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On Probation
May 5, 2021
Feel free to add your ideas/changes to this or more civics. I'll start. The idea is to either lower the curve of OP civics, Technocracy and Meritocracy or to raise the lesser ones like Environmentalist.

Barbaric Despoilers.

The Warfare surrender conditions are still set far too high. I see this playing similar to AI marauders. The goal is hit and run, not a 10+ year engagement. Early on, you just want to get a few pops and/or 500 minerals/energy. It shouldn't have to cost 500 minerals for an army to occupy every system or losing half a fleet (much more than 500 minerals and energy in value) to take nearly all of the empire territory. At that point, you mine as well just claim/conquer all the pops on a planet...making the Despoil CB utterly sad, sad.

To resolve this have a modifier like fleet power and systems owned for pops raided. That's what marauders do, no? They steal a certain number of pops then peace out. Also, perhaps -10% ship upkeep since fleet number matters.
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