Cities: Skylines (Steam) - Always Crash on Loading screen after Start new game

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Gaberner Apep

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Apr 14, 2021
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Describe your issue
Always Crash on Loading screen after Start new game

What is your game version?

What expansions do you have installed?

What mods are you using?
just unlimited oil and ore

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
I haven't played it in a while, last year I played it normally. Recently I downloaded again, and I made my new game start the game and it freezes on the loading screen. the first time I tried it I used mods, after that I tried turning off the mods. and the result is the same

Can you replicate the issue? If yes, please explain how you did it.
I'm sorry I don't understand the meaning of this question

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Colossal Order Dev
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Jan 4, 2021
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94% memory in use.
16336 MB physical memory [943 MB free].
30557 MB paging file [52 MB free].
134217728 MB user address space [134188527 MB free].

The game is running out of available memory. To stop the crashing you will need to either:
  • Remove custom workshop content
  • Increase the size of your pagefile
  • Upgrade your RAM