CiM1 demolishes my Metro rails with new buildings

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Jan 4, 2017
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In Amsterdam my underground Metro rails were broken by a new road tunnel.

In Vienna, my elevated Metro tracks keep getting trashed by new buildings (e.g. a new office block near the Sheikh's office)

It then causes lots of knock-on effects
- I plunge from making profits to making huge losses, as the Metro lines' profits plummet
- sometimes it changes a circle line into a moebius strip
- sometimes subway trains will all superimpose themselves on top of one another.

It can take about 2 years of game time to 'debug' a big Metro loop. Is there a way to get the game to check before it builds? Or pop up a modal dialog warning?


Dec 5, 2018
Again, I think you will find that new buildings etc, (like supermarkets) don't become available until after a certain date or year. So if you started your game in (say) 1920 , then those buildings disappear until a much later year, and yes, they can then erase all else beneath them, especially roads and rails. Trying bringing your game up to date and click on a later year, save it, and then carry on playing from that year onwards.