CK II - [3.1.1] Two Bugs With Hindu Monastic Order

CK II - [3.1.1] Two Bugs With Hindu Monastic Order

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Ȩ͏l̷͘d̨ŕ̨i̴̢t͏͝c̨h̢ ͠Ab̵om̨̛i̴̡͡n҉͏á͞t͝io̴͠n̨͝
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[3.1.1] Two Bugs With Hindu Monastic Order

Game Version

What expansions do you have installed?
All of the above

Do you have mods enabled?
Yes, but none that affect the checksum.

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
The tooltip for the top rank of the Hindu monastic order (The Advaita Matha) has some incorrect information:

• Firstly, it says that you will gain +0.50/month Piety, but Hindus have Karma, not Piety.
• Secondly, it says that the final rank will grant +15.0% fertility - I am pretty sure this was intended to be -15.0% like all the other religions' monastic orders, someone just left a minus sign off.

Steps to reproduce the issue.
Be a Hindu and join the monastic order (Advaita Matha), then look at the tooltip for the top rank (Acharya).

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