Cities: Skylines at PDXCON Remixed 2021 Recap with direct links

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Jan 5, 2021
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Hello sensational Cities: Skylines community!

Now that the dust has settled after PDXCON Remixed, we know some of you are reminiscing about a few of our segments, or are disappointed that you missed out on something, so we have compiled this recap of all-things-Cities: Skylines that happened at PDXCON Remixed 2021, complete with time-stamped links directly to our panels, trailers, and announcements on Twitch and YouTube so that you won’t have to scroll endlessly through three days of content to find a specific thing to watch. We plan to have the cleaned-up full versions hosted on our YouTube channel sometime in the near future, but until then, here is where you can see the Cities: Skylines content at 2021 PDXCON Remixed (warning: the Twitch feed may jump around a bit).

Programming from Friday, May 21st

Where Are We? Community Live Stream Challenge - a new style of live stream challenges where we showed cinematic videos of cities inspired by real-life locations and asked chat to guess where we are. (approximately 60 minutes)
Featuring: Community Ambassador Jan, Community Manager Helena, and Live Content Producer Madde

Talk Cities to Me 2 - A continuation of the Talk Cities to Me episode that was supposed to be a series but got put on hold because of the pandemic, this roundtable discussion features three city builders and a host in four very different time zones discussing city design, planning, and more! (approximately 45 minutes)
Featuring: Community Developer Emma as host and community members ImperialJedi, Palpatine, and ReputationOh

The PDXCON Announcement Show - Cities: Skylines announces the release of two new CCPs and Radio Stations! Shout out to Armesto for the Bridges & Piers CCP and Bad Peanut for the Train Stations CCP! To match the moods of each of these Content Creator Packs, we have Rail Hawk Radio (to complement Train Stations) and Sunny Breeze Radio (to complement Bridges & Piers). We also discuss recent community events and announce an upcoming collaboration with Red Bull! (Cities portion of show: approximately 7 minutes)
Featuring: Paradox Interactive CEO Ebba and Community Manager Helena

Programming from Saturday May 22nd

5 Builders, 1 City (#5B1C) Community Segment - This community contributed panel features five city builders who collaborate together on one city, essentially turning a single-player game into a multiplayer game. See how they do it and check out their website at to learn more. (approximately 40 minutes)
Featuring: Community members Biffa, City Planner Plays, Czardus, ImerialJedi, and the Timeister

The PDXCON Awards Show - Cities: Skylines awarded our Chirpy Award to Krzychu1245! Krzychu is a powerhouse of knowledge and technical skill, topped off with a style of helpfulness that inspires everyone around him and we are so lucky to have him as a part of our Cities: Skylines community! Check out why our team awarded him and what he has to say about his big win! (Cities portion of show: approximately 4 minutes)
Featuring: Host Paula, Award winner Krzychu1245, Community Ambassador Jan, Live Content Producer Madde, Colossal Order’s Community Manager Samantha (aka Avanya) and previous Chirpy Award winner Biffa

Making a CCP / How to Create an Asset Pack Workshop - A workshop, live Q + A session, and Dev Diary featuring 3 community members who have collaborated with us to release Content Creator Packs. Learn about how they created exceptional assets as well as their personal reflections on how the process affected them in real life. (approximately 60 minutes)
Featuring: Community Developer Emma as host, creator of European Suburbia CCP (and Community Manager for Colossal Order Samantha (aka Avanya), creator of Bridges & Piers CCP Armesto, and a Dev Diary by creator of Train Stations CCP Bad Peanut (Dev Diary only)

Red Bull Metropolis Contest Trailer - This teaser video is in anticipation of the Red Bull collaboration we mentioned in the PDXCON Announcement Show. We will be sharing more information about it soon! (approximately 30 seconds)

Green Suburbs Global Build-Off Finale - The finale to our PDXCON Global Build-Off where the best vanilla Green Suburbs are awarded and announced! Congratulations to everyone who participated and of course, the winners! (approximately 90 minutes)
Featuring: Judges including Live Content Producer Madde, Community member Cazgem, Community Ambassador Jan, and Samantha (aka Avanya) representing Colossal Order
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