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Kicking off with the release of the “Santa Claws” update, here’s the Steel Division: Normandy 44’s Christmas event! Join the community, play the game, and take awesome screenshots to win some great prizes! Here’s what we’ve planned for you!

Screenshot contest: Win a Geforce GTX 1080!
Wanna kick 2018 off with a new shiny graphic card?

Take amazing in-game screenshots and share them on Twitter to get a chance to win a nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 video card, as well as exciting Steel Division: Normandy 44 goodies!


From violent tank vs tank encounter to air combat, or peaceful Normandy landscapes, it's time to get creative!

Check all the details on the Steel Division: Normandy 44 Christmas Screenshot Contest on this page.

Good luck!

Exclusive Ace: Willy Kretzschmar!
Win a 2v2 Attack/Defense Breakthrough scenario before January 4th with a friend to grab an exclusive Ace: Willy Kretzschmar and his Panzer IV H (536) tank!

This new ace for the 12. SS-Panzerdivision accounted for 15 Allied tanks during the battles of Normandy, making him a “Triple Ace”. His Panzer IV H is pictured in game with his famous battle damage caused by a a heavy artillery shot.


Willy Kretzschmar will only be available during this event, so you know what you have to do!

"Santa Claws" gameplay update
The Santa Claws Update is now available, and there's something special about this one: it was tested and approved by the community during an open-beta phase.


It brings some cool gameplay changes, as well as some long-awaited features:

Gameplay changes:
  • Vehicles' critical damage repair by supply units.
  • Remastered damage & critical hit system.
  • Increased Short/Mid range precision.
  • Adjusted vehicle offroad speed: this change affects about 80% of the vehicles in the game (and NOT the Hellcat!).

  • Moddable DLC content for DLC owners.
  • Active Pause, the game will now be pausable with the "P" key in Single Player (campaign, skirmish...), while still allowing you to give orders.
  • Private 2v2 Breakthrough games.
You can check the entire patchlog right here.

We also have rebooted the ranked leaderboards, all the games will be in “Closer Combat” mode instead of “Conquest”.

We hope you guys will have fun during this event, don't hesitate to let us know what you think in the comments!
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Win a 2v2 Attack/Defense Breakthrough scenario between Thursday, December 21st and Tuesday, December 26th with a friend to grab an exclusive Ace: Willy Kretzschmar and his Panzer IV H (536) tank!

So they need to be friends with you on Steam?
Concerning the screenshot contest:

I assume that graphics enhancers like ReShade and SweetFX (and other similar overlay programs) are not allowed. Please add that to the rules, because right now they kind of fall inbetween the "Yes you can mods", "No you cant modify the screenshots" rules.
Does playing with AI against AI count to get the ace, if not, does the 'friend' need to be a friend on steam or just another non-AI player? Thanks in advance.
You plus one Steam friend on the victorious team in a 2v2 breakthrough match. Your opponents can be either humans or AI, and you will still get credit for completing the event.
I don't know where I can go to make this known to the world, but what you've done to the ranking system on Steel division Normandy 44 making it all close quarters.

Has really ruined the game for me playing it on rank play I hope this is only a temporary letting people play close quarters on rank match I'm hoping he'll go back to normal soon because I'm really disappointed I'm a big fan of the game
Hi guys

Just letting you know reddit user "boltsauce" is currently enganging in the most obvious attempt of vote manipulation I have seen in any constest to date.

he posted the following on reddit :
I will be giving away my current GTX 1070 if I happen to win this giveaway! Like the following picture if you wasnt able to take part in that 1080 giveaway but want to partake in my 1070 giveaway!


Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Steel_Division/comments/7oehk1/gtx_1070_giveaway/

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/IQBX3