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Jan 16, 2011
So I bought the game because my laptop actually can handle this game. Thought it would be a great distraction during the holidays. The problem is that my computer is connected to the server system at work and all my User folders are put up on the server. This leads to that I cant change the files when offline and for some reason not add additional folders at all in these folders.

Summarizing, I cant save a profile from the game and simply not play. What I need is a way to change the folder where the profiles are saved and would be grateful if anyone knew how to do this.

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I don't seem to have it installed anymore, but.. have you tried installing in a non-default location? (Which should also of course not be a user folder.)

Also, try it when not connected to work, so it doesn't try to access (or fails to and hopefully gives up or lets you choose someplace else) your user folders at all.

You might have to uninstall while connected to work, to get rid of all the old files?