CK2 - Hotfix 3.3.2 - Checksum [IIVC] (Update Feb.7)

CK2 - Hotfix 3.3.2 - Checksum [IIVC] (Update Feb.7)

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May 14, 2018
Hi everyone!

We have released a new hotfix, version 3.3.2 (checksum remains unchanged), to resolve a security issue tied to the way LUA libraries were loaded for mods. If proven efficient, it will roll out to EUIV and HoIIV in the coming days.



Hello there!

We noticed that some of you experienced graphical issues tied to shaders following our tiny hotfix, this is now a thing from the past! Expand the spoiler below for the original text about 3.3.1


Hold me closer tiny hotfix.

Coming here to let you know that we have released a very tiny hotfix regarding the CK2 to EU4 converter. Essentially it is to make sure that the converted EU4 savegame end ends in a proper path due to some tweaks made to the launcher.

Naturally we made a roll-back branch in case of unforeseen errors: 3.3.0 old version. To get to it in Steam right-click on game name -> properties -> BETAS -> select the beta -> apply. If you want to revert from old version to current version, simply do the same thing and select "None - Opt Out".

You guys have a brilliantissimo day!
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Feb 21, 2014
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Is the converter updated to accommodate Slovien, Sardinian or Qarmatian from Iron Century? Slovien and Sardinian exist at just about every start date now and convert as "no_culture".

I'd also like to know if Bosnian and Carantanian are put into South Slavic as they should be now rather than East Slavic.
No mention of Qarmatian in either religion_table.csv or 02_converted_heresies.txt in the converter files.