Cell quality ratings and entitlement

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Mar 19, 2019
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Current system is pretty weak in a few points which should be fixed. Otherwise it never makes sense to care about this rating.

1. More flexible method is needed. Currently there are two options.
- Use cell quality ratings - Prisoners are put in cells that have proper quality rating. All others have no cell to go. At this point you may keep half of prisoners in holding cell just because all other cells are too high or too low quality. It does not make sense in many situations. Prisoner should get cell 10? Well, we only have 8. Let's keep him with 100 others in holding cell, that should fit much more to his entitlement.
- Don't use cell quality ratings - Prisoners are put into cells at random. This way building different quality zones does not make sense as you can't judge that prisoners in 10s will behave better than in 0s.

What we'd need is a bit more adaptive system - fit to closest cell quality prisoner should be in. That would surely require slightly more complex algorithm to accomodate that. For example if you fill all qualities and you end up with higher quality cells not used and bunch of prisoners entitled to 0s, then the best idea would be shifting them up. Not putting 0s to 10q cells but rather move 9s to 10q, 8s to 9q etc.
Simply list how much cells of each quality you have available and put prisoners there in proper order. Best behaving to best cells, worst to worst. Make this quality matter.

2. Here comes second problem. Even if you'd try to build more cells to have more flexibility, prisoner cell quality entitlement changes too frequently. As far as I can see, it's simply "days without incident". That means that prisoner over 10 days can get from 0 to 10q. Everything can change over that time. It only shows that current system of assigning them to cells will not work with that. You'd have to keep almost 10 different cell qualities per prisoner just to make sure he will always have space he needs.
I think it would be much better if different incidents would affect prisoner entitlement in different way. Increase counter "days without incident" to something like 50 and decrease it only by some number depending on incident type. Prisoner broke his toilet in 10q cell? It does not matter to dump him again to 0q cell right away. It should be different from murder after all, right? Those values would fit into policy tab, where you can already configure changes in security level depending on incident type. Just another column to set how much in cell quality rating prisoner will drop. The idea is to slow down changes in prisoner qualities. Right now one riot will give you tens or hundreds of prisoners to keep in 0s. What will you do? Keep cell quality and put all of them in holding cell? Or disable it and let them have 10q cells instead of those, who deserve it more?

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Jun 22, 2015
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Here's an issue. The positive or negative effect from cell quality is based on what the average cell rating is, regardless of if the cell is occupied or not, or even can be occupied. So you can build many 0 class cells mark them staff only, and the average will go down, however since no one can occupy those cells, all prisoner behaviour improves because they're all in above average cells even though for all intents and purposes, worse cells don't exist.