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Hello again, it’s time for another DD! Today I want to show off a change we’ve made for the 2.6 patch (no secret DLC required), the revised succession screen:

While you may rightly think this is not a groundbreaking change, we do feel it gives a better sendoff to your departed character and a brief introduction to your new one, whom you may or may not have been paying attention to before this point. Plus it looks nice, which cannot hurt.

Speaking of things looking nice, we have a fair bit of new art for the unannounced DLC we keep teasing you with, mostly from our new 2d artist, Bjarne Hallberg. It can be difficult to capture the essence of what a trait or icon is meant to represent in the very small space, but I think he has done a rather good job of it. Can you identify what these icons are for?


Some of them I won’t confirm until the relevant DD of their features, but you may have the eventual satisfaction of being right :)

We also have a some excellent new event pictures from Frida Eriksson in Paradox Arctic. You’ve already seen Danse Macabre, but here are a couple more:

bring out your dead.jpg

Next week I'll tell you about the new Prosperity system.
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Interesting. So looking at the viking trait, you can go from normal viking to super-viking? Looking like a great DLC with much more interaction :D

And can I have a cat now? :O
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Three new types of Vikings? And a Norse version of Crusader plus one other Norse trait. Let me guess: the new DLC is about Scandinavia.
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I'll guess that Viking Raids are now overhauled, so that some characters are regular Vikings, some are are leaders whom regular ones follow and one is the Big Boss whom leaders follows around. I guess this will make the raids less spread out and more organized rather than an unimportant nuisance that they are at the moment.
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In addition to dogs we can now have owls and battle gerbils as pets!

Really like the death/succession screen, little touches like those are great.
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I remember the Fox at least used to be Sly, the non-genetic from of Quick, with the Cow probably being the non-genetic form of slow, as well as the non-genetic forms of Strong and Weak next to them.

It seems like maimed has been broken up into 4 traits, missing an eye, missing a hand, missing a leg, and missing the lower jaw.

can't even guess at all the disease and health traits although one of them looks like crabs

and as a final guess the Staff with a snake around it is probably a Doctor trait
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Interesting. So looking at the viking trait, you can go from normal viking to super-viking? Looking like a great DLC with much more interaction :D

And can I have a cat now? :O

I think one is the viking trait, one is the be server trait (mouth open), and the final one is Varangian guard veteran.
3 of them look like Pirate (eyepatch), Gamer (grey joystick) and L33t Gamer (blue joystick with wings) traits to me.
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The game seems to be getting quite the facelift! Looking very sexy with all those new icons and art, even sound effects! Keep it up!
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How will the portraits look like for characters that are missing the lower jaw?
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