Cities: Skylines (Steam) - Blue texture bug at road edge

Cities: Skylines (Steam) - Blue texture bug at road edge

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Describe your issue
Blue texture bug at road edge

What is your game version?

What expansions do you have installed?
After Dark, Snowfall, Mass Transit, Green Cities, Parklife, Industries, Sunset Harbor

What mods are you using?
I do have several visual mods like daylight classic, relight, only ones that are pretty common. & I have the same problem even when I turned all the mods off for a test.

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
When I excavate next to a road (see images), the edge between the road and the land gets a glitched bright blue texture. It's ruining my attempts to build a star fort... No other graphics issues, GPU is a Radeon 5700, 8 GB visual memory, 32 GB memory, it's a perfect good card for performance otherwise. It seems that if I pull the road in further a bit away from the cliff edge, it fixes it. But if the road runs right along the edge, the blue glitch appears right on the touching edge.

Can you replicate the issue? If yes, please explain how you did it.
Yes, this occured in 2 different saves actually. The 2 files attached show it in 2 different saves. Thank you!

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If you search this forum for "blue" you'll find reports of this going back years. it is so sporadic and unpredictable that I've never been able to put together a useful bug report for the developers, I never found anything in common between all the users who've seen it. Indeed I used to see it on my old iMac, but not on my current one.

As this game is certainly nearer the end of its lifecycle that to the start of it, I doubt it can be fixed I'm sorry! Hopefully in CSL 2, if that ever happens.
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