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Dec 4, 2019
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So I've noticed when playing the CK2+ mod, sometimes bloodlines don't appear, aren't usable or appear in a later start date, but not an earlier one where they still should've been. These are five off the top of my head that this occurs.

Caradog has no living descendants. There's apparently two Alt Cult family: his, which ends centuries before the earliest start; and another that doesn't have the bloodine and awkardly sits on the dyanstic treep map.

Vortigen was a sub-Roman king, so again, his bloodline should be established centuries before the earliest starts, but I only see it in the later starts. It's not even on the list in the earliest starts.

Bayajidda and Magajiva. Can't find it in any start.

Sabutkin's case is weird. When I play a start with his dynasty already established, he's a Sunni Turk with a bloodline established in Afghanistan, but his name is jacked up. Any time I play before he appears, he arrives in Western India, is usually either Persian or Afghan, and has no bloodline (his name's fine, though). Seljuk and Timberlame both appear as the right culture and with their bloodline.

Otto is similar to Sabutkin in the case that he has his bloodline established in later startdates (the only one where it matters is 1000), but the bloodline won't appear when the HRE is established in game. That's for him and others.

I don't know if anyone else has had these problems.
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