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Mar 11, 2017
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Europa Universalis IV is 10 years old!

For ten years, the masters of historical grand strategy have been designing and improving the grandest of games. Originally released in August 2013, Europa Universalis IV has opened a window into the past, challenging players to rewrite the history of the early modern world, taking them from Renaissance to Revolution as any nation or culture in the world. EUIV is as strong as ever and you - our community - will always be its heartbeat.

Over the course of August, we want to give back to the community! While you won't see any major updates to the game itself this month, you can expect lots of community-focused activities and plans. We're excited for you to join us.

This video timeline celebrates EUIV and you - It's lively community. Thank you for playing all along the way! <3
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I don't think the guy on the left was in any loading screen.

Is this some kind hint for a Bohemia update?

Guy on the left is from Lions of the North art, though you're right he is not in any loading screens.
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EU5 confirmed
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For conquest and glory!

Happy birthday!
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Has it really been 10? Wow OK.

So if I divide my hours played by number of years I'll get...

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