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Short summary of your issue Multiple Physician issues

Game Version 1.1.2(8274)

What OS are you playing on?

What platform are you using?

Do you have mods enabled? No

Have you tried verifying your game files (Steam only)?

How much "pain" is this causing you?

Please explain the issue you experienced in the most condensed way possible
There is a bunch of issues with the Physician mechanic, each of those needs to be adressed. In no particular order:
- there is no warning or suggestion if I do not have a Physician. This might be as important as having a councilor
- either the AI never hires one, or it is lost when changing to the player heir - because he always starts empty in that regard
- klicking on "appoint physician" calls the physician decision, rather then a menu to select a suiteable person in your court. Indeed, it is very hard to even know one can
- it is not clear if the Physician traits mater for performance themself, or only do so indirectly by increasing learning. If not, we propably need a ordering for "Physician Performance"

Please explain how to reproduce the issue

Is there anything else you think could help us identify/replicate the issue?

I have attached a save game
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