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Fredrik II

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Hi everyone, I have some important news I want to share.

They say War Never Changes, but that doesn’t mean those of us who make games about war don’t change over time.

Paradox is no longer a team hand-packing game discs into envelopes out of a warehouse in the middle of nowhere (true story!). Today we’re managing a player base of millions, several amazing development partners, and over 300 talented, hardworking and dedicated employees. It’s kind of the perfect Paradox story – the tiny little blob on the map that grows into a mighty empire.

Usually when CEOs recount their journeys like this, the next step in the story is that they’re moving on, so let me be clear that this is not the case. There isn’t a warscore measurable in human numbers that could get me to concede surrender - and there's so much left I want to do with this company. So, no, I am not stepping down from Paradox. Instead, I am stepping into a role where I can do more of what I do best.

If you ask people internally what I do best, they will probably say something like “creating chaos.” I like to think of it as experimenting, trying new things and creating more opportunities for Paradox to impact the world of games. I want to focus more on finding the next big project for us to tackle, and figuring out more ways for us to grow and expand. I’ve realized there just aren’t enough hours in my day to do that AND concentrate on daily operations. While we have the best teams in the world in place, I believe Paradox deserves more support from their CEO in this area.

So this August I’ll be stepping out of the role of CEO at Paradox Interactive and will be taking up a post as Executive Chairman of the Board. We´re making this change as we believe it is what suits Paradox best. This will be my full-time job; I will continue to work out of the office and hopefully have more time to interact with with all my colleagues and with you. This change will put me in a position where I can focus on the things I love, helping Paradox grow and expand, while handing over responsibility for ongoing operations to a person better suited for the job.

I’m also really happy to announce that we’ve already selected the person who will step in as CEO of Paradox Interactive, starting in August. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ebba Ljungerud. Ebba has a long history with Paradox: she’s been on our board for four years now, and she and I have worked closely together in that time on many different projects and topics. She’s also been the CCO at Kindred Group for the last few years, so her ability to manage a growth company the size of Paradox is a safe bet. Yes, pun intended.

Apart from myself, Ebba will be supported by veterans like Johan Andersson, Mattias Lilja, Thomas Johansson, Henrik Fåhraeus, Shams Jorjani and Susana Meza Graham, all of whom have been with Paradox for several years, some even longer than me, and are familiar faces in our community already.

It´s important to note that this does not change what we do at Paradox. We remain focused on creating the kind of games we do best and are known for. This is about making sure we have the organisation in place to handle the growth we´re currently experiencing, and making sure our trajectory continues upwards.

Ebba and I will have many more details to share with you in the near future, and I’m looking forward to everybody getting to know her better. Stop by the lunchtime stream on Twitch today (12 noon CET) if you want to say hi!

Good fortune in your new role. And commiserations - sorry, congratulations to Ebba in being given the responsibility of CEO.
Wow, that was unexpected!
Will there be a crowning ceremony?
Wow, that was unexpected!
Will there be a crowning ceremony?

That's a GREAT idea! I just raised it at our internal presentation and it may happen :)

Kind regards
To Fred, many congratulations and here's to your success in creating chaos/your new role. I hope to see you in May and congratulate you in person. :)

To Ebba: I look forward to meeting you and finding out more about you. Many congratulations to you, too.

Now, surely the Crowning Ceremony HAS to happen at PDXCON, in full regalia!
Personally I have my reservations of someone coming from a betting company, but then I trust your judgement. There better not be any lootboxes in any of your games popping up all the sudden!
Congratulations to Ebba ! and good luck, @Fredrik II , for your new position !

And yeah, the coronation really NEEDS to be done at PDXCon2018, and streamed all over the world ! :cool:
What´s a good crowning if there is not an angry peasant mob nearby?

I can imagine a whole ceremony and meanwhile just outside you can hear angry chants of “We want Victoria 3.”