CK III - 1.2.2 Unrealistic/bugged grandchildren marriage management

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Feb 28, 2019
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Short summary of your issue 1.2.2 Unrealistic/bugged grandchildren marriage management

Game Version 1.2.2

What OS are you playing on?

What platform are you using?

Do you have mods enabled? No

Have you tried verifying your game files (Steam only)?

How much "pain" is this causing you?

Please explain the issue you experienced in the most condensed way possible
Sorry for bad English. So, the problem is: If you have a grandson who is son of your daughter and any ruler, you can marry him to whoever you want in your court and you don't need his father to agree.

This works because of the grandchildren marriage management feature, which was added few months ago.

I hope, you understand, that this is a problem. No medieval father-in-law could have such influence on independend ruler's patrilineal son

Please explain how to reproduce the issue
please watch the video

Is there anything else you think could help us identify/replicate the issue?

I have attached a save game

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