Catholics?  Catholics???  We don't need no stinking Catholics!

Catholics? Catholics??? We don't need no stinking Catholics!

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Sep 6, 2007
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The "age old" question of, is a holy war possible without state sponsorship or sufficient armies can now be answered. The answer is clearly yes. Out manned, and out gunned by a stark factor of nearly 100:1, the lone remnants of the Catholic church make their stand against the Beefy church:

And finally after 10 years:
No enemy counties anywhere, no battles fought, simple the passage of time to win against this enemy.

I started my own religion about 200 years back. The first HW was rough, but I won. They got consistently easier, but never ceased. I have spent about 40% of that time in HW against the Catholics.

I know there has already been a lot of crying about Holy Wars, and rightfully so. I am sure change is coming. I thought this little nugget of fun was worth a quick post as there are literally no Catholics left on my map. I am not even sure where these Lone Ranger types are coming from. Maybe there are like the Dunedain, homeless warriors coming forth to take back their ancestral home. Given that there are no levies, but men-at-arms, I am wondering if this isn't one or holy orders?

The only real problem goes back to what so many others have said, is that these wars are too hard to win regardless if they should have been declared in the first place. I will have to spend years running around the map trying to find these rogues, chase them all over, and finally corner them with tactics to kill them to gather up enough points to end this slaughter or simply wait for 10 years to pass.