Jul 26, 2020
Can I play this MOD on SHATTER WORLD?

Currently I've only installed "CK2Plus_v4078". It always crashing when the game is prepareing the Shatter World.

On the BETA version is working but after 20-30 years in game playing the game is crushing again.

Can someone help me? For me is quit hard to find the updated version of the mod or if is working on the Shatered World.

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Jul 26, 2020
I've installed the mod and on the download link is writen that the mod is compatible with 3.3.2 version of the game, I have the 3.3.3 version. I will change that.

BUT how can I find or where is the checksum? I've found that 4 letters from the CK2 client. Where are the CK2 plus letters?

"When the title screen comes up, make sure the checksum (the four-letter code to the left of the title screen buttons) matches the one listed for that CK2Plus version."


Jul 26, 2020
The client game is showing IIVC 3.3.2 Variant and the MOD in game is 3.3.2 BUCR. I have used this from the link showed in Master Thread:

So what can I do?

I did all the steps. I've tried also the other archives and I couldn't get the same code in theClient and also the Game MOD.

I've also played the game in the Shatter World and after 60 years in game playing the game is crushing.

I've even deleted the whole CK2 file from the Documents files and then Checked the intergrity of the game to be sure that when I start to install the mod everything is clean.

Every time I get the same codes which are not matching.
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You're free to use 3.3.3, though that won't make a difference.

Most likely there are some issues related to alternate starts. Alternate starts weren't very high priority, so you'll have to wait until we can get to fixing those.


Jul 26, 2020
So I Understand that I am free to use this MOD on 3.3.3 even if the codes are different but the main problem is that the Shatter World Start will break the game with this MOD.
So I have to play only the Historical Starts. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you very much for the reply. And I really apreciate the MOD.

Kind Regards,