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Jun 13, 2020
Hello everyone,

So i made one submod for hip, that lets your make new bloodline when creating new empire....

I made it creating and changing HIP files, and when i copied all files to make a separate (sub)mod for some reason it doesent work....

here is link of this (sub)mod so if anyone who is in to modding is intersed can fix it and make it work.....

I personaly cant figure it out, as this is my first mod and i have no idea what im doing, im learning still....

To explain what this mod does, so maybe to get some attention to help out.When you play CK2 HIP and you have a decition form a new empire, i have added that if you have a life style trait you can get a bloodline.So in total i made 5 bloodlines for martial, stewardship, intrigue, diplomacy and learing depending of life stile trait....Each bloodline gives a small vassal and religion opinion (+5), but it also attracts people of similar attributes.... These people are very intresting in my opinion.... Also all bloodlines have unique symbols which i have spent hours making and altering....

Each bloodline has 5 different type of people that it can attract, so in total 25 interesting charastes with different set of skills....

Please note that i have some additional plans for this mod, so if anyone can make it work send me Message.5bloodlines.png



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Jul 15, 2020
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I don't think this gonna help but you spelled bright wrong in your events.txt file