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Jun 21, 2017
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Hello everybody,

I have the game with 1.3beta . patch

I saw with defines txt in Db files we can change many values, it's very interesting for modding and i use it frequently.

I would like to know if we can do the same thing with the values of Domestic Policies :

per example increase percentage value of trade in Naval - Land policy to 1% at 2% per level.

And could we change the amount of manufactory to increase it to a superior value of 12 ?

I think you mean with "increase manufactory to a superior value of 12" that a manufactory only gives 12 ducats in a province with a specific good (e.g. luxury manufactory only in the capital, naval equipment only in provinces with fish) and in all other provinces only 6 ducats?

I do not know how to edit manufactories to give 12 everywhere - but there is a workaround.

You can change in the file "goods.txt" the definitions of the good and add a manufactory to fit that good, e.g.

grain = {
    base_price = 5
    land_support = yes
    min_demand = 0.25
    max_demand = 1.00
    barrack = 0.01
    shipyard = 0.01
    luxury = 0.01
    weapons = 0.01
    navalequipment = 0.01
    refinery = 0.01
    goods = 0.01

    manufactory = { type = weapons income = no }

Grain normally has no manufactory specific to it, so all manufactories build there only would yield 6 ducats.
That may be well balanced (after all grain provinces raise your manpower too) but in a fun game I like to edit that entry and change the last line from

manufactory = { type = weapons income = no }
manufactory = { type = refinery income = yes }

That change means that any refinery manufactory placed there gives the full 12 ducats. I see it as justified, as breweries for beer or whiskey or wodka are at least as important as wineries - at least in my own games which center on Germany as the beer country :cool:
If you mean "increase the manufactory bonus from 12 to something greater", then no, that is not possible. For some reason (probably oversight), it was never exported to defines.txt.
Instead of raising the monthly bonus to more than +6 / +12 depending on province you could lower the cost of the manufactory instead.
That is definable in defines.txt:

_BUILD_MANUFACTORY_SAMETYPE_EXTRA_ = 100 #Positive: extra price for building the same manufactory type more than once (per factory)

Howver bear in mind that you get more than just money from the manufactory. It increases your tech research for it´s specific field too.