Duplicate CK III - Crash to desktop, crash reporter says "however the server responded incorrectly"

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Apr 12, 2018
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Short summary of your issue
Crash to desktop, crash reporter says "however the server responded incorrectly"

Game Version

What OS are you playing on?

What platform are you using?

Do you have mods enabled?

Have you tried verifying your game files (Steam only)?

How much "pain" is this causing you?

Please explain the issue you experienced in the most condensed way possible
Game crashed after having been slightly unstable for a while during a war with many armies in northern Scandinavia. Music had been choppy when zoomed in, some lag, etc. When I opened an arrange marriage window with this going on, it finally crashed. I attempted to enter a report, and it gave the error "Uploaded the crash report, however the server responded incorrectly", as in screenshot.

Please explain how to reproduce the issue
On game crash, attempt to upload report

Is there anything else you think could help us identify/replicate the issue?
I attached a zip of the crash file

I have attached a save game

Upload Attachment
File(s) attached


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Feb 22, 2021
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Hi Duskwave,

Thank you for the report. This issue has already been added to our database and we are working on a fix.

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