce Chalcedon and Enforce Ephesus decisions so they can actually be used by Nestorians and Miaphysites, respectively.
  • Made Edward the Confessor once more "Eadward".
  • Bulgarian provinces in the Charlemagne bookmark have been made Bolghar. They now convert to Bulgarian through event, and a 'Embrace Bulgarian Culture' conversion decision has been added.
  • Avar provinces in Wallachia in the Charlemagne bookmark have been changed to Vlach culture.
  • Nomad set-up has been altered so they now have the temple holdings which should be present in their provinces, and provinces which should have a different culture/religion will be maintained. This means that some provinces have tribal holdings, and cannot be destroyed via Pillage Holding until and unless the culture and religion of the province matches the nomad ruler.
  • Randomly-generated AI daughters are now more varied -- but they appear after 1 day, instead of immediately at game start.
  • Many of the opinion modifiers which allowed execution now also allow banishment.
  • The Army of Lucifer is no longer active at game start.
  • Forces/forts are no longer required to maintain an empty province as occupied.
  • Once the Patriarch Supreme is appointed, all new priests will take his rite, and any challenges he makes to existing priests' rites will not lower Chalcedonian MA.
  • Fixed kharijite execution decision to not make the executioner a kinslayer unless warranted.
  • Pechenegs are now nomadic in the Old Gods bookmark and tribal in the later bookmarks.
  • Added a tooltip to make it easier to understand when you can't pillage the last non-nomadic holding in a province that isn't of your culture and religion.
  • Removed the fixes to uncle/aunt/cousin opinions (as they were likely what was causing the flags to go awry on reload).
  • Replaced the blue blindfold with the one from CPRplus thanks to the courteous permission of sifsilver and the CPRplus team.
  • The AI will no longer form or join pretender factions for titles held by rulers outside of their own realm, unless they are independent.

  • MAJOR: A system for martyrs and saints added. A non-heretic Christian character may be declared a martyr if they die facing infidels in battle during a holy war or a crusade, or if they are executed by an infidel. Upon death, a character may also be considered for sainthood provided they have very high Piety (2000 Piety or 1000 Piety if also combined with Celibate, Theologian, Crusader, Voice of Jesus, True Christian Knight or is a Theocracy -- non-rulers have lower Piety requirements, however) or some other qualification that bypasses the Piety check (such as a Paragon, Martyr, a religion head, someone who mended the schism, a king who was converted to Christianity or the bishop who converted them) and no other traits that would disqualify them -- if they are declared a saint, their portrait changes and their heirs receive Piety.
  • Supply limits upped slightly, and maximum attrition levels applied for the winter effects.
  • Fixed being unable to build some trade post buildings.
  • Fixed income gain from Toll Booths and Customs Houses.
  • Re-localized Zikri back to its original name.
  • Added spouse/consort conversion decision for Chalcedonian.
  • The Paulician Patriarch no longer inherits the Antioch Patriarchate if they are not a theocracy.
  • Religion head titles which are inherited/usurped, but belong to a different religion, are now either reverted back to their previous owner (if they're alive) or destroyed.
  • Ineligible courtiers of the player will no longer get married.
  • Added age customization traits for the Ruler Designer -- select them to reduce your starting age by a set amount, and they disappear once the game begins.
  • If using the Ruler Designer, you can now select a "Customize Ruler Dynasty" trait, which will allow you to assign an existing character as a relative and assume their dynasty (only if you don't select the Bastard trait, however, in which case you keep your Ruler Designer dynasty but still get the relatives). This is only useable in the first 15 days of the game.
  • The events which destroy Byzantium/HRE/Latin Empire due to having the wrong religion now create a custom empire title to replace it if you aren't eligible for the normal one, if no empire has been based on the kingdom of your capital already, and so long as you have a proper realm size to support it. The vassals which could possibly go independent as a result will only be those who are also de jure vassals of the destroyed title.
  • Lombardy now has the vanilla flag rather than Italy's flag.
  • Italy now has the proper title history for Lombardy in the Old Gods start and later.
  • Made the AI slightly more aggressive.
  • The Chalcedonian Pope is now more likely to pick cardinals closer to home.
  • Duchy adventurers given a set of logical preferences regarding what their target realms will be, and seafaring adventurers are restricted to targets within their logical "sea range".
  • Raiding adventurers will now properly recruit more soldiers with any money they've gained (vanilla bug fixed).
  • Raiding adventurers will not raid their former liege or any of his vassals for at least five years, if he liked the liege at all.
  • Fixed pillage settlement decision to properly apply the effects (vanilla bug fixed).
  • Nomads may now only abandon provinces which have no settlements (vanilla bug fixed).
  • The Byzantine Empire may now be formed by Chalcedonians.
  • The Paulician Patriarch no longer grants divorces.
  • Fixed the "Rule For 20 Years" ambition so it won't cancel if you're not independent.
  • Religion heads will excommunicate anyone of the same religion, if attacked (provided they can).
  • Attacking a religion head will also prompt rulers to offer support -- sometimes joining their war, sometimes offering coin and volunteers.
  • Catholic/Orthodox holy orders will resume their normal religions after the schism, if they've been formed.
  • Waldensian sacking events now won't single out Koln, Canterbury, and Santiago as holy sites prior to the schism.
  • Added a CB which may be used by non-nomads to take any bordering county held by a nomad.
  • Religious and Heretic rebels will now always usurp all provinces of their religion from the top liege, in addition to any occupied provinces.
  • Decadence rebels will now always usurp the province they revolted in, in addition to any occupied provinces. They will also take the top liege prisoner.
  • Tribals may use an Establish Tribe decision in a province with no settlements, costing 100 Prestige and immediately building a tribe settlement in the capital slot.
  • Rulers who are neither tribal nor nomadic may use an Establish Castle decision in a province with no settlements, costing 100 Wealth and immediately building a castle settlement in the capital slot.
  • Hungary's establishment by the magyars now allows the k_hungary title to be subsequently usurpred and/or re-created.
  • Reduced the amount of taxes nomads get from Population.
  • Reduced the amount of max Population increased for nomads for each empty province.
  • Nomads no longer get to call the full levy of their non-nomadic vassals without regard for their opinion.
  • Fixed Anglo-Norse not receiving a cultural building.
  • Tribal invasions can only be performed against a target kingdom when they own at least one county in the kingdom or a neighbouring province.
  • Empty nomad provinces which are conquered but which don't have the same culture as the attacker will automatically build a tribal holding (and thus retain their previous culture).
  • Nomads can now only destroy the last holding in a province when the province is of their own culture.
  • Nomad stewards may now use the Settle Province job action to more quickly change a province's culture.
  • Both tribal invasions and nomad invasions (the ones which target Kingdom titles) now require 500 Prestige to use.
  • Paulician and Kharijite crusades against same-religion group targets will no longer invalidate.
  • Byzantine Emperors with the Strong Basileus trait are now able to subjugate lower tier independent rulers who are of their own religion group (but not a parent religion or a heresy) and who have a capital that lies within the Greece, Nicaea, Armenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Trebizond, Sicily, Syria or Jerusalem regions. If the target enforces a loss on the emperor, the Strong Basileus trait is forfeit.
  • Added a "Prove Your Rule" decision for a Byzantine emperor with the Coronated Basileus trait to gain the Strong Basileus trait instead.
  • Dishonorable trait levels now add a -5 opinion malus per level instead of -10.
  • Dishonorable trait levels can only be acquired through sieging up to level 5, and only if killing courtiers of a holder who is of your own religion.
  • The Schemer lifestyle trait now adds a +25% plot power bonus as well.
  • Pentarchy cities (such as Rome) are not restored to their traditional religion head by the AI if their top liege is a player.
  • Fixed up some remaining characters and provinces which were still Chalcedonian in the 1066 bookmark.
  • Duel Engine changes:
    -Instead of automatically being maimed, characters who take wounds while already wounded will lose some health. Any health lost this way will be regained over time after the battle (assuming the character lives long enough to recover). There remains a small chance of being maimed or made incapable by taking hits in duels.
    -Characters made incapable during a duel will automatically yield. Opponents may then choose what to do with them (kill them, take them captive, or, for battlefield duels, just leave them there.
    -AI characters that lose a round are inceasingly likely to yield as the fight goes on and/or as they lose more and more health.
    -Martial score no longer directly affects the outcome of duels, it is now primarily driven by personal combat skill, personal combat traits, and other relevant traits. Martial education traits still have a small effect.
    -The events concluding holmgangs should no longer fire twice.

4.0.1 - Archive Link
  • Fixed formation of the Carolingian Empire to refer to k_lombardy rather than k_italy, and now actually requires control of Bavaria.
  • Added Chalcedonian support to the EU4 converter
  • Monophysites, Nestorians and Massalians should now properly convert in the EU4 converter
  • Naturally-born children should no longer think their father is their uncle.
  • Feudal pagans will no longer have their succession type revert to gavelkind if they change it.
  • Forming the Holy Roman Empire now requires 6 East Francia duchies to either be held by a vassal or majority-controlled -- not completely controlled.
  • Forming the Holy Roman Empire early (prior to Carolingian Empire being formed) may now be done by anyone who's not a Karling and whose religion head is the Pope, and the requirements are easier to see.
  • Control of Saxony is no longer required to form the Carolingian Empire, though the AI won't do it unless Saxony is out of their reach.
  • Charlemagne won't start the Saxony Wars unless he can actually use the Claim CB against the Saxon king.
  • Customs Houses, Toll Booths and Trade Guild Headquarters (for trade posts) should now properly apply their tax income boost via a province modifier.
  • Nomads and Tribals may no longer build the trade post buildings outside of the Silk Road buildings.
  • Bug fixed that prevented the building of a Trade Guild HQ
  • The Chalcedonian Pope in Rome now appoints Cardinals, and is succeeded by one of them. They do not elect the Pope, however, and the succession cannot be influenced.

  • NOTE: You may experience a longer-than-normal delay as you start the game (after selecting a character), depending on your computer's processing power. This is expected.
  • MAJOR: The two earliest bookmarks have merged both Catholic and Orthodox into a single Chalcedonian Christianity. The Latin Pope and the Ecumenical Patriarch rule as members of the pentarchy over their respect territories, while other kings and emperors will have autocephalous patriarchs. Events will occur that can anger the two sides and drive them further apart (such as the crowning of a Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope), and once their anger reaches a certain point the Great Schism will occur and Chalcedonians will split up into Catholic and Orthodox based on their current religion head, cultures, and top liege's choice. The Schism can be stopped if a Supreme Patriarch is anointed (meaning an actual Chalcedonian religion head, since none exists to begin), if Rome is not held by a bishop following the Latin Rites, or if Constantinople is not held by a bishop following the Greek Rites.
  • Fixed province issue with Tyrnovo.
  • Fixed typo in themata event.
  • Restricted the Celtic Uchelwr and Laoch honorary titles by culture (as they are basically identical otherwise).
  • Celtic Court Druid minor title removed, merged into Seer councillor job (localized as Court Druid for feudal/republican Celtic pagans).
  • Invite Druid to Court decision removed, Invite Holy Man decision now generates druids when used by Celtic pagans.
  • Celtic coming of age event can now fire for daughters as well as sons.
  • Celtic characters now have a chance of gaining a level of Headhunter trait for killing opponents in battlefield duels. (This chance will be higher for more difficult opponents.)
  • All holy orders now have the same one donation limit per donator's lifetime.
  • Fixed bug making Kingdom of Al-Andalus uncreatable.
  • Fixed opinions of sons to fathers at game start, also fixed opinions with cousins/aunts/uncles/nephews/nieces.
  • AI religion heads will no longer personally lead armies during a crusade.
  • There is now a decision to become the Paulician Patriarch -- unlike other Christian religion heads, this one can be held by a feudal ruler. The Patriarch in the 867 bookmark is now playable.
  • Pagans now have access to all other succession types once they stop being tribal, even if their religion hasn't reformed.
  • Successful rebels who were heavily-reinforced during their rebellion should no longer have large amounts of event troops sticking around forever.
  • The Byzantine Emperor may freely revoke the county of Constantinople or the bishopric of Constantinople (if the holder is a different religion) from a vassal without ill effect.
  • The AI should be much less willing to marry lowborn commoners.
  • Forming the Carolingian Empire now requires control of Lombardy as well.
  • The "courtier asks your permission to duel a rival" event should now identify the intended target.
  • There should now be more available eligible brides in the beginning of the Charlemagne and Old Gods bookmarks.
  • Theocracies, mercenaries, and holy orders will no longer form cadet dynasties.
  • The 'Fabricate a Claim' plot can now be used against allies (though the AI won't do it).
  • Individual claim CB's will now still show up even if you have multiple strong claims.
  • Added the new traits from VIET into the main mod.

  • MAJOR: Muslim Decadence system has been completely changed:
    - Decadence value is completely removed. Muslim empires now use Imperial Decadence.
    - The 'Decadent' trait still exists for individual Muslims. The number of Decadent dynasty members in the dynasty head's realm (meaning they are their vassal or lower) will potentially give them a 'decadent dynasty' trait which has three levels, and affects their piety and Muslim opinion. Decadent relatives in their realm can be 'straightened up' as before, and if they ultimately refuse they may be exiled (instead of imprisoned/executed).
    - Exiled decadent characters are more prone to becoming adventurers.
    - Decadent characters will tend to ask for titles, estates, and coin -- and get upset if they don't receive it. They like to plot.
    - The Decadent trait itself will have more effects on the individual character, making for a bad ruler if they ever get into power.
    - Muslims who are not in the same realm as their dynasty head (meaning their dynasty head is not their immediate liege or higher) will tend to form a new cadet dynasty.
    - Most events which previously raised or lowered decadence will now affect Piety instead.
  • MAJOR: Spy Networks have been added:
    - You increase the value of your Spy Network by using the 'Build Spy Network' Spymaster job
    - Building the network also builds your Spymaster's own Spy Network rating -- make sure you trust them
    - Spy Network can be expended on modifiers (lasting a year) which increase plot power, plot discovery chance, and speed up the chance of plots succeeding
    - You may also spend Spy Network, as well as coin, to hire an assassin to immediately try and kill anyone you've targeted with a murder plot
    - Spy Network on its own increases the time it takes for plots to succeed against you
    - You can expend Spy Network to try and 'Dismantle Spy Network' (a diplo-action), which might reduce the target's Spy Network rating (but can also reveal you)
    - The current value of your Spy Network is visible in the description of the 'Activate Spy Network' decision
  • MAJOR: The results of changing from tribal to feudal/republic has changed. You still only need a fully-upgraded capital holding and Absolute Tribal Organization, but ONLY your tribal holdings that have also been upgraded will convert to a castle or temple. There's a warning tooltip to tell you which holdings will not convert, as well as to warn you when you have non-converting tribal holdings in a province not of your culture (as these receive the 'wrong government type' malus) as well as which tribal vassals are not of your culture (as they receive an opinion malus towards you).
  • MAJOR: After upgrading a tribal holding to a castle/city, for the next 100 years you will still receive events from your Steward prompting you to build a city, and pious courtiers will still approach you asking for help in building a temple (in fact, the chances of both those things will be higher). You also have the option during that time of forcing the issue with title decisions on the county: 'Build First City' and 'Build First Temple'. They both require 100 gold, and temple building requires an appropriate courtier, and you can only do one of each at a time.
  • Republics and Merchant Republics now accept lieges of their own culture (no 'wrong government' malus).
  • Theocracies now only accept lieges of their own religion.
  • Tribal governments now only accept theocracy lieges of their own religion.
  • Children of viceroys will no longer gain strong claims on the viceroy title, and gain a weak claim instead.
  • The Cathar religion head is now a Patriarch/Matriarch, with a Council of Perfecti that elect him/her. Those on the council are Deacons/Deaconesses, and can be selected from amongst bishops as well as non-ruling Cathar with a religious education trait -- so long as they have the Perfectum trait.
  • Constantine's Return event for the Byzantine Emperor will have a smaller chance of making him Iconoclast the later it fires.
  • Seafaring cultures may now use the pagan_county_conquest CB against distant targets in the same geographical sea zone once the Viking Age has begun.
  • Baltic Trade Guild buildings are properly localized now
  • An Empire being overthrown by a faction rebellion (other than a Pretender war) now reduces its Imperial Decadence by 10 ("out with the old").
  • Becoming Mutazila or Ashari is now restricted to Sunni Muslims with a Learning of 8+.
  • East Francia should now become de jure Carolingian Empire upon its formation.
  • Removed extra tax bonus off infrastructure technology.
  • Removed rogue Mauretania kingdom from the 1066 start.
  • Added some of the new cultures which have appeared since Charlemagne DLC into the Go Pagan events/decisions.
  • Removed Favored Son minor title and the Raise Worthy Son ambition

  • Fixed flags so the pagan holy orders can once again appear
  • Split up Uppland by adding the Duchy of Halsingland
  • Changed playable pagan religion head titles so they don't break a player who has one as their primary title
  • Celtic holy orders/mercenaries will no longer switch to tanistry succession
  • Other holy orders will always switch back to the proper succession if they change somehow.
  • Sea travel through the Gulf of Kutch and the sea zones north of Iceland should now be possible.


  • Removed the CK2Plus loading screen. Added a banner on the title screen instead.
  • All landless religion heads (other than Muslims, Catholic and Orthodox) may now be vassalized by a King or Emperor of their religion who owns a holy site.
  • Tributary CB now useable on targets of equal tier or lower.
  • Gave a boost to the Yngling ruling Oppland in the CM start.
  • The duchy of Alania is now a tributary to Khazaria in the CM start, not a vassal.
  • Fixed Reformed Germanic Pagan religious head existing prematurely.
  • Fixed map position for the middle province of the Rhine.
  • Fixed the Seljuk dynasty tree.
  • Fixes and Changes for the Kemetic and Atenic religions
    - The Paragon title is now granted to the enacter, rather than a random priest
    - Restored some missing event pictures
    - Fixed a bug preventing Atenics from restoring the Priesthood
    - Added province modifiers to track the construction of Pyramids and Luxor temple
  • Expanded the depth of non-Silk Road Trade Networks
    - 3 New Building Types added for Trade posts
    x Toll Booth and Customs House: Provides a flat tax income. Depending on the province, and the importance of the land or sea network involved, it may have either or both of these improvements available.
    x Trade Guilds: This late game improvement provides large boosts to the trade network itself. Due to their large starting wealth neither the Silk Road, nor African trade may build a guild.
    x Roads: This improvement provides a small boost to trade values in a network
  • Yazidi have been updated as per the Heretic Pride mod. Yazidi now:
    - Have a pilgrimage decision to go to the holy site of Lalish
    - Have a "Circulate the Peacock" festival instead of a Grand Feast
    - Believe in reincarnation
    - Young men may be declared koasasa, a reincarnation of one of the Seven Archangels
    - The religion head is no longer a caliphate, and always exists
  • Added cultural localization for tribal titles.
  • Fixed the vanilla bug where Lord Spirituals of other religions from tribal or nomadic governments had no localization and were thus "Court Chaplain"s
  • Removed most religious title localization from non-religious titles in favor of cultural localization. (there are a few intentional exceptions).
  • The "Constantine's Return" Event should no longer spam fire.
  • Circle of Druids added as an electorate system for the Celtic Archdruid.
  • Council of Apostles added as an electorate system for the Manichaean Archegos.
  • Polygamist fathers are no longer barred from being able to legitimize bastards on birth
  • Updated Celtic Pagans (some additions from the Ancient Religions mod, some bugfixes). Added Red Dragon Knights holy order.
  • Added new religion icons (thanks to Careful Plum).
  • The Paragon of Virtue ambition now adds a Paragon trait.
  • The Become Exalted ambition now adds an Exalted trait - this can be taken at four different levels of Exalted, based on rank and total Prestige acheived.
  • Added the Prometheans and Cult of Titan as heresies for Hellenic Pagans.
  • The Pontifex Maximus is now a religion head (for Hellenic Pagans) that is held by a priest, not the emperor. He is elected by the College of Pontiffs. A Hellenic emperor does have the ability to force him to abdicate, if he is their vassal.
  • The Hungarian invasion in the Old Gods start once again settles Hungary upon success, leaving their old lands behind. This works for a non-Horse Lords start, and if the Hungarians are nomads then settling in Hungary via decision will have the same effect (the old lands do not remain nomadic, however -- they revert to tribal).

  • MAJOR: fixed a crashing bug associated with unlanded rulers holding grant hunts.
  • MAJOR: removed the New Millenium bookmark
  • Restored 'Away From Court' modifier application
  • Restored check for territory connected to the capital
  • May no longer enforce claims for Muslim women who are not themselves rulers.
  • Added check for Muslims without the proper succession law to the annual maintenance event.
  • Added event to prompt the lazy AI to use the Manifest Destiny CB to get to the Carolingian Empire creation requirements.
  • Fixed Sahidic culture appearance.
  • The patriarchate titles are now only gained if the top liege is a King or Emperor (so the holder won't suddenly become independent).
  • Plugged a bunch of vanilla "holes" in the India history files, the ones that were mistakes and not simply omissions.
  • Fixed tooltip for banish to reflect the new vanilla function.
  • The Grand Duchy of Tuscany can now be formed by Italians as well as Germans.
  • All titular title which can be formed by Italians can now also be formed by Lombards.
  • Duel Engine: Successfully fleeing should no longer get a combatant captured anyway.
  • Duel Engine: Reduced chance of battlefield duels to account for lower number of potential commanders in 2.4.
  • Added Messalian religion head, so the patriarchs will properly display. The Patriarch of Antioch will automatically become the Messalian religion head.
  • Edited tooltips for Pentarchy to mention that religions which only recognize the Petrine Sees will get three Patriarchs, not five. Added tooltips to those religions.
  • All provinces which have an uprising will now get the "Recent Uprising" modifier, reducing revolt risk in that province by 100% for five years.
  • The 'Raise Zealots' decision for Paulicians and Kharijites now works properly again.
  • Muslims have a much lower chance of using Holy War against Ibadi, as well as the reverse.
  • Nomad subjugation now costs prestige to use.
  • Rivalry CB is also available against foes (same targets as duels) as well as those who are targeting you or a family member with a murder plot.
  • Non-nomadic AI will no longer use the tributary CB against targets of a different religion group.
  • Unlanded religion heads can no longer call crusades.
  • The Jewish religion head no longer exists at game start.
  • Building the Third Temple and restoring the Jewish high priesthood are now one decision -- by building the Third Temple, the Jewish religion gains its religion head. It now requires that a Jewish King or Emperor completely controls Jerusalem, which itself must be Jewish.
  • Tributary wars can no longer be declared on targets of equal or higher rank.
  • The Become Exalted ambition now grants an Exalted trait and not a modifier.
  • Russian melting pot events now require the East Slavic ruler to have a province of any OTHER East Slavic or Norse culture. They won't spontaneously become Russian on their own.
  • The Druze heresy has been updated as per the Heretic Pride mod. Druze now:
    - May use 'Study Esoteric Knowledge' ambition to ascend to Uqqal (Initiate) status
    - Pious Uqqal may ascend to Ajawid status
    - Pious or charismatic Druze may invade fellow Muslims with the same criteria as the Prepared Invasion CB
    - A pious Ajawid may become the Druze Shaykh religion head
    - If the Druze acquire a religion head, it will no longer be a heresy
    - Believe in reincarnation
    - May not go on Hajj
    - Do not use the decadence system
    - Are restricted to one wife
    - Do not have restrictions on female councillors
    - May enforce female claims on titles


* Updated for the 2.4.3 patch release.
* Titular empire and kingdom titles that are supposed to be invalid with the Charlemagne DLC active are now made inactive instead, so they cannot be seen or even searched for. If you really want to, it is okay to make the DLC inactive and those titles will re-appear during the annual maintenance (as well as the reverse -- any titles which are held will not be made inactive during maintenance).
* Instead of making the "Form New Kingdom" and "Form New Empire" decisions disappear when you hold an invalid primary title, there is now a tooltip that tells you why.
* The "barren" modifier is now only added once a character gets married/becomes a consort, to prevent the AI from magically detecting it first.
* Updated tooltips on kidnap plot event so it doesn't display that you'll be killing yourself.
* Fixed Baloch, Sogdian and Tocharian characters from not getting retinues
* Added Sahidic (Coptic) culture for Egyptians who are also Coptic/Monophysite, using Arabic skin tone and features but eastern-style Christian garb (as well as Christian names for titles and holdings). Egyptian characters/provinces that become Coptic/Monophysite can become Sahidic, as well as the reverse.
* Monks & Nuns will now automatically become divorced when they gain the trait.
* Reduced chance of courtiers electing to become monks & nuns.
* Sons and daughters of estate holders now inherit them according to the liege's gender law.
* Added desert mothers and desert fathers for Coptics/monophysites -- they are wandering ascetic monks/nuns, and while they can become Chancellors or Lord Spirituals (and cannot lead armies), they will eventually move on to another court.
* Antipopes can no longer be targeted by the Accuse Heresy plot.
* Coptics, Apostolics, Nestorians, and Monothelites of high Learning (8+) now have the ability to embrace either the Alexandrine or Antiochian school of theology.
* Reorganized the bookmarks so they're in chronological order again.
* Merged in parts of "High Kings and Consuls"
* Blank event description for relatives requesting to become monks/nuns is fixed.
* Made the arrow indicating blocked trade more easily distinguishable from the unblocked one.
* AI will not fight to reclaim pentarchy temple holdings from patriarchs of the same realm and religion.
* Added Latin Patriarchates (duke-tier titles, same as the pentarchy titles) for Constantinople, Alexandria, Jerusalem, and Antioch should Catholics gain those temples.
* 'Mend the Great Schism' is now useable by Orthodox/Catholics heresies, provided they have a religion head, and also works against heresies, provided they have a religion head. It does not require that the same empire control all five Pentarchy sees, but rather that all the sees belong to the same religion. The user can be the religion head or any Empire that has the religion head as a vassal or owns one of the sees (and must still have sufficient piety, not to mention a religion with 90 MA).
* Once the Schism has been mended, there are now also similar decisions to 'Enforce the Council of Chalcedon' (against the Miaphysite religions) and to 'Enforce the Council of Ephesus' (against Nestorians).
* Nestorians have a decision to 'Repudiate the Council of Ephesus', turning Orthodoxy into a heresy, and may 'Enforce the Council of Chalcedon' once that has been done.
* Miaphysites have a decision to 'Repudiate the Council of Chalcedon', turning Orthodoxy and the other Miaphysite faith into heresies, and may 'Enforce the Council of Ephesus' once that has been done.
* Once Nestorians or Miaphysites have turned Orthodox into a heresy, they may use the 'Unite Christianity' decision against Catholicism in the same manner.
* All the 'mend schism' type decisions have been turned into a chain involving the creation of an ecumenical council, with the results making more sense and resulting in less flip-flopping of parents/heresies afterwards.
* Adjusted decadence gain for muslims.
* Added Journey of Nerthus event chain for Germanic Pagans.
* Added decision to rebuild Irminsul for Germanic Pagans, if it is destroyed by Charlemagne.
* Added expel and donate decisions for Fianna/Gwydion holy orders.

* Stripped out some maintenance calculations and features to lower the memory overhead for the mod. The most noticeable ones from a player side would be the removal of the "isolated from capital" modifiers and the "away from court" character modifier when leading an army.
* Expanded the Trade Network.
- The Silk Road has been expanded
- The following Trade Networks have been added:
x "Amber Road" This land route extends from Novgorod to Venice and Contanstinople
x "Mediterranean Trade" This mostly sea based trade network expands out of Constantinople, Antioch and Alexandria and reaches as far as the Straits of Gibraltar
x "Balkan Road" This mostly land based trade network expands out of Constantinople and covers much of the Balkan
x "Salt Road" This mostly land based trade network expands out of Lubeck and Hamburg and covers most of Germany
x "French Trade" This land based trade network expands from the north of France and streches into Barcelona and Lombardy via Paris
x "Iberian Trade" This land based trade network expands from south western France and Barcelona into the corners of the Iberian sub-continent
x "Atlantic Trade" This sea based zone encompasses the British Isles as well as the French and Iberian coastlines
x "British Trade" This land based zone encompasses Britain from London and Winchester to Fife
x "Baltic Sea Trade" This sea based zone encompasses the Baltic
x "African Trade" This land area encompasses sub-Saharan West Africa and leads into Morocco
* Bogomilism has been updated as per the Heretic Pride mod. Bogomilists now:
- have an event for Bogomil's appearance in Bulgaria, if Tyrnovo has become Orthodox
- feudal rulers may have temple holdings as well as castles
- may use the Consolamentum decision to become Perfecti
- may use the adoption decision, as the Cathar do
- may gain the Icon-Breaker trait by sieging Christian temples
- occasionally spawn missionaries in neighboring non-Bogomilist courts
- are anti-church and anti-feudal at the outset, but may reform their faith through a series of laws and decisions to the point of allowing temple holders to once again be bishops and to have a religion head
- once a religion head is gained, Bogomilism will no longer be an Orthodox heresy but its own religion in the Christian group
- may not have Perfecti in government positions until the religion has been sufficiently reformed
- may build the Church of St. Bogomil once the religion has been sufficiently reformed
* Fixed army movement to Kilkenny.
* Fixed formation of Hungary via the war at the Old Gods start.
* Fixed nomadic Magyars settling in Hungary so it properly gives them the k_hungary title.
* Fixed tribal vassals so they can properly go feudal if under a non-tribal liege.
* Fixed Italian dlc portraits not showing
* Allowed West Africans to raid heathens reguardless of their religion.
* Fixed negative decadence effects.
* Fixed d_galicia not being de jure k_spanish_galicia in the CM and OG starts.
* Changed the disease outbreak chance to match vanilla's.
* Fixed Makedon dynasty in the OG start.
* Opened up a number of minor titles to women based on ability to hold court positions or succession law, as appropriate.
* Fixed bug that was overly narrowing who could be given the Commander title.
* Fixed freezing problem when a nomad tries to settle -- any non-nomad king vassals have their titles usurped, and the duchy of the province being settled in also is usurped if held in the realm.
* Fixed CTD in the "Shattered Realm" decision
* The "Shattered Realm" decision now factors in Nomads properly for all cases
* Fixed unreformed Pagans being unable to feudalise or become republics.
* Norman culture creation events which happen prior to 1150 now happen if the province ruler is Norman or Norse, no matter who their liege is.
* Made Alania tribal at game start rather than nomad.
* De jure changes in Sweden: c_viken moved to d_ostlandet, c_medelpad and c_halsingland moved to d_uplland, d_jamtland moved to k_norway.
* Trade Networks now have an arrow indicating directional indicators as to which way they flow at the end of many paths.
* Changed color of Hungary, so it doesn't exactly match Magyars (since Magyars will still exist when Hungary is formed).
* Added a holding decision which allows the player to remove non-capital holdings from the province. Requirements: you personally own the holding, the county, AND the duchy, there is at least one other holding of that type in the province, you are not at war, and the province does not have the "chaos" modifier which is added after conquering it. The AI will not use this, period.
* "Holes" in the roman empire plugged

* Updated for the CK2 2.4.2 patch -- do NOT try to use with 2.4.1 or earlier
* Nomadic and Tribal rulers given access to all gender laws
* Women can be sent off to be mercenaries, provided their liege does not have agnatic succession and they have a Martial Lady trait
* Characters created via the Ruler Designer should now properly receive the startup events (the Crowned trait, Byzantine initialization event, etc.)
* Coronations are now properly cancelled when a war occurs.
* Invasion CB now works against non-kingdoms. CB description updated to reflect what it actually does in Plus.
* Shi'a Caliphate Uprising revised: the uprising is now led by the current proper claimant to the Shiite Caliphate. If there is no such claimant (due to the Fatimids having been wiped out or converted), they will find a pretender much as in the current version -- though he will be an adult, and not a 3-year old child. If the uprising is successful, the new caliph's levies will be properly refilled (they are meant to do so in the CB, it just doesn't work) and he will receive an army of followers to establish his empire. Should the Caliphate be created prior to the uprising event, that new caliph will receive the army instead.
* Monks and nuns now receive the "Brother" and "Sister" title before their names, and will change their appearance (tonsure/robes for monks and a white hood for nuns).
* Lords/Ladies now receive the title before their name.
* Fixed the Paulician use of the Holy War CB on same-religion group targets.
* Yazidi religion is no longer localized as Salafi.
* Added some logic for where heresies appear -- they are more likely to show up in their historical areas (such as Catharism in southern France), and occasionally instead of a "heresy" the character/province may instead switch to another religion in the same religion group (such as a Sunni province embracing Shiia), though only where it's logical to do so. On the rare occasion, a potential heretic may embrace another religion group entirely, though again only where it's logical for that to occur (a Muslim may decide to become Manichaean, for instance, but only in Persia or Central Asia).
* Reduced piety loss for Cathars who have children, and removed the prestige loss entirely.
* Added a base -25% fertility for all Cathars.
* Cathars may now also use the adoption decision if they are over 45 or have less than 5% fertility.
* Added Adoptionist as a new Catholic heresy (no special mechanics).
* Added Tondrakian as a new Miaphysite heresy (no special mechanics yet, but they are feminist like the Messalians or Cathars).
* Added Quranist as a new Sunni heresy (no special mechanics, but they can only have 1 wife and can form a caliphate).
* Added Qarmatian as a new Shiite heresy (no special mechanics yet, but they can raid, receive an offensive bonus, and can form a caliphate).
* Manichaeism is no longer a Zoroastrian heresy, but rather a religion of its own within the same religion group. Zurvanism has been added as a Zoroastrian heresy, and Mandaean has been added as a Manichaean heresy.
* Updated the Manichaean faith, as per the Heretic Pride mod. Manichaeans now:
- Have a religious head, which exists in the Charlemagne and Old Gods bookmarks, and can be restored afterwards.
- Have their own holy feast decision, the Bema Feast.
- Receive a defensive bonus for their armies, on their own territory.
- May dedicate themselves to a Shekhinah upon adulthood.
- May found a new holy order, the Army of Light.
* Updated the Mazdaki faith, as per the Heretic Pride mod. Mazdakis now:
- Rulers are expected to share wealth with their people, and there is a new law for Mazdakis to do so
- Have a religion head title which can be created
- Receive a defensive bonus for their armies, on their own territory.
- May dedicate themselves to a Power upon adulthood.
- May have priestesses, and have no negative opinions for female rulers.
* Updated the Messalian faith, as per the Heretic Pride mod. Messalians now:
- May use ritual prayer and fasting to drive out their internal demons, in order to achieve Perfection
- Non-Perfect Messalians may join the Cult of Lucifer
- May choose a patron saint to worship
- Can form a new Holy Order, the Army of Lucifer
- Receive an Intrigue bonus, but a Diplomacy malus
* Updated the Hurufi faith, as per the Heretic Pride mod. Hurufis now:
- May create epic works of Islamic poetry.
- May study the secrets of the Qur'an and gain benefits from doing so.
- Receive a learning bonus but a martial malus.

* Added a warning event that fires at the beginning of the game if you are using Ironman -- some mod features (such as the Imperial Decadence system) have been disabled in Ironman due to save corruption issues that result with the mode, and there are enough issues that we don't recommend using it. If you wish to do so anyhow, go ahead, but please refrain from reporting issues encountered while using Ironman on the CK2+ forums.
* The Lord Spiritual can now be female for ALL religions that allow female temple holders, instead of just some.
* All non-Muslim Lord Spirituals save for Lollards must now be either temple holders or have an ecclesiastical education.
* Waldensian bishops may not be Chancellors or Lord Treasurers.
* Cleaned up some of the cultural retinues
* Altered much of the de jure layout in Germany and Lotharingia. Of major note: Both the Duchy of Oldenberg and the Duchy of Brunswick are no longer de jure titles, replaced respectively by the Duchy of Westphalia and the Duchy of Eastphalia. Those both comprise the territory of the historical Duchy of Saxony, which is now eliminated as a de jure ducal title (but still exists as a kingdom-tier title). The Margraviate of Brandenburg added as a kingdom-tier de jure title, active in the 1066 start but previous to that formable if the HRE or one of its duchies gains complete control over Brandenburg and Meissen.
* Reformed Celtic pagans should no longer switch back to Tanistry after they change from it.
* Celtic children should no longer die in druidic training after training has completed.
* Celtic rulers using Offerings to the Sidhe can now have a (smaller) effect on whether provinces owned by direct vassals (or all vassals if top liege is using the decision) gain/lose the Restless Sidhe modifier.
* Using de jure CB's on behalf of your vassals when targeting a valid Holy War target now works once again.
* De jure CB's which cannot be used due to insufficient Crown Authority now display on your list of CB's, but are greyed-out with the reason given.
* Fixed viking invasion CB so it properly grants all occupied counties to the attacker again.
* Rebel reinforcement events should no longer fire on the same day as the original uprising.
* Fixed the "quietly kill him" option for the Kidnap plot to not kill the plotter.
* Updated Iconoclast heresy as per the Heretic Pride mod. Iconoclasts now have extra events, may destroy icons upon besieging a christian temple (and receive the Icon-Breaker trait), and receive a morale bonus for their armies. It is now also possible for an emperor besides the ruler of Byzantium to create an Iconoclast Patriarch.
* Restored the missing d_paulician title, and added its historical holders from founding through to 872 AD. In the 867 start, the Paulicians hold the county of Coloneia and have an army of zealots.
* Updated Paulician heresy as per the Heretic Pride mod. Paulicians now:
- May raid, as pagans do
- May declare Holy War on anyone not of the same religion
- The Paulician Patriarch may declare Crusade against anyone not of the same religion
- Receive a morale bonus and an offensive bonus for light infantry
- May expend Piety to raise units of zealots
- Can receive the Icon-Breaker trait after besieging a Christian temple
* Norse culture provinces should no longer randomly change culture when part of a norse empire.
* Players are no longer restricted from converting to pagan religions if Moral Authority is greater than 50% (the the AI will never do so). They do, however, first need to have received instruction from a mystic on the ancient religion (the event that pops up several years after they've accepted a mystic into their court) and must have the correct traits (pagan sympathy and either cynical or mystic).
* Added note on losing access to raiding and county conquest/subjugation CB's in the reform religion tooltip.
* Fixed the lollard revocation decision.
* Duel Engine changes:
- Reduced health bonuses from high level warrior traits
- Added option to run away from some ongoing duels. High intrigue and certain traits
will increase the odds of successful escape. Failing to escape will give the winner
the choice to capture or execute, as if you yielded.
- Duel Engine is now used to resolve holmgangs, duels at coronation and regular feasts,
duels with rivals (both from the Way of Life Combat focus action and from the random
challenge event), and duels with your spouse's lover.
* Disabled Legitimise Bastard decision for mothers, as intended.
Mothers still automatically legitimise any bastards born while they are married matrilineally.
* Fixed duplicate options in "seduce guest at your feast" event
* Germanic Pagans made more distinct from Nordic Pagans (holy sites moved and religion head given distinct title)
* Fixed issue where some elective-style succession laws were still allowed to change to some types of successions without a vote.
* The "Request Religious Conversion" decision now also converts all same-dynasty, non-ruler courtiers of vassals who agree to the conversion.
* The Pope no longer causes provinces under his rule to convert to his culture.

* Bavaria/Saxony kings (and ducal vassals) no longer become independent when the Carolingian Empire is formed by a Frankish emperor.
* Patrician mansion holdings are no longer given out with the automated "give out holdings" decision.
* The "Found Merchant Republic" and "Adopt Feudalism" decisions are both now visible to players from the outset.
* The automated decisions to ransom prisoners are now only visible if you actually have prisoners (they previously appeared if some of your courtiers were held prisoner by others).
* Decadence may now occasionally increase if a muslim emperor has a very large realm, regardless of their other traits.
* Added a new type of revolter: decadence uprising, which can occur under a muslim ruler with 50+ decadence and in provinces with the "decadence unrest" province modifier (which can occasionally appear in provinces under a top liege with high decadence). This works the same as other revolters, with victory establishing a new realm under the revolter's rule.
* AI female tribal rulers no longer have access to the "Convert to Temple" decision if they are part of a religion that doesn't allow female temple holders.
* Fixed Muslim religion heads switching to Open Elective when the religious title is their primary one.
* Fixed "Blackmail Plotter" diplo-action so the player can properly receive the target's response.
* Fixed up events involving druidic training for Celtic pagans, so it's a bit more reliable in terms of finishing the event chain.
* The Kharijite heresy has been updated with a conversion of events used in the Heretic Pride mod. Kharijites now:
- Have no 5-year cooldown on Holy Wars (it always costs 100 Piety for them)
- May expend 250 Piety to raise zealot armies, in the same fashion that tribals use Prestige
- Have access to the Public Execution diplo action, usable on prisoners who are either kafir or non-Kharijites, giving prestige and piety (based on the prisoner's importance)
- May accuse immoral vassals of apostasy (and be accused), making them kafir (and giving a large negative to opinions from other Kharijites)
- Kafir have access to decisions to remove immoral traits, and thus clear their name of apostasy
* The Cathar heresy has been updated with a conversion of events used in the Heretic Pride mod. Cathars now:
- Cannot use the Holy War cb until Holy War or Crusade has been used by a Catholic against a Cathar
- May create the Cathar Papacy
- Have access to the Consolamentum decision to make themselves Perfectum
- Perfectum/Celibate Cathar rulers may adopt an heir
- May not choose the Seduction or Family focus
- Have lowered garrison and levy sizes, but higher morale
- Have an event to spawn their creation in southern France in the early 12th century
* The Lollard heresy has been updated with a conversion of events used in the Heretic Pride mod. Lollards now:
- Lollard bishops may marry
- Can gain the Icon-Breaker trait by sacking Christian temples
- Have a decision to translate the Bible, increasing their MA and reducing Catholic MA
- May freely revoke titles of priests who are non-Lollard or who have the Wicked Priest trait
- May gain strong claims to Lollard priests who have titles of Duke rank or higher
- May freely renounce vows of chastity or the monk/nun trait
* The Waldensian heresy has been updated with a conversion of events used in the Heretic Pride mod. Waldensians now:
- Gain a Stewardship and garrison bonus
- May have donations to the poor enforced through a special law
- Have the ability to choose a Waldensian path upon adulthood
- Waldensian priests can both marry and inherit
- Have a decision to translate the Bible, increasing their MA and reducing Catholic MA
- Refuse to go on pilgrimage, and can sack Catholic Pilgrimage sites
* Integrated the New Duel Engine and Combat Trait Advancement, reduced the frequency of nameless vanilla battle deaths/woundings/maimings/brainings accordingly.
* Most heresies are now allowed in the character designer.
* Fixed global flags being set in the history files (effects Hungary creation, plus a few other minor things).
* Many updates to the EU4 Converter
- Many titles, such as the stem duchies of the HRE, have now been properly assigned to their EU4 equivalent
- Due to a recent fix in the converter many titles are now assigned to their proper CK2+ analogies, instead of CK2
- Updated for EU4 version 1.12 (Common Sense Patch)
- Ibadi now actually converts to the EU4 form of Ibadi
- Rio de Janeiro should no longer be improperly assigned to someone in Europe
* The Roman Province titles should properly localize as "Provincia" now.
* There are no longer "holes" in the de jure area of the Roman Province titles after they are formed.
* Corrected Bedouin and Egyptian Retinues

* Added a new "Imperial Decadence" system which affects all non-Muslim empires (and replaces the "State of the Empire" modifiers for the Byzantium). This is a variable between 0 and 100 which will increase by 3 or more (the amount gets higher the larger and more centralized the empire is) each time the title changes hands. As the variable gets above 10, the ruler will receive an Imperial Decadence modifier which reduces troop morale, levies, and global taxes by an amount that increases as the variable does. Imperial Decadence raises further if the empire loses wars or has a ruler/regent with negative traits (on a random basis). Imperial Decadence can be lowered through coronations, tournaments, winning wars (major rebellions, holy wars, crusades, and de jure imperial claims), and the ruler/regent having positive traits (on a random basis). There is also a Lower Imperial Decadence decision available every five years which can pass reforms to reduce the decadence variable, but at the cost of 1000 Prestige and 100 Piety. Some realms, like Byzantium, will begin the game with levels of Imperial Decadence already in place -- all other empires build it up as time goes on.
* Added a bunch of tooltip to the new "Attempt Religious Conversion" diplo action which should give players a bit more insight into their options and chances of success.
* Fixed the Third Temple event so it shows the proper builder name, and added a boost to Jewish RA after it's built.
* Characters who are away from their home courts during a war will have a lower chance of discovering plots and will be unable to have more children while they're away.
* If the holder of a caliphate rises above 80 decadence, other rulers of their religion (Dukes or greater) who have low decadence may claim the caliph title.
* Made lowering decadence as a Muslim a little bit easier ( tho it can still swing upwards quickly if not watched carefully ).
* If an emperor gains a second imperial title, he will now be forced to choose between them. There can be only one empire.
* Tweaked the cannibal modifier.
* Allowed Old Saxon culture to form the Kingdom of Saxony.
* Bug fixed when enacting the "Rebuild Persepolis" decision at more than max number of holdings for the province.
* Merchant Republics now begin the game with more money, and access to additional starting forces and retinue cap through their palace.
* Small Merchant Republics (under 30 realm size) can summon their patricians to the republic's defense if they are attacked by an outside force.
* All holy orders (rather than just some) will now ask to build a castle in an applicable ruler's province when they gather 600 gold. They only ask to build in provinces that already have all three main holding types (castle, city, temple), will not build more than one castle in the same province, and a given ruler can only be asked this once in their lifetime.
* Reconquering Roman territory as the Byzantine or Roman empire will now result in the creation of a "Provincia" corresponding with the reconquest events. These are the only kingdoms that Byzantium or the Roman Empire can hold without changing away from the "No vassal kingdoms" law. Byzantium can not hold Provincia Thracia, the Roman Empire can not hold Provincia Roma, forcing the Emperor of either empire to rule the "home" territory without a vassal king to hand it off to.
* Historical High Kings of Ireland given their title. Irish tribal dukes may now use a decision to give themselves a strong claim to the High King title, if its holder is also tribal. The decision requires the ruler be ambitious and have 250 Prestige.
* Revamped the conditions under which a courtier will ask to join a holy order so they make sense. They will first get divorced if they are married (and leave behind children), as well as sell any of their estates. Piety loss/gain for the liege will vary depending on whether they are a child, a close relative, or neither. If refused, the courtier will not ask the same liege again for at least ten years.
* The Settle Tribe job for the steward can now allow the liege to succeed at the Civilize a Province ambition.
* Celtic Pagan rulers now cannot switch from Tanistry to another succession type, as is supposed to be the case.
* Fixed the CB which enforces a claim for others to still trigger success for the Win a War ambition.
* Succession Crisis now applies to Tanistry and Feudal Elective realms as well.
* Limited notification events for wounded and maimed characters in a tournament to members of the top liege's court, vassals, dynasty and close relatives.
* The Sunni Caliphate (AI only) may now experience a period of anarchy (known historically as the Anarchy at Samarra) if there is a particularly weak caliph between 800 and 900 AD -- the caliph will be all but imprisoned by his court, and his vassal limit will drop dramatically until either he or a successor can restore order. In the Old Gods bookmark, this period of anarchy is already underway.
* Characters with more than one sympathy trait can receive an event where a fellow courtier who is zealous challenges them, and they will either drop one of their sympathy traits or gain the cynical trait and an enemy.
* Guardian traits should now influence which traits their wards end up with a bit more.

* The regular 'Demand Religious Conversion' diplo action has been removed. It has been replaced with 'Attempt Religious Conversion' -- usable under in the same circumstances (though it costs 50 Piety to attempt to convert a vassal, instead of simply 10 for a courtier), you will need to decide your approach (diplomacy, religious debate, or threat of imprisonment if you have at least Medium CA/Tribal Organization) and then the target will respond either with refusal, conversion, or sympathy (though sympathy cannot be gained with threats). Each approach has a different chance of working, depending on the target and circumstances, though only diplomacy/debate can get a target to honestly convert (otherwise they will likely remain sympathetic to their old religion, and/or become Cynical). Be careful debating someone with higher Learning than you, or you may end up becoming sympathetic to THEIR religion, instead!
* Religion heads now always pay 100 Piety for holy wars (never 250), and can go into Piety "debt" if they so desire.
* Fixed stem duchy creation when HRE is created without East Francia having existed first.
* Fixed some duplicate retinues
* Fixed Mongol Empire split event
* "Protected Inheritance" (titles cannot succeed to outside the realm) moved from High to Medium Crown Authority.
* "King's Peace" moved from Medium to High Crown Authority.
* "Title Revocation" moved from Autonomous Vassals to Limited Crown Authority.
* Finally fixed the issue where Liberation Revolt leaders would sometimes end up with a city or temple capital.
* Provinces that are isolated from the top liege's capital now get +2% revolt risk.
* The game's consideration of what's considered a province contiguous to the capital now crosses a single sea zone.
* The Kidnap plot has been re-enabled for the AI to use. The AI will now use it if they are at war with the target, the target has a plot against them (and they can't arrest him), they have a reason to execute the target (and can't arrest him) or the target is a fellow vassal in the same realm with either a vassal or a county that they claim or which is de jure theirs. The player can use the Kidnap plot on anyone, but demanding a county or vassal follows the same restrictions (only against a fellow vassal, and only if the target is yours by claim or by de jure right). You have the option of quietly killing the target if they refuse your demand, but their spymaster may discover the truth. There is another version of the Kidnap plot which is only available for non-rulers, originally used if they were refused a title after a demand (or you broke a promise to give them one). It may now also be used by courtiers with a claim on a county, though the chance is far less if their claim is weak.
* Fixed the "going native" event to work in a way that makes sense.
* Fixed the nomination of vestal virgins so a player only can receive it once a year (if they happen to be Pontifex Maximus), and so it properly only applies to girls who aren't already vestalis and properly only goes to a maximum of five at a time.
* Non-titular kingdom titles for which a ruler has none of its de jure titles as part of his realm will now be destroyed shortly after being inherited.
* Bumped up slightly the number of troops an adventurer is likely to get.
* EU4 Converter: fixed bug with rebel types that was causing broken EU4 saves.

* Emergency bug patch: cultural buildings now buildable again
* The AI will never send anyone into hiding if the plot is known about and has less than 50% plot power.
* AI characters with possessed trait no longer pick irrational targets to murder -- they only are far more likely to make the attempt. Lunatics still pick irrational targets.
* Number of opinion modifiers which cause the "is_foe" trigger expanded, and made applicable for the Take Revenge plot.

* Holy Wars no longer have a 5-year cooldown before you can use the CB again. Instead, the CB costs 100 Piety to use, and 250 Piety if you've used it within the last five years. This cost is exempt if the duchy you target contains a holy site of your religion OR if you receive sanction from your religion head (if you have one). Sanction requires positive Piety and is acquired through the diplo menu on the target ruler, and your religion head may accept, refuse, or ask for an incentive (in the form of coin, prestige, or a promised temple in the target duchy).
* Ambitious city mayors now have access to a "Usurp County" plot, if they rule either one of the historical merchant republic cities or are in a port city with a highly developed port (though not one in a county that is the capital of a duchy or kingdom). It's only usable on AI targets, but if successful the city will switch to become the capital of the province (if not already) and the mayor will usurp the county (leaving their former liege as the ruler of a barony instead).
* Added separate character modifier icons for each of the main factions, so you can tell which faction a vassal is in by looking at their character info.
* Fixed a result where the faction demands that one of the liege's counties be turned over to the liege -- resulting in the liege going independent -- if the liege was part of the same faction they are, but for his own liege.
* Factions now get a +50 opinion bonus when their demands are agreed to, not +25.
* The faction leader now properly gains prestige when his demand is agreed to, instead of losing it.
* Kings and emperors with low crown authority (Low or Autonomous Vassals CA) and either Primogeniture, Seniority, or Ultimogeniture succession may now undergo a succession crisis if their heir is either considered too young (under 13), is unsuitable (incapable, inbred, lunatic or imbecile), or is female and there are other, possible better options. The vassals will vote to see who gains the throne, provided there is no revolt under way or war for the primary title. Note that the other candidates will be either pretenders (next in line for the throne), children (it may opt for an older daughter even in Agnatic), or dynasty members (the "Seniority" option, for one).
* Feudal kings or emperors with High or Absolute CA may now ask vassals who support them (opinion of 50+) to also support their heir once he comes to power, adding a +50 opinion bonus towards the heir for twenty years. They may refuse, but are less likely to under Absolute CA. It costs prestige to use the decision (100 for a Count, 250 for a Duke, 500 for a King).
* Shattered Realm has been slightly revamped:
- Depending on which tier of the ruling tiers you select, ie Count, Duke or King, each playable ruler will get a starting fund of around 500, 750 and 1500 respectively
- A new CB has been added only for Shattered Realm that allows no timer county conquest on any ruler up until realm size 60. It also can't be used after 60 years of the shattered realm start.
- The way ancient religions picks areas for said religions has been improved. This should cause a slight speed gain on first map generation of any Ancient Religions starts
* Fixed a bug where the Rise of the Hansa event would fire in a province without a city and create a feudal titular king.
* Landless titles (like the mongols) are no longer automatically destroyed when they drop below 100 holdings.
* After a revolt (either to overthrow the ruler or an independence revolt), a king- or emperor-tier primary title with 0 Crown Authority may be destroyed. This requires that the CA was raised to 1 at some point in the game (so they don't collapse after their first rebellion, especially in early timelines), and the ruler will have a chance to salvage their title if they pay half the cost it would to make a custom title of the same tier (they may go into debt, provided they don't already have a loan and have a current positive wealth total). Landless titles are exempt.
* Province-spawned revolts disabled from occurring during the first two years of the game.
* Levies should now properly refill after converting from tribal holdings, so you're not left weak as a kitten until they refill.
* Corrected an issue where vassals with multiple de jure titles would get to vote more than once on succession law changes.
* Title allows re-written to be more uniform and comprehensible
* The Byzantine, Roman, and Holy Roman empires can no longer create kingdom level vassals (with a few exceptions) unless the player changes their laws.
* Lifestyle traits can now again be gained even without the Focus events.
* Fixed Jewish holy site in Negev.
* Cultural buildings are now based on the culture of the province rather than the culture of the ruler.
* Cultural buildings now no longer disappear when the culture of the province changes -- instead, the old cultural buildings will stick around for a few years and be converted into the new culture's buildings. Until the conversion happens, you will not be able to build the new culture's cultural buildings.
* Fixed issue with targeting possible holy war targets with de jure CB's -- it should work properly, now.

* Fixed the issue with Invite to Court, Invite to Plot, and Demand Religious Conversion not working properly.
* Unreformed West African pagans can now properly intermarry with muslims and zoroastrians.
* Added the ability to reveal a known plot, if the plot target isn't already aware of it. This is a decision available in the diplomatic menu, on the plotter.
* Added the ability to blackmail a known plotter, if the plot target isn't already aware of it and if you aren't the plotter's liege or vassal. This is a decision available in the diplomatic menu, on the plotter.
* Reduced the chance of the AI accepting more than one religious sympathy trait.
* Slightly toned down the chance of religious conversion of pagans, particularly before 900 AD.
* Made the Ilkhanate able to end wars/have succession if the player starts in one of the later bookmarks where it is already active.
* Non-nordic raiders now receive their own version of the Viking trait when raiding.
* The champion of a tournament now receives a "Tourney Champion" trait upon winning the tournament.
* The winner of the tournament's beauty contest now receives a "Famous Beauty" trait.
* Vassals with the subjugation opinion modifiers are also now not allowed to join factions against their liege.
* County-tier republics have the option of creating a custom ducal title and becoming merchant republics if they are independent or their liege is king or emperor tier.

* Liberation revolts, provided they are under an existing ruler, will now unite under that ruler the same as faction revolts.
* Fixed several pagan holy orders which were not updating when the religion was reformed (NOTE: this is not retroactive on old saves).
* The Magyars now have a decision to simulate the 867 bookmark's invasion of Carpathia, for a CM bookmark start. It's permitted after 800 if they are between 6-12 realm size and neighbor a realm that owns Pest, though the AI won't take it until much later.
* Conversion of pagans through your lord spiritual made a bit easier.
* Changed how courtiers (and friends) convert others to their religion -- now the first step is to give the target a sympathy trait, and then if they already have the trait they can convert with a later event. Rulers are also made much less likely to convert to different religion groups unless they are in a province of that religion.
* Expanded religions that can intermarry: African pagans and pagans based in the east can nor intermarry with Muslims and Zoroastrians. Pagans based in the west can intermarry with Christians.
* All reformed pagans no longer care about tribal organization.
* Fraticelli lords are now able to hold temples without penalty.
* Roman Empire now has the proper requirements when being created via regular title creation and fires the proper event when created this way
* Germanic Holy Order given Donation and Expulsion decisions
* Missing icons added for the Braedralag donation and Expulsion decisions
* The AI will now destroy custom-created titular titles when and if it gets a non-titular title of equal tier.
* Vanilla event chain where wife tries to poison your heir fixed up -- should also no longer end with the wife imprisoning you instead of the reverse.
* Provinces gained through war will gain a "chaos" modifier that lowers the revolt chance for two years.
* "Holy Warrior" trait added as a crusader-type trait for non-christians/muslims on a Great Holy War.
* Imperial Reconquest CB for the Roman Empire now works for Hellenic rulers as well, but is always treated as a holy war when used against targets of a different religion.
* The duchies for Aland and Isle of Man may now only be formed by someone who is lower than Duke tier and who owns at least three counties -- it is not enough to just own the one province any longer.
* Removed the timer that prevents a player from using the Seduce diplo decision more than once a year -- use it as often as you dare.
* Moved the Suggest Fatwa, Castrate, Blind and Zun Judgement decisions to the diplo menu.
* The Suggest Fatwa may now only be used against the head of a dynasty.
* Chances of becoming ill/pneumonic or infertile/barren after giving birth have been modified, with the chance going up the older the mother gets. Mothers with the Strong trait fare much better, while mothers with the Weak trait fare much worse. Those traits also affect the newborn's chance of being born ill or sickly.
* Recovering from an illness or the Wounded/Maimed trait comes with a chance of it reducing your base Health -- you can still recover that over time, as well, so long as you are not currently away from your court or besieged. The chances of recovery go up with high Learning, high Martial, or youth.

* Fixed Hamburg to properly be a republic in 1066.
* Pechenegs no longer show as vassals of Khazaria in 867.
* Mongols will no longer default to Open Elective succession.
* AI discouraged from using holy war CB on titles that are not neighbors to continguous land.
* Slighty decreased supply limit for provinces infected with small pox and the bubonic plague. Also added a small revolt risk to provinces having a disease outbreak.
* The Theodosian Walls will no longer disappear under an AI Byzantine emperor.
* Cadet system revamped. Now a cadet is flagged as such if he has an older legitimate brother, is in a dynasty with 40+ living members, and the dynasty head is not a close relative to him or his wife or parents. He also cannot be married matrilineally or be heir to any titles. Provided none of that changes, should he eventually get a title (that does not have tanistry, seniority, or elective gavelkind succession) he may establish a cadet branch dynasty of his own (though the AI will only do this if they are ambitious, proud, or a legitimatised bastard). The player can only establish a cadet branch if they take over play of a character who has previously been flagged as a possible cadet but are otherwise eligible.
* Muslim rulers (who are either kings or independent) that are part of a large, decadent dynasty and not closely related to the dynasty head will have the decision to start their own dynasty, even if they are not cadets.
* Ambitious rulers who are kings or independent dukes and not closely related to the dynasty head may also start their own dynasty at the cost of 1000 Prestige, even if they are not cadets. This is not permitted to men who are married matrilineally (or women who aren't), and is not permitted for rulers with tanistry, seniority, or elective gavelkind succession unless they are in a different realm from their dynasty head.
* AI made slightly less likely to marry below their rank or accept a marriage offer below their rank.
* Asking for claims from your religion head now requires 250 Piety, not 100, and also requires 100 coin. They are also a bit less likely to agree.
* Converted some Central Asian and Russia provinces to tribal in CM and TOG start dates.
* Courtiers of holy orders and mercenaries are no longer eligible to become adventurers.
* Removed the de jure kingdom of Alania, folded it and part of the western arm of Cumania into a de jure kingdom of Khazaria.
* Revamped how the Mongol Empire works in CK2: now, if one starts prior to the Mongol bookmark, when they appear it will be with Genghis Khan as the ruler of the Mongol Empire (as opposed to the Il-Khanate and the Golden Horde separately). Genghis is the proper age and will have all the family who were with him at the time. When and if the ruler of the Mongol Empire dies with at least two chidren and enough territory, the Mongol Empire ceases to be and the territory is split amongst the new hordes: the Golden Horde, the Il-Khanate and, if there's a third son, the Chagatai Khanate (renamed to the Moghul Khanate if not ruled by Chagatai).
* Fixed the instance where an out-of-realm claimant could end up from the wrong liege after a victorious pretender faction installs them to the title.
* Added a Germanic Holy Order.
* Made Germanic a Defensive religion in order to give Charlemagne a bit more of a fight.
* Moved Boleslaw's capital to Poznan in the 1000 bookmark. Made Greater Poland his primary title.
* Jizya Tax modifier now lowers levies gathered by the province in addition to increasing income (balance fix).
* Decadent muslims can now only be told to straighten up by their liege, their father, or their dynasty head.
* Decadence trait gain now requires one of the sinful traits, and the presence of sinful/virtuous traits will have greater affect on whether it's acquired.
* The initial formation of the HRE now requires 150 holdings, not 100 provinces.
* De jure claims may now be fought against holy war targets -- the main difference is that it will be treated like a holy war, in that they will be able to call in nearby members of their faith just as with a Holy War. Also as per a holy war, you will not vassalize any of the target's vassals who are not your religion and will instead usurp those lower titles directly.
* Religious difference now impact opinion more: Same religion group is -25, Different religion group and heretics are -50.
* Fixed matrilineal marriages in the history files so they will actually be matrilineal in the game.
* Liberation revolts should now be seen a bit more often -- they occur in any province where the province's culture is different from the ruler, but the same as its de jure kingdom. One big change: when a nationalist revolt occurs, the rebels will go "up the chain" of rulers to see if anyone will lead them. They will also ask rulers of their culture (or culture group, if the ruler is of a different one) to join them in the revolt. Unlike other revolts, success means the rebel leader usurps any titles in the kingdom belonging to the ruler or any of his vassals who are of his culture, a different culture group, or who don't have their capital in the kingdom. Everyone else is vassalized, if possible, or their titles usurped.
* Added an "Incite Revolt" plot which rulers can target their top liege with if he is not of their culture, the ruler's capital province is of their culture and religion, and its de jure kingdom is also of his culture. Essentially he attempts to promote unrest in his own province in the hopes of leading the nationalist revolt when/if it occurs.

* Factions are no longer displeased when you grant a landed title -- they are only pleased when you grant a landed title to a member of their faction.
* Claimants to a title you grant, if they are in your realm, will be displeased if you don't grant it to them or a close relative of theirs (-20 if they have a strong claim, -10 if they have a weak claim).
* For the EU4 converter, religion icon strips updated for "El Dorado"
* Fixed de jure claims for vassals to work properly -- de jure claims may now be enforced on behalf of vassals so long as they hold a de jure title (although a kingdom or empire de jure title must still be medium CA or greater)
* Elective Gavelkind now requires a vote from your vassals in order to change the succession law, the same as Tanistry or Feudal Elective.
* Both Tanistry and Feudal Elective are now options for a ruler moving from Elective Gavelkind. Tanistry is available to tribals, as Gavelkind is.
* The cooldown for holy wars is now not added until after the war is resolved (in case it becomes invalid).
* The Carolingian Empire now begins as an Elective Gavelkind rather than a Feudal Elective title.
* Independence events for heirs (under elective gavelkind) or for vassals when the liege is over the vassal limit have been tweaked to make more sense. Independence cannot be declared if the ruler is a child, is imprisoned, or is incapable. The declaration also looks at whether independence will put them next to a larger neighbour who can declare holy war on them.
* Automated stat changes based on age groups have been tweaked, as per LordPeter's suggestion.
* Corrected a few Bulgarian provinces to tribal in CM start
* Brought the cost of creating custom kingdom/empire titles in line with creating standard titles.
* Fixed varangian events so the son can actually return home.
* Unreformed tribals with Tanistry will no longer automatically revert to Gavelkind.
* Tribal vassals now will occasionally convert their holdings to cities or temples, even under feudal lieges.
* Abdication no longer banishes the former ruler to a foreign court.
* Spread out annual maintenance events over a month rather than having them all occur simultaneously (should hopefully help with processor overload-related crashes).

* De jure kingdom assimilation changed from 50 to 100 years.
* De jure empire assimilation changed from 100 to 50 years.
* Vassal limits very reduced: base vassal limit reduced for rank: Duke from 10 to 5, King from 20 to 10, Emperor from 30 to 15, Tribal penalty from -10 to -5.
* Vassal limit reduction based on decadence increased from 25% to 50%.
* Reduced bonus to vassal limit based on Crown Authority (from 12\9\6\3\0 to 10\7\4\2\0).
* Demesne size bonus from Legalism moved to a law which changes automatically rather than a modifier.
* Jylland's Prepared Invasion of Mercia in 867AD now spawns troops based on target strength.
* Amount of forces spawned by Prepared Invasions now increased slightly, as is frequency of events occurring (still based on comparison to target's strength, however).
* Prepared Invasion CB is no longer considered a holy war.
* Moved most de jure kingdom CB's to the new region system (so they remain useable even if new de jure kingdoms appear).
* Beefed up the Shiia Revolt event slightly, and restricted it to certain geographical regions.
* AI muslims no longer go pagan (via the system of "pursuing ancient knowledge").
* Gave the Doge of Venice more gold at CM start.
* Reverted most of the balkans in the CM start to tribals.
* Revised the "introduce two friends" event chain so it makes more sense to the player what's actually happened.
* Fixed decadence gain from muslim barons.
* The HRE's creation will now have Germany return de jure control of duchies it has previously absorbed outside of its traditional borders.
* The HRE's initial creation will now rename West Francia if its renaming did not previously occur.
* Various factions now disapprove of high decadence.
* The victors in a separatist civil war also have the chance of losing control of distant/weakly-held territories after they separate.
* Fixed some counts beginning the game with a primary title not matching their capital.
* It is no longer possible to take the "Adopt the Old Ways" decision if you do not have the appropriate DLC (TOG for pagans/Zoroastrians, SOA for Jews, TOG and Charlemagne for Zunists). Doing so before would cause a CTD.
* Fixed tooltip for bastards born to matrilineally-married mothers.
* Faction anger over the granting of titles to non-landed courtiers has changed: the reaction is now delayed, in order to see what faction they join. The one they join will be pleased, while the others will still be slightly upset. The reaction now applies to all non-landed courtiers who aren't your children, even if they're of your dynasty.
* You will no longer receive the Recent Holy War cooldown if you engage in a holy war that is part of your de jure empire.
* Added a maintenance event to ensure patricians and merchant republics have the correct succession laws.
* The AI will no longer pass viceroy laws -- they are restricted to the ERE and players who wish to use them.
* The AI will not begin pretender wars for the first two years of the game, much like independence wars.
* Fixed rulers sometimes receiving Uncrowned trait at the beginning of the game.
* Fixed holy war CB so it can be used by Buddhists again.
* The Abbasids now start off with kingdom titles for Syria and Mesopotamia (to give them some actual de jure territory).
* Adventurers will now sell their estates before they leave, and will not buy new ones with the money they collect while preparing.
* Non-Muslim women may now have their claims enforced on agnatic titles, but the AI will only do so if they have a son or are formidable in some way (or their religion is feminist).
* Revamped how separatist and pretender factions are formed. Among the changes:
- Pretenders can now be from other realms, and can potentially be called in as allies once the civil war begins.
- Non-muslim women can now be pretenders for agnatic titles, but the AI won't support them unless they have a son or are formidable in some way.
- Preference for women in enatic and enatic-cognatic titles now included in the logic.
- Rulers with the Uncrowned trait are much more likely to see pretender factions form.
- Pretender factions are a bit more likely to coalesce around a single candidate, especially in conquered titles.
- Vassals are unlikely to join a pretender faction for a title they have a weak claim to unless it already has considerable support.
- Pretender faction takes into account not only how much the claimant is liked, but their stats compared to the liege's.
- Independence faction also takes into account whether the ruler is over their vassal limit.
- Vassals are unlikely to join an independence faction if independence would place them next to a stronger ruler who can wage holy war against them.
- Vassals are much more likely to join an independence faction the further their capital is away from their liege's.
* Vassals who have truces with their lords can no longer join Independence, Pretender, Antiking, or Religious factions. Claimants who have truces with the title holder cannot be supported by a Pretender faction.
* Regents are no longer randomly replaced by event, and there is no longer a "Become Regent" ambition. There is, however, now a "Replace Regent" plot, usuable by a ruler's courtiers and councillors when a regent is active.
* There is now also a "Usurp Titles" plot which may be used by a regent upon an adult, incapable ruler. Heirs can execute this plot relatively quickly, others less so, though in either case a lot of plot power is needed (gathered through the support of the ruler's vassals) in order to succeed.
* Faction members will now have an opinion modifier on their leader based on how close their opinions of their liege are.
* The EU4 converter now properly converts generic pagans.
* Corrected a few bad religion conversions in the EU4 converter.
* Fixed a bug that prevented some localisation from loading in the EU4 converter.
* Added missing localisation to some custom nation idea sets for the EU4 converter.
* Fixed 'the Anarchy' bookmark so the English revolt works properly.
* It is now actually possible to form the HRE if the Carolingian Empire was never formed.

* Fixed spying event chain when you choose to immediately reveal your target's affair.
* The AI will fight for claims of spouses and occasionally friends/lovers even if that doesn't mean they'll become vassals afterwards.
* Adjusted the balance in scandinavia in the 769 start (specifically Sjaelland)
* Changed Slesvig's localization to Jylland since that's the proper name for the area the duchy encompasses.
* Changed the Kingdom of Sweden's Norse name to Vilkinaland to differentiate from the duchy of uppland (also because it's historically accurate)
* War during the planning stages of a feast will now properly cancel the feast.
* Elective Gavelkind is now open to non tribals.
* Removal of an antipope via the Antiking CB or the Depose Antipope CB now works normally.
* Tournaments and furusiyya cleaned up to work via triggers, similarly to feasts.
* Tournament 1st/2nd/3rd place events now influenced by personal combat rating as well as martial rating.
* Kemetic, Jewish and Zoroastrian "restore religious head" decisions will now promote the holder of a holy site within the restorer's realm (if available - otherwise another random priest will be promoted), to ensure that the religious head has land and can declare Great Holy Wars if otherwise available.
* Revamped adventurer code so they choose destinations a bit more realistically.
* Spouses of rulers are no longer eligible to become adventurers.
* Adventurers will no longer leave children and/or spouses behind as they move from court to court.
* Religion heads will no longer confront themselves over heresies in their own provinces.
* Holmgangs will now only have one possible outcome (previously you could get up to three if the defender had a much higher Combat Rating).
* Exapanded conversion of norse culture to include consideration of top liege culture.
* Norse characters will now be able to convert to any post-norse culture in their realm, and will only see one decision for it.
* Expanded eligible group of tribal courtiers who can initiate the temple-building chain.
* AI tribal rulers will now employ a priest, if they don't have one within their court (to enable the temple-building chain).
* Fixed some opinion modifiers being improperly applied during faction meetings.
* Giving titles to unlanded courtiers who are not of the ruler's dynasty or close relatives results in ALL factions being slightly displeased.
* Reformed pagans may now proseyletize to non-reformed pagan rulers, just as non-pagans can. Tweaked AI logic on reacting to missionaries.
* Removed 'Free Family' CB, since there's now a hard-coded exception to declaring war on anyone who holds close family members anyway.
* Non-inheriting eldest (and eligible, according to the gender law) children of a Tanist ruler will now get a Strong claim to the title.
* Non-inheriting eldest (and eligible, according to the gender law) children of a Feudal Elective ruler will be more likely to be supported as claimants by the AI.
* Pretenders to Feudal Elective titles will gain Weak, non-inheritable claims to the title upon the ruler's death.
* Implemented divorce mechanic for use by the AI.

* Become King ambition no longer selectable when a vassal (was already invalidated on selection if not independent).
* Spying via the Way of Life decision no longer reveals a lover who is the target's wife or consort.
* Added additional check so guests of feasts do not have their flags cleared before the feast is actually over.
* Court members will no longer auto-marry members of their liege's dynasty.
* Cleaned up feast events to make them mostly work from triggers instead of slowing down the system.
* Tweaked feast events:
-duels are now available to women with martial lady traits
-female and homosexual feast hosts can now seduce feast guests (married or not)
-single and homosexual feast guests can now seduce other guests (married or not)
-possible to become lovers as a result of a successful seduction at a feast
-tweaked chances of triggering and success for seductions at feast
* You may now invite members of the target's court to join a Fabricate Treason plot (when used against a vassal).
* Added tooltips for the factions so it's clear what raises and lowers their moods.
* The "Settle Tribe" job for a tribal ruler's Steward now has the chance to begin city construction if the county is already of the ruler's culture.
* Duchy of Aland added to the technology list.
* Fixed the event chain where adventurers are taken captive and offered to their target for ransom.
* Seduction, Scholarship, and Theology focus are also lost when the ruler is a prisoner.
* The HRE should not lose de jure land any longer after the fall of the Carolingian Empire.
* Pagan wards no longer care whether guardian takes prisoners/makes sacrifices after sieges.
* Lowered tribal building costs for market village and tribal hillfort.
* Other factions get a little jealous when you grant a landed title to the member of a different faction.
* Events/decisions which are supposed to be tied to geographical regions will no longer fail to work if the province de jure drifts to a different kingdom title.
* Vassals will no longer ask to replace your councillors during a rebellion.
* Moved Majesty's demesne size bonus to Legalism instead.
* Added a number of law prerequisites into Legalism tech.
* Changed Norse culture conversion events to happen a bit more quickly.
* Limited spread of Outremer culture to the Levant and the Middle East.
* All reformed pagan religion heads are now granted to the player in the same manner as the Norse were.

* The AI will now only use pagan subjugation on neighboring (or very close) territories.
* The AI will now be willing to press antipope claims on the Papacy even if the antipope is not of the ruler's dynasty.
* Moved the county of Sudermanland to the duchy of Uppland to solidify a king of Sweden's power a little
* Increased the holding count of Akershus, Bergenshus, and Trondelag so Norway is no longer just a tasty snack for Sweden or Denmark to munch on
* Moved Norway's capital to Trondelag
* Being caught murdering someone will now give an extra level of Dishonourable (for a total of 2, which wear off at the usual speed) instead of vanilla's permanent "Known Murderer" modifier.
* Factions in the HRE are more disapproving of Crown Authority, and more likely to demand it be reduced.
* The descriptions of Autonomous Vassals and Low Crown Authority now contain a note that Kingdom and Empire de jure claims cannot be made.
* Faction vote results will now display the vote of the player.
* Ruler name has been added to the faction mood tooltips, so they make sense (particularly in the CB code).
* The 'support our liege' faction result now states that prestige is being transferred to the liege, so it's not confusing.
* Revolts that stem from failed imprisonment will no longer be rendered invalid.

* Major revision to the faction system:
* There are now four main factions:
Court (vassals who push for autonomy and recognition)
Prosperity (vassals who are interested in wealth and peace)
Glory (vassals who are interested in prestige and war)
Tradition (vassals who are interested in piety and religion)
* Vassals can join all four factions, but will be drawn to some based on their traits and relations with the faction leader
* Faction leaders have a diplo decision to 'Recruit Faction Member' for any vassal not part of their faction
* Faction members have a diplo decision to 'Court Faction Member' for any other member of their faction
* Faction members sometimes have disputes with disliked faction leaders, which can end in them leaving the faction
* Chancellors have a new 'Negotiate With Faction' result on their Improve Relations job, if they are on the province of a faction leader
* Spymasters have a new 'Undermine Faction Member' result on their Uncover Plots job, if they are on the province of a faction member
* Upon a faction meeting being called, members have the option to call for a vote of no confidence before the meeting can begin
* Factions have a wider variety of things they can demand when they're unhappy, including reversion to an old succession law or surrendering a county to a faction member
* 'Faction Mood' is no longer abstracted -- it is based directly on the prevailing opinion of faction members towards their liege
* When a faction rebellion is defeated, rebels are banned from joining ANY faction for five years
* Tooltips only indicate a change in faction mood when the liege actually has that faction existing
* Actions that change faction opinions now last five years, rather than until the annual faction maintenance
* Factions are pleased when you give a title to a member of their faction
* Faction rebellions now properly remove the Loyalist trait upon the war ending, and the "reward your allies" event should properly fire
* Lieges now get an opinion bonus towards Loyalist vassals, as well as the reverse, for the duration of the war
* Factions are no longer called into a Separatist war
* Pretender faction leaders have a diplo decision to 'Ask to Support Pretender' for any fellow vassal, to get them to support your chosen pretender
* There is now a "Religious Faction" which can form if a vassal is part of the liege's religion group but not the same religion (meaning they are either a heretic or the parent religion). If the faction grows powerful enough, it will demand that the liege convert or will start an overthrow war -- and if that war is successful, the liege will be replaced by an heir/pretender/claimant of the faction's religion or by the faction leader.
* band-aid fix to prevent Carolingian Empire/Holy Roman Empire from gaining de jure territories before they have ever been formed
* fix to France becoming de jure e_france again after the fall of the Carolingian Empire
* fix to prevent carousing from cancelling for "no guests" when invitees have accepted.
* fix to allow the Restless Sidhe modifier to go away from provinces no longer held by Celtic Pagans or Tuatha
* Upped the impact diseases have on the provinces they infect ( effects against charaters remains unchanged)
* Pagan Subjugation CB no longer restricted to neighbors (still restricted to targets in the de jure kingdom of your capital, though)
* Egyptian, Levantine and Bedouin cultures now properly convert in the EU4 Converter
* Several omitted & incorrect provinces have been addressed in the EU4 converter
* Added "the Jailer" for rulers who enjoy having a rather populated prison
* Centralization law removed -- Vassal limits and demesne size modifiers moved to Crown Authority (+12 vassal size at minimum CA with -3 per level down to 0 at max, +0 demesne size at minimum CA with +1 per level up to +4 at max)
* Majesty conveys a bonus to demesne size, with +1 at tech level 2, +2 at tech level 4, +3 at tech level 6 and +4 at tech level 8
* Customs techs now convey a levy bonus as well as a tax bonus
* Adjusted de jure land in and around finland
* Unreformed pagans can now convert to feudalism/republicanism
* Titles that are invalid due to the Charlemagne DLC being active will now reflect that in the tooltip

* compatch for patch 2.3.2
* e_roman_empire no longer switches to Open Elective upon succession.
* Vodi county moved to de jure Estonia
* Anhalt county moved to de jure Saxony, made capital of duchy and kingdom
* Restored culture group limitations to the independence faction code, now that it's fixed

* Primary title's succession laws are no longer automatically copied to lower titles. Succession laws must be changed on a per-title basis, as in vanilla.
* If vote to change Feudal Elective or Tanistry succession fails, half the prestige spent is regained.
* Setup changed at the Charlemagne start:
- West Francia is named Neustria
- Middle Francia is named Austrasia, and extends well into central Germany
- Saxony and Bavaria are both de jure kingdoms
- East Francia does not exist
* The formation of the Carolingian Empire has changed: the ruler must have control of Neustria and Austrasia and either they must control Bavaria and Saxony or control those duchies and their kingdom titles do not exist. Once the Carolingian Empire has formed, West Francia and Middle Francia will be renamed and de jure East Francia will be formed.
* There is no need to pay to form the Carolingian Empire if the ruler is already the Frankish emperor.
* Forming the Carolingian Empire makes the ruler Exalted if they are not already.
* Any Karling king or emperor has a Manifest Destiny CB to take non-Karling lands in Neustria, Austrasia, Saxony or Bavaria which are ruled by someone of the same religion. If they become Exalted, this extends to Frisia, Italy, Burgundy, and Aquitaine. The CB no longer exists after the HRE is formed.
* Made the AI becoming a heretic through the Theology focus much less common.
* Fixed some incorrectly labelled England ties
* Castle,City and Temple infrastructure techs no longer provide tax bonuses and moved them to the Noble,Popular and Religious Customs techs. Noble, Popular and Religious Customs tech no longer provide a small opinion bonus.

* Incapable and infirm characters should no longer be able to compete in the tournament.
* Byzantine emperor in the CM bookmark should now start with the proper coronated trait and flags, so setup will work properly.
* Byzantium no longer gets the "Sicily Regained" event in the CM bookmark start.
* Fixed "Little Queen of Sheba" bookmark.
* Seduction chance of success now takes into account the target's feelings for their current spouse/lover (if any) rather than just their opinion of the seducer.
* A successfully seduced target who is not lustful, a hedonist, or deceitful will break up with their previous lover.
* Fixed the "Break Up" decision to work properly.
* Successful "overthrow ruler" rebellion now has proper results if overthrown ruler is a child.
* Expelling the jews now removes "sympathy judaism" trait. The AI will not use the decision if they have the trait.
* Welcoming the jews back into your lands now may add the "sympathy judaism" trait. It will remove the zealous trait, if you have it.
* Pagan Subjugation CB now properly fulfills the Win a War ambition.
* Viceroys will attempt to pass on their wealth (and debts) to a relative rather than onto their liege.
* Mending the Schism is now far more likely to convert enough provinces so that it isn't automatically reversed a month later.
* Abdication and Disinheritance are now easier for the player to take, with restrictions mostly moved to AI use.
* Fixed too-long Chronicle entries which could cause a save game to break.
* Rulers inheriting a new primary title (Duchy or above) from distant relatives (or usurping such a title from any member of their dynasty) now have a choice to form a new dynasty as a cadet of the previous one. Players get this choice if the title they inherit/usurp is higher than any title they previously held.

* For any Shattered World, ancient religions start the inheritance law rules regarding non-gender type inheritance has been relaxed to be the same as any non-tribal Christian in a regular game
* Italian Reconquest chain should no longer fire for the "Ancient Religions" Shattered Realm start
* Revamped the process by which someone can convert to a pagan (or ancient) religion. Taking the Scholarship focus will eventually prompt a "pursue ancient knowledge" event -- and, if you take it, will start a chain that can ultimately result in you gaining the cynical, mystic and/or sympathy traits...all of which are requirements for the conversion. If you don't have the Way of Life DLC, a "Seek Ancient Knowledge" decision is available to start the chain off instead.
* Separated County Conquest CB back into pagan and muslim versions. Pagan version once again has the religious authority gain/loss associated.
* Fixed crash bug on the Byzantine Empire turning into the Latin Empire.
* Byzantine Empire's flag made historically accurate

* Unreformed Pagans can once again declare conquests on rulers outside of their religion group
* Added properly changing CoAs for various English titles for bookmarks (mostly between Norman and Saxon), courtesy of Polskers
* Added in Afghan cultural retinues
* Restored kidnap plot
* Restored seduce plot to non-playable characters (or by those who don't have the Way of Life DLC)
* Added a small chance for a non-homosexual seduced by a homosexual to gain the homosexual trait
* Altered the "Spy On" decision available through the Way of Life DLC. It now has the following possible effects:
- it can discover plots
- if your target is also the target of your plot (or a plot you support), your plot can get extra Plot Power and will trigger more quickly
- if your target has a "real father", you can discover this and either blackmail the father or reveal the truth
- if your target has a lover, you can discover this and either blackmail either party or reveal the truth
- you can enflame a rivalry between two rulers who don't like each other
- you can reduce relations between a character and their liege
- you can spread rumors about your target
(in other words, no more free murder/kidnap/fabricate treason actions)
* Activated the kingdom versions of the later Stem Duchy titles from start so they can be formed by the player (since the holders of those duchies can't use the "new kingdom" decision)
* Creating an Empire level title should now properly require holding three kingdom level titles in addition to the holding requirement

* Custom Ruler DLC characters can now use the Shattered Realm decision
* Regular factions can once again be formed by the AI
* Changed War focus name to Combat since it makes far more sense.
* Fixed issue blocking some rivers from being traversed in early bookmarks
* Certain traits now effect the MTTH of Chancellor actions.
* Kingdoms created by the CM decision now brought closer inline with regular titular kingdoms

* Updated for WoL and 2.3
* Eu4 Converter should be functional
* Revised AI creation/joining factors for the independence faction (to compensate for culture_group bug)
* AI independence factions will no longer make demands within the first two years of the game
* Fixed transfer of prisoners in post-siege event
* Fixed Charlemagne Widukind events to take into account the Germanic religion
* Fixed Great Holy Wars from sometimes not taking land on victory
* Fixed Technology tooltips to show correct tech needed for buildings
* Removed the "Unreformed Pagan Economy" modifier
* Mongol Hordes should once again prefer to go a more historical direction when conquering
* Added AI weighting to the Holy War CB, modifying the chances the AI will use it dependant on traits
* Changed Frankish kingdoms to be creatible by the Old Frankish culture
* Changed Viking Prepared Invasion CB to require 12-50 holdings in the target kingdom (instead of 10-40)
* Event for Jylland's Prepared Invasion of Mercia now checks to ensure Mercia (or Wessex) is a valid invasion target before firing
* Changed the requirements for forming new kingdoms/empires (via the Charlemagne decision): they are more in line with forming regular titles, requiring a minimum of three lower-tier titles, but also have a hefty prestige cost.
* Reduced frequency of AI both choosing the Seduction focus as well as reduced frequency/chance of them selecting someone to seduce.
* Someone can only be seduced if they are in the same realm or relatively close to the seducer.
* Someone of the same sex, but who is not a homosexual, can be seduced by a homosexual. Their chances of success are much reduced, however, and the target cannot be made a lover.
* Overall chances of succeeding at seduction are somewhat reduced. After two rebuffs (three if you're a seducer/seductress) you cannot continue the attempt any longer.
* There is a cooldown period of one year between seductions before it can be attempted again.
* Fixed Lotharingia's capital to actually be in Lotharingia
* Shattered Realm has made its return, albeit in a different format. It is now a decision that can be enacted in the first week by players allowing creation of a randomly generated world with the option of counts, dukes or kings and standard or ancient religions
* Removed ability to ask the Pope for money, just because.

* Changed Norse Religion to Nordic, Saxon to Germanic
* Fix for supply limits. Added in a base supply limit boast along with a tweak to the prosperity supply limits since adding them to buildings had no effect.
* Removed requirement to be king tier from "Create Israel" decision.
* Added tooltip for creating the k_israel title to note that it must have already been created via the decision.
* Re-enabled the Frankish Empire creation if Charlemagne DLC is active.
* "Create the Carolingian Empire" decision now allows for vassals to be kings of Germany/France/Lotharingia, if the ruler is the Frankish emperor.
* Themata system for Byzantine Empire now works if emperor is Hellenic or an Orthodox heretic.
* The Byzantinue-specific coronation now only applies if emperor is Orthodox and not the Ecumenical Patriarch. Under any other circumstance, the regular coronation system applies -- but the emperor will gain the Weak Basileus or Strong Basileus trait as per normal (as opposed to the Crowned trait). In that case, the decision on which one is made by the AI rather than the Ecumenical Patriarch.
* Fix to the inability to raise tribal organization to maximum
* Opened up regular feast events to more pagan religions which don't already have their own feasts
* Added in more Jewish,Nubian and Indian Retinues
* Removed more duplicate charaters
* Corrected Seduce plot from a murder plot to an intrigue

* Made the zoroastrian heresies properly hidden like the others
* Fixed maintenance event so it takes feudal elective into account and doesn't switch rulers over to something else
* Kipchaks switched to Elective Gavelkind from Tanistry
* AI ambition success results no longer show timer modifier being removed
* Standardized the Charlemagne "Create Empire" and "Create Kingdom" decisions to be in-line with standard CK2+ costs
* Opened up regular coronation decision to non-Orthodox rulers of the Byzantine Empire
* Fixed seniority succession for merchant republic non-primary titles
* Tribal invasion CB no longer available to reformed pagans who are not part of a horde culture
* The 5-year restriction on Holy Wars no longer applies if you hold the targeted Duchy title or are its de jure liege. There is a text notification that tells you whether the timer will apply or not.
* Fixed temple-building event so it properly only scopes to provinces without existing temples.
* Kama now has a severe winter.
* Changed a number of provinces in Eastern Europe to tribal or to stay tribal longer.
* The Pagan Subjugation CB may now only be used against targets that are de jure part of the same kingdom as your capital. It may only be used by rulers of king tier if they hold the kingdom title being subjugated. Having the "Become a King" ambition once again allows a ruler to use the CB more than once in their lifetime, and there is a tooltip which explains this.
* Increased Muslim decadence gain and reduced low-decadence troop morale bonus
* Added prestige costs to raising tribal organization (half of the prestige requirement for the same level of crown authority, as an actual cost)
* Fixed a number of Egyptian pagan decision icons/event pictures
* Rescaled some of the initial buildings at game start, particularly for temples
* Indian players are now assigned an appropriate starting caste by the startup event
* The "Raise Tribal Army" decision now scales the resulting army based on your own maximum levies (minimum of 500, maximum of 2500), and may only be used once per month
* Independent holy orders/mercenaries who are barons no longer become vassalized to the province owner
* Courtiers of diplomacy 7+ may now attempt to convert fellow courtiers of a different religion (previously only heretics could do this). Those of a minority religion are far less likely to accept. Courtiers may only report the attempt to their liege if their intrigue is 7+ and higher than the intrigue of the converting courtier. A timer modifier is also applied so attempts cannot be spammed against the same character.
* Added in Visigoth Retinues and Cultural Buildings
* Corrected Saintonge from ocean to plains terrain
* Adjusted the way supply limits work. Certain building types and province prosperity now add to supply limit as well as high level trade post buildings
* Boosted the initial strength of the Hungarians in the Old Gods scenario.
* Added some extra checks onto the claim adventurer events to prevent them from multi-firing.
* Folded in the converter module, doesn't work yet due to issues on paradox's side.

* The Byzantine Empire must deal with 'imperial decadence', which reduces levies, taxes, and army morale...and which gets worse as the years pass. Each new emperor that takes the throne increases the decadence value, and when they're coronated the Ecumenical Patriarch decides whether they're worthy of being a 'strong basileus' or not. If they are, the decadence gets reduced, and the emperor can increase CA past low. If not, the emperor can gain the 'strong basileus' trait and also reduce their overall decadence by winning wars and gaining prestige. If the empire loses wars, their decadence will occur more rapidly.
* Arabic cultures should now have the proper settlement gfx
* Coronations now apply to titular kings/emperors as well
* Pressing claims on behalf of vassals for independent, non-de jure titles now does not result in them leaving the realm if the title is the same tier as the one they already have--it must be higher
* Added ambition for adult bastards to become legitimized--this will spawn an event, which replaces the vanilla event for being asked to legitimize a bastard. Upon the event, the bastard can be refused, can be bought off by granting them a manor (if they aren't a ruler and don't already have one), or can be legitimized.
* Bastards who would have inherited had they been legitimate will receive an event upon their younger sibling inheriting, and have the option to make a claim on the title. Vassals who like the bastard more than you may support him (an opinion bonus). If the bastard is in your court, you have the option to imprison them.
* Unknown bastards (bastard children to married mothers whose husbands thought the child was theirs) have a chance of suspecting the truth come adulthood, and may decide to approach their real father and demand to know the truth. Their real father can deny it or tell them, which will turn them into a regular bastard. They may ask to be legitimized at that time, as well.
* The Pope will single out empires who pass free investiture before it will single out kingdoms.
* Revised the way estates are dealt with upon death. One rank of estates is handed out to each legitimate son, in order of age--as cash if they are already rulers or have the maximum estates. If there are any ranks of estates remaining afterwards, they are converted into cash in order to be given to the heir.
* The Pagan/Muslim Count Conquest CB no longer adds the 5-year timer unless the user isn't victorious (either loss or white peace will add the timer).
* Pagan Subjugation CB re-added, though it can only be used once per ruler's lifetime (the Become King ambition does not ignore this). It may also only be used on neighboring realms.
* The Magyar invasion of Hungary in the 867 bookmark now properly awards prestige and wealth to the Magyar ruler upon victory. Once the Magyar ruler has distributed enough titles, many (but not all) of the event troops will vanish--"settling down" into their new homes and turning the provinces Hungarian. This will also remove the "Recently Conquered" modifier on those holdings and refill their levies. They do not get new event troops.
* The decisions to automate the handing out of baronies and counties has been revised and made more user-friendly. It now begins with a decision that explains the system. Your marshal can be moved to provinces which can be flagged to keep, and you can elect to flag only the capital holding or all holdings in the province. The decision to distribute holdings will now tell you which holdings you will be keeping. The automation now works for all gender laws, and religions assign priests of the appropriate gender and education. There is also a decision to clear the other automation decisions from your list (you can re-access it later).
* Characters with 12+ intrigue may now go into hiding/send family members into hiding during a siege for free.
* The siege events now use the new "In Hiding" trait, rather than a modifier, and there is a decision to bring everyone out of hiding once the war is over.
* Factions may now demand a reduction in tribal organization.
* Fixed tribal invasion CB -- should now work normally.
* Vassals will now react to the creation of an Antipope, either declaring support for the liege or support for the true Pope. This affects their relations with both. Those who have declared support for the true Pope are now much more attracted to the Antiking faction.
* Increased AI determination to use Restore Papacy and Depose Antipope CB's, particularly if they are zealous.
* Claimant adventurer revamp: Claimant adventurers (adventurers raising forces to take titles they have claims to) now work very differently. If they are part of the top liege's realm, they will leave immediately. They will then tour around to various independent realms, trying to campaign for suppport (coin) for their cause. Rulers may turn them away or might even take them prisoner and offer them to the targeted ruler for ransom. If they gather enough coin within three years, they will hire the force to begin the war. The size of the force depends on how much money they've raised, as well as their personal stats, and will disappear a few years after peace is attained.
* Norse religion icon replaced with the valknut.
* Added the Jus Uxoris mini-mod: it is now possible for husbands to usurp the titles of less-capable wives for titles with Gavelkind, Seniority or Primogeniture succession--provided the husband is himself capable and of an appropriate culture/religion. This uses a plot, and once enough support is gained it spawns an event chain where the wife may try to seek help from a relative or friend--failing that, the husband will take their titles. Note that these titles cannot be given away to anyone other than children, or the wife will re-inherit. Also, if no living sons exist by the time either the wife or husband dies, the titles revert (yes, even to the wife if she dies, thus passing to her heir instead of the husband's). The titles also revert to the wife if they divorce.
* Turned mood faction events into notification-only, for now.
* Fixed bankruptcy events sometimes firing for players when they take over an AI character.
* Tribal rulers (who cannot build holdings) will occasionally have priest courtiers {particularly zealous and/or ambitious ones) and the same culture/religion set out to build a temple in a province that doesn't already have one, which is also of the same culture/religion, and which has space available. This can take anywhere up to 20 years, depending on how much money the courtier has, and they may encounter problems along the way which will require the ruler to bail them out or the project fails (unless they have their own coin to cover it). Should they die or otherwise abandon their quest, it's possible for the ruler to put another in his place so long as he has sufficient coin and a priest available.

* Steam Workshop upload
* Non-feudal kingdoms can now change CA again
* Fixed the Crowned and Uncrowned trait icons for Linux systems
* Added some random dynasties for the proto-Russian and Arberian cultures
* Upon reforming the Roman Empire, the emperor can change to Roman culture after ruling for 5 years
* Children no longer engage in the Hellenic cults

* Pretender factions now issue an ultimatum to the ruler rather than instantly declaring war.
* In a pretender war, the other vassals are individually asked to support the claimant rather than it being up to the faction leaders.
* The AI will not start a pretender war until it is at least at 75% faction strength, but now does not require any additional supporters if it has enough strength on its own.
* Jewish refugees should be slightly more reliable in their appearance.
* Fixed dynasties for Sardinian and Galloway rulers.
* Switched the locations of Tregor and Porhoet.
* Navarra now begins the game as Pamplona, switching to Navarra in 1076 (there is an event to switch the name in-game).
* Players may now choose to voluntarily call faction meetings without waiting for the event to prompt it.
* Restored the proper faction icons.
* Rewards to supporters after a civil war now specifically only penalize rulers who opposed the rulers or those who consciously elected to remain neutral -- not those who did not get a chance to decide (because they were imprisoned or incapable) or who otherwise did not receive the choice event. Penalties for those who remained neutral are roughly half the penalties applied to those who opposed the ruler.
* Added a Treaty of Meerssen event chain, should the Carolingian emperor inherit both Lotharingia and Burgundy. The rulers of West Francia and East Francia will demand a redistribution of the lands.
* After the Carolingian Empire's dissolution, the ruler of East Francia receives an Carolingian Reconquest CB on the HRE's de jure territory, provided they control less than 100 provinces.
* Added a maintenance event to remove the patron deities from those who convert away from hinduism
* All non-tribal kings and emperors are now "uncrowned" prior to holding a coronation event -- whereupon they become "crowned" (or "crowned by the pope", in the case of the HRE and Carolingian Empire) and are able to change crown laws. Being uncrowned also means their title can still be claimed via weak claims, even if they're an adult male. The coronation event is an event chain in itself, starting with invitations to the event (which go out to those in the realm as well as allies and neighboring rulers of your religion) as well as a great feast that follows.
* Fixed "Weaken Fellow Vassal" plot so the results do not break when your liege is not also your top liege.
* Fixed crash bug caused by AI-led angry faction being strong enough to present demands to the liege, but having no valid demands, and ending up in a loop.
* Tweaked calculations for vassals separating from the Carolingian Empire. Also changed requirements for forming the HRE: it cannot be the former emperor, and they must have either 100 provinces or 10 East Francia duchies.
* Kings and emperors who have 3 or more king titles in a low Crown Authority realm may get a duke demanding one of the titles be turned over to them. This only occurs when the king or emperor has not yet been coronated, is incapable, or is the prisoner of that duke. The king/emperor has the option of turning the title over to a random child, pretender, or claimant instead. If the title is turned over, the king/emperor will retain only a weak claim on it.

* expanded Carolingian Empire in 867 to its actual borders
* whenever the Carolingian title changes hands, provided it's at low or no CA, there's a chance that disaffected vassals will declare independence. They are less likely to do so if closely related to the new emperor or of the same dynasty. If the resulting empire becomes too small, then the Carolingian Empire disbands and the title becomes inactive -- opening up creation of the HRE.
* restored the king titles of Lotharingia, Italy, and Burgundy for the 867 start, which weren't being used
* added setup event for Carolingian Empire in 867 to simulate the rivalries between the kings in the empire
* made Sardinia its own de jure kingdom separate from Italy
* added an austerity system for the AI, so under certain conditions (has a loan, at war with a stronger enemy, has a king or duchy title they are eligible to form) they will be restricted from spending money on lesser expenses like buildings or events; when the AI is saving up, they will hit up vassals for money in the same manner as if they were bankrupt; the AI will now only take loans if they are at war with someone who has a higher title, any of their realm provinces are occupied, they are at negative wealth, or they are saving up for an important expense
* updated pardon decision so it properly removes all execute/imprison opinion modifiers
* added proto-Russian cultures into 867 bookmark provinces
* hopefully found instances where a character could become their own lover and removed them
* added chances for children to be born barren or with lower fertility, and to possibly gain that after illness or childbirth -- this is hidden from view. Women who are married and barren may have an event appear where they suspect they are barren, and can attempt to do something about it (with some degree of risk). Their husbands may later realize they are barren.
* hid the removal of the "currently busy" modifier when events end
* fixed the AI ambition timer so the player doesn't see it displayed
* only adults will approach you to train your daughtnow now, and preference is given to relatives and allies
* when k_france and k_aquitaine are held by the same person, and event can now fire that unites both kingdoms under de jure k_france
* fixed the voting on succession law changes so it now actually complies with tanistry law
* made it easier for the AI to form Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, and England
* fixed the bugged application of opinion modifiers to one's liege
* succession laws should no longer sometimes revert after the ruler's death
* fixed the event which called on Catholics to defend the Pope -- so they only receive the event when the Pope is at war with a Catholic ruler
* fixed some of the dynasty coat of arms which were showing as the wrong type
* fixed empires being called "Empire of X Empire"
* fixed event when moneylenders come to collect the loan so higher-level loans can actually be repaid
* greatly reduced chance of Pope granting an excommunication via the diplomacy interaction
* revised the siege imprisonment event for non-pagans to look better, and to also provide a chance for wounding the targets
* players may now choose to keep their old culture when the melting pot event occurs
* default succession for basque culture changed to agnatic-cognatic -- basque women may, however, become chancellors, stewards, and spymasters so long as their lord's succession is not agnatic
* basque women with weak claims can have their claim enforced on a title under the Kingdom of Nevarra even if the current ruler is not a woman or has a regent
* norse pagan women may lead armies and become marshals if they possess the shield maiden trait
* revision to faction system:
- faction meetings and pretender/separatist ultimatums no longer performed when the faction leader is at war
- baron-tier vassals now permitted to join factions if they are feudal or possess more than one barony title--they may not create factions, however
- a ruler cannot lead a faction if there is a higher-tiered ruler also in the faction, not unless that ruler has previously been removed from leadership
- faction votes are not equal: baron-tier faction members get 1 vote, count-tier faction members get 2 votes, duke-tier faction members get 4 votes, king-tier faction members get 8 votes
- non-aligned rulers can no longer join a rebellion if they are imprisoned or incapable
- fixed a bug so the system will better properly evaluate the rebel power potential of factions

* fixed Hellenic consorts
* fixed female Hellenic priest portraits
* fixed Jewish religious icons
* fixed text error for loan events
* fixed several plots so they can actually succeed
* fixed bug in Faction Overthrow Ruler CB
* fixed CTD caused by Hungarian and East-Slavic retinues
* corrected Celtic Pagan description so it states the player is locked into Tanistry
* removed RoI version of decisions to change culture/religion to capital's culture/religion
* changed the "You can Press a ducal de jure claim" text on the popup notification icon so it now explicitly states this may only be done with same-religion targets
* altered the "Change Nickname" ambition to "Remove Nickname" -- it now spawns an event in which you have options to lose your nickname, which may not always succeed. Once successful, you lose your nickname and may get another one later in the normal fashion
* added events related to lifestyles which will push you more towards one or another, and prevents the player from being locked out of lifestyles they might otherwise qualify for
* AI now aborts ambitions after five years of no success
* objections to non-pagan girls being raised with martial training now applies to all girls of the liege's dynasty
* rulers who re-inherit after being forced to abdicate by internal rebellion will now receive an ultimatum from any surviving rebels to step down or face war
* added new post-siege event for unreformed pagans, with different capture results -- they are restricted from the regular post-siege event unless attacking members of the same religion
* added e_karling as the Carolingian Empire in the 867 start
* added new event chain for the Carolingian Empire to dissolve if a non-Karling assumes the emperor position
* added new event chain for a ruler who holds k_germany to form the HRE after the Carolingian Empire dissolves
* Artois moved to de jure France
* Duchy of Holstein removed from the game and its counties distributed to neighboring duchies
* Fixed history file that had Otto I being king of Germany well before he was born
* Made German dukes in 867 the vassals of the German king, rather than the emperor
* Fixed Meironydd port location

re-wrote everything
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  • Cities: Skylines
Empty province map.
Province Map.jpg

The zip file includes .pdn version of the province map.


  • Province Map.zip
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  • Cities: Skylines

Current Team:
Fall of Stars
Vukica - Lead Dev

Started By:
Note: Wiz is in no way involved with the mod currently.

Former Team Members (contact me via PM to get added here)

- Patrum Scuta
- All the Way to Timbuktu
- Syren's Nicknames Mod
- Council Shuffling Mod
- HRE Revised Coronation Mod
- Offer You Can't Refuse
- Additional Objectives 2.0
- Sniggle's Bookmarks
- Mazdayasna Zarathushtrish
- Ancient Religions Reborn inspired content
- Dungeons and Sieges
- Deus Vult Europa Divisa
- Old NBRT+ by EOOQE
- Papal Forces
- Jus Uxoris
- Heretic Pride
- New Duel Engine
- Schisms & Heresies
- Good Copt, Bad Copt
- Flavourful Titular Titles
- new religion icons courtesy of user Careful Plum
- new Chalcedonian icon courtesy of AnaxXiphos
- new blindfold courtesy of CPRPlus and sifsilver
- Buildings from Conclave Content Pack by @Swampos
- some parts of the map (Africa and Arabia) were copied from elvain's Ibn Battuta's Legacy mod
- a number of systems, not least of which is the "Leave a Tribe Behind" system for nomad set-up, courtesy of zijistark and the folks at the HIP mod
- a number of fixes for common systems from HIP mod
- Notepad++ language file by Ekyman and talias
- The Validator by Jamie550
- new culture names from this thread
- Graphical assets by @CrackdToothGrin (society backgrounds, trait/rank icons etc.
- Culturally different cities
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  • For the Motherland
  • Europa Universalis IV: Call to arms event
  • Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise
  • Divine Wind
Playing after CK2+ on vanilla is so hard to do! I have to thank you for fixing the despot thing, it was annoying in one of my games as I had no adult children, so it was stuck with nothing I could do
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Stop spamming here. You'll get Plus fairly quickly.

As usual, every person asking "when" delays next version of plus for an hour. :eek:
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I saw a new thread and immediately thought 'theres no way they released the mod patch already.' Turns out this is a repost of the last ck2+ download thread because of modders getting new job positions, for anyone that might have been confused. Also remember to rollback CK2 to 2.6.1 until the newest mod update if you wanna keep playing guys since 2.6.2. adds traits itll break the save. I think this means even when an update for the mod is eventually released youll need to start a new game?
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  • Cities: Skylines
Rejoice, the new CK2Plus patch is here!


Version 4.05.2 Released!
Compatible with Patch 2.6.2
Without India: HOVI
With India: BHER


  • Added new icons for trade networks. One for primarily land or sea, one for African trade and one for the Silk Road.
  • Added missing retinues for Scots and Basque cultures.
  • Added missing retinues for East Germanic cultures.
  • Added missing retinues for East Romance cultures.
  • Added missing retinues for Franco Germanic cultures.
  • Replaced Release Prisoner game rule with appropriate decisions.
  • Allowed seduction for lustful characters if they don't have a lover.
  • Messalian self-castrate decision will now be taken less often. In addition, it will only push MA up to 70. After that, it will no longer have effect on MA. It's effect is reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Messalian perfection decision, will now be only possible if MA is above 70. It's duration is reduced from 10 years to 5 years.
  • Reduced chance of Lord Spiritual demanding infidel BBQ. Now, both Lord Spiritual and liege BOTH have to be zealous.
  • Schism can now happen even if one of the Orthodox heresies has taken over Patriarchate of Constantinople.
  • "Dealing with rebels" event option descriptions are now shorter and readable.
  • Adjusted some succession laws (Norway becomes elective, Croatia and Hungary become primogeniture after PU, Iberian kingdoms also get primogeniture).
  • Normal chalcedonian papal succession will result with one normal papacy and with one interim papacy that will be removed after a day.
  • Fixed child rulers without regents being penalised for lack of ambition.
  • Fixed prosperity tooltip.
  • Fixed two persistent papacies when India module activated
  • Fixed "The Anarchy" bookmark war being invalidated.
  • Fixed an issue causing rulers to not start with their defined historical succession law.
  • Fixed a bug disallowing women or any character in Agnatic realms from choosing the Become Heir objective.
  • Fixed former Varangians getting "returned home" events long after they're landed
  • Fixed Bogomilist rulers being stuck with no Church Law.
  • Fixed errors in province map - invalid colours and a shortcut through the Pyrenees.
  • Fixed separatist faction leader staying leader after the war is over.
  • Fixed claimant starting adventure if one of his claims is already being pressed.
  • Fixed war games (and various other WoL events) triggering during war time.
  • Fixed papal jurisdiction event scoping to mercs or holy orders.
  • Fixed immortals losing combat skill
  • Fixed "Unexpected Duel" firing for a province.
  • Fixed usage of vanilla Do Not Disturb flag.

And a lot more fixes not listed in the changelog.

This version also contains CK2->EU4 converter update


  • Plus4052b.zip
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  • Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam
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  • Europa Universalis IV: Call to arms event
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  • Hearts of Iron III Collection
  • Europa Universalis IV: Res Publica
  • Semper Fi
I know it's been said before, but thank you guys for putting in your own time and hard work for us to enjoy this mod. I'm sure there are times when it's very easy to walk away from the project and be done with it (Not trying to shame those who have, we all have our reasons I'm sure). This message of thanks also goes out to past members. ;D
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  • Crusader Kings II
  • Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam
  • Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham
  • Crusader Kings II: The Republic
  • Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India
  • Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods
  • Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome
  • Crusader Kings II: Sunset Invasion
  • Stellaris: Federations
  • Age of Wonders III
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  • Stellaris - Path to Destruction bundle
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  • BATTLETECH: Season pass
Thank you, Vukica and team!

You guys didn't waste any time getting this rolled out and we all appreciate it :)
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Just wondering if this is working with the new converter changes, is if it is so I'd rather run a CK2+ game as it would convert much more nicely than say a regular CK2 game.


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  • Crusader Kings II: Reapers Due
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I'll reupload today with additional converter changes/fixes. Zeress did some moar fixes :)
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I uploaded mod version with updated converter.
Current Checksum:
Without India: HOVI
With India: BHER

Redownload from OP or here:

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