Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims of Salem: The Crafting MMO

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Aug 8, 2012
All Colonists to Receive In-Game Cornucopia of Holiday Treats

NEW YORK — November 21, 2012 — The wilds of Salem: The Crafting MMO can be cold, unforgiving, and treacherous, filled with merciless snakes, vengeful crickets, and the constant threat of other pilgrims. During the holiday season, however, while pilgrims past and present enjoy their Thanksgiving feasts, Paradox Interactive will be providing their players with everything they need to enjoy the holiday weekend in-game.

On November 22, all players with active accounts will receive the “Colonial Relief Package,” which comes with a Dream Catcher inspirational, a deer hide to warm any lean-to or home, corncobs and cornbread, and even every pilgrim’s favorite kind of turkey – a dead turkey. The in-game store will be loaded with other new offers as well, allowing gamers to give thanks in style.

Paradox Interactive will also provide the holiday entertainment for their loyal and hard-working colonists. Salem: The Crafting MMO is a game where just about anything can happen, as evidenced by screenshots provided by the community. In addition, since American football has yet to be invented in Salem, you may instead sit back and watch what happens when a bucket full of angry snakes is mysteriously set loose in Boston in this highlights reel from a recent live stream here: http://youtu.be/cB--jRgZloM

Salem: The Crafting MMO is currently in closed beta. For a chance to visit the New World, please check out the official game site at www.salemthegame.com Link: http://www.salemthegame.com.

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