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Jun 21, 2017
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Hello everybody,

I have the game with 1.3beta . patch

I saw with defines txt in Db files we can change many values, it's very interesting for modding and i use it frequently.

I would like to know if we can do the same thing with the values of Domestic Policies :

per example increase percentage value of trade in Naval - Land policy to 1% at 2% per level.

And could we change the amount of manufactory to increase it to a superior value of 12 ?



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Apr 19, 2005
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I think you mean with "increase manufactory to a superior value of 12" that a manufactory only gives 12 ducats in a province with a specific good (e.g. luxury manufactory only in the capital, naval equipment only in provinces with fish) and in all other provinces only 6 ducats?

I do not know how to edit manufactories to give 12 everywhere - but there is a workaround.

You can change in the file "goods.txt" the definitions of the good and add a manufactory to fit that good, e.g.

grain = {
    base_price = 5
    land_support = yes
    min_demand = 0.25
    max_demand = 1.00
    barrack = 0.01
    shipyard = 0.01
    luxury = 0.01
    weapons = 0.01
    navalequipment = 0.01
    refinery = 0.01
    goods = 0.01

    manufactory = { type = weapons income = no }

Grain normally has no manufactory specific to it, so all manufactories build there only would yield 6 ducats.
That may be well balanced (after all grain provinces raise your manpower too) but in a fun game I like to edit that entry and change the last line from

manufactory = { type = weapons income = no }
manufactory = { type = refinery income = yes }

That change means that any refinery manufactory placed there gives the full 12 ducats. I see it as justified, as breweries for beer or whiskey or wodka are at least as important as wineries - at least in my own games which center on Germany as the beer country :cool:


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Jun 30, 2004
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If you mean "increase the manufactory bonus from 12 to something greater", then no, that is not possible. For some reason (probably oversight), it was never exported to defines.txt.