Cities: Skylines (Steam) - game crashes while loading any save, with or without mods

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Apr 8, 2021
Describe your issue
game crashes while loading any save, with or without mods

What is your game version?

What expansions do you have installed?
After Dark, Snowfall, Natural Disasters, Mass Transit, Green Cities, Parklife, Industries

What mods are you using?
The game crashed with mods and without. I had about 50 mods installed.

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
when I load a save file the game crashes. The game also crashes when I load a save file with or without mods. the game also crashes when try creating a new file

Can you replicate the issue? If yes, please explain how you did it.
Everytime I load a save file the game crashes. I have tried ten times, here are all ten crash files. The first crash happened while I had several chrome tabs open so I assume the first crash happened due to not enough memory.

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95% memory in use.
16304 MB physical memory [800 MB free].
29126 MB paging file [0 MB free].
The game has run out of available memory, and Windows has exhausted its swap space. Please:

- expand your Windows paging file maximum size to 32gb
- unsubscribe from any mods and assets you don't actually need or use - they all consume memory all the time, even when not in use in the current city
- exit every other app you can before starting the game.

Good luck with that!