Cities Skylines II Physical edition contents

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Sep 19, 2023
I'm having a hard time figuring out, whether I get the digital pre order bonus (the landmark buildings) with the pre order of the physical ultimate edition or not, because I don't see it in the item description at the retail site I would order it from, but the digital ultimate edition has it, so it would make sense to include it with the physical one as well.
I'm also wondering what s included with the steelbook for the pc.

Does it mean that i need to play the game with disc? Or can i play it without disc? Or is it only for installation, and after that, you do not need the disc anymore?.

Physical Editions​

The limited Premium Edition will also be available for pre-order. Including a Steelbook, a wrapped Base Game and the digital Expansion Pass, packaged with a double-sided drawable city map and specially designed pens for planning out the city of your dreams.

Purchase options coming soon.
At the moment, I would assume not. I mean it doesn't state in the description.
Does it mean that i need to play the game with disc? Or can i play it without disc?
Typically, you'll receive a digital code for Steam, which you'll need to use to access the game.

In my experience, PC games are no longer commonly released on physical discs.
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I read the other day that consoles are doing away with discs as well. People are already complaining about it and losing access to their games on disk. Hopefully they will have external disc players to limp them along and at least import them to the consoles.