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Mar 19, 2022
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Short summary of your issue
UI-grand cathedral on the map

Game Version
all versions include the newest patch

What OS are you playing on?

What platform are you using?
Windows Store

What DLC do you have installed?
Royal Court,

Do you have mods enabled?

Have you tried verifying your game files (Steam only)?

How much "pain" is this causing you?

Please explain the issue you experienced in the most condensed way possible
Hi guys, the grand cathedral looks weird. It stacks on the holding and looks weird.
Is this something the team is aware of? Or is there some way I can just disable the weird cathedral UI on the map.

Please explain how to reproduce the issue
build a grand cathedral on any holy site

Is there anything else you think could help us identify/replicate the issue?

I have attached a save game

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File(s) attached


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