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This thread is meant to give you some information about what's being done by the Usermod Coordinator regarding the moddability for CK2, like bug fixes, new triggers & effects and new features.

This is not the place to report bugs or ask general modding questions - there are already threads for that.

- check_variable trigger now take a value, scope or another variable as an argument.
- Added subtract_variable, multiply_variable and divide_variable effects
- All variable effects now take a scope or second variable as right-side argument
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- Added event target dynasty_head
- difficulty trigger can now take a text string as well as an integer number
- Added num_of_max_settlements trigger
- Added num_of_empty_holdings trigger

- Added trigger borders_major_river

- check_variable trigger now take a value, scope or another variable as an argument.
- Added subtract_variable, multiply_variable and divide_variable effects
- All variable effects now take a scope or second variable as right-side argument
Definitely my favorite change so far.
I'm really looking forward to finally being able to code proper compounding interest for PB.

- Added set_graphical_culture effect
- Added is_variable_equal trigger (will check if a variable has the exact value, so not >=)

- Added is_looting trigger
- Added is_looting_in trigger
OMG :eek:hmy::eek:hmy::eek:hmy:

Best thing ever. Go and release 2.1.5 right away!!

None of this is in the new patch. Will see if I can lift some of it for the next patch. Anything big I might do down the line though will probably only be included in the next expansion/DLC patch.
If I can ask, what does the "set_graphical_culture" effect take as a argument?

Does it only take culture or can you do something like "set_graphical_culture = FROM"

You can use both a culture or a scope, and the scope can point to another character or a province.
Does the num_of_empty_holdings trigger considers a holding slot in which a settlement is being build as empty?

No. Empty is completely empty.

- Untangled and made cardinal election moddable
- Added moddable opinion for brother
- Added moddable opinion for half-brother
- Added moddable opinion for sister
- Added moddable opinion for half-sister
- Added moddable opinion for grandfather
- Added moddable opinion for grandmother
- Added moddable opinion for grandchild
- Added moddable opinion for uncle
- Added moddable opinion for aunt
- Added moddable opinion for nephew
- Added moddable opinion for niece

These opinions are by default set to zero, but setting them to any other value will apply them in the game.
How much is this moddable? I could use this succession law to elect a feudal / republican ruler too?
As said in the Suggestion thread I wanted to use it to emulate the Senate of the Roman Republic that should elect the Consul (and after the Emperor) not a priest.

It's way too complicated to remove the religious ties from it. What you can do now is remove the is_theocracy = yes from the cardinal title, and mod whether the new ruler of k_papal_state should lose his old holdings and minor religious titles on election or not.
I know probs this isn't the place to ask such questions, but could you also implement the opinion modifiers as trait effects, as twin_opinion already is?

So I can now make a Confucian religion that gives characters an opinion bonus for their parents, for example?

Not really. Either you have these opinions or not - you can't control it per religion. If that's what you want it's better to make your own opinions and assign them by event.

- Now possible to mod papal succession to not lose holdings or minor religious titles
- Added on action on_settlement_looted
- Added on action on_navy_returns_with_loot
Right now we have muslim_opinion, christian_opinion and zoroastrian_opinion; any chance that can be made dynamic (<religion/religion_group>_opinion) so we can enter for example norse_opinion, or outside of "real world", we could enter "eight_divines_opinion"?

Dynamic is a little troublesome, but I will for now at least add the other religions (Hindu, Jain, Buddhism, Indian, Orthodox, Pagan, Aztec).

For that matter, is there a possibility of adding bonuses per religion on traits?
Celibate for example should give a bonus to piety in Christianity, but not necessarily in Islam. Outside of vanilla, again in total conversions we can have numerous religions that may view certain traits as "pious", and others as "unpious". Hedonist should give piety under Sanguine for example, but not under the Eight Divines. Right now I'm using triggered modifiers to handle this but doing it straight into the trait would be easier from a modding perspective, and (hopefully) use less resources.

Again, tricky. The system is not really designed to handle such cases.

- Added <religion>_opinion for Hindu, Jain, Buddhism, Indian, Orthodox, Pagan and Aztec
- opinion and remove_opinion effects now take a character id as argument
If it's relatively easy to add, it could possibly help in modding somehow.

But I still don't understand how you will use it compared to how the opinions work.
Can't mods post in locked threads? Maybe you should restart this thread but keep it locked as an update or do like a lot of forum users do and just edit all the information into the first post and let the rest of the thread do whatever.

I don't want to have the thread locked as I want it to be possible to give feedback/ask questions about these updates. What I don't want is general questions or unrelated feature requests.

Removed a number of unrelated posts.
I'm not sure if this is the place to ask, but I was wondering if it was possible for the modifiers such as "feminist = yes", "pacifist = yes" and "land_morale" to be made available for cultures?

The answer to your question is found one post above or in the first post. The place to ask would be in the Suggestions for Improved Moddability thread.