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bring the game home!
Nov 8, 2002
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fidel2007 said:
its pretty dead around here..
but anyone who wanders across this page know where i can get a thing to play EU1 in a minimizable window?
No, I don't. Let me guess, though, you want to play at work? :rolleyes:



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Feb 22, 2003
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Nikolai II said:
You can get out of it by pressing ALT+TAB - is that enough?
What he said. Just as good as minimization, and pretty fast too, since EU doesn't take up that much processor space.


Second Lieutenant
Aug 24, 2003
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ha no not work...just wanted to be able to multi-task since, as morpheus points out, its not a high-processor item. but alt-tabbing angers some part of my graphics and it gets annoying. i just thought someone had already done this..maybe i was thinking of another game though.
o well, no use doing anything for the old game now..
thanks anyways