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The expansions work but not the base game? You have a serial that start with COMS? We are aware of the issue.
Steam has stopped giving out these codes now, but for those of you who bought the game some time ago and now want to register, here is what you can do:
Open a ticket at http://paradox.zendesk.com/
Say that you have a COMS code and include these things:
  1. Your code.
  2. A screenshot from within Steam where we can see the code as well as your account name.
  3. The receipt that Steam e-mailed you.

When we see these things, we will send you a code back. Note that the code will be valid for EU3 Complete, as that is what Steam actually gives you. The httt and dw code they also give you works fine.

If your code doesn't start with COMS, please make sure you've selected EU3 Complete from the list of games when registering before you contact support.
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I have been trying to register my steam copy of this game so I can download the DW patch. I have been able to register my DW and HTTT but not EU3. I know this is a thread about chronicles but my copy is older. I have a CD key for "Europa Universalis III" but it does not seem to be working. My CD key starts with "STEC" not COMS but I am hoping I can get this registered.

Then you have a different issue. Please pm me your code and I can take a look.
Considering EU3 was just part of a wave of sales on Steam, there's probably going to be even more complaints popping up soon.

Paradox? More like Parafail
You're being harsh, bro. This is more a Steam problem than a Paradox problem, since these keys are distributed by Steam and Steam controls what keys go where when you buy the game through Steam and so on. Evidently this isn't a problem with gamersgate and other online distribution sites, which suggests that since the problem is particular to Steam it has more to do with them than it does with Paradox, which hasn't had this problem with the other distribution systems they work with.

I mean, shoot, I'm still anxious to actually register the copy of EU3 Complete I bought with this over steam, I just suspect that the most Paradox can do is yell at the people at Valve until they fix that side of the distribution problem.
I'm really sorry about all this. I though the solution would come fast, but it has taken a lot longer than I anticipated.
As a temporary solution, I have now opened up all sub forums for everyone that has registered Divine Wind as well.
That means until this issue is solved, you will have access to mp, mod, aar, bug reports, FAQ and the tech support forum on just the DW registration.
You can also play multiplayer using direct IP or LAN, so the only thing missing right now is the metaserver. That part I can't solve.
Well, this was complicated, so the best thing we can do is to issue new codes manually to anyone with this problem.
Please send an e-mail to eu3code@paradoxplaza.com and include three things:
  1. Your code.
  2. A screenshot from within Steam where we can see the code as well as your account name.
  3. The receipt that Steam e-mailed you.

When we see these things, we will send you a code back. I suspect there will be a lot of e-mails coming our way, so please give us a few days to respond. Steam will stop giving people the faulty codes from now on, but cannot fix the one already distributed, so this is the best solution we could come up with.


For other key issues, create a ticket at http://paradox.zendesk.com
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Even the Base game does not strat through STEAM.
I purchased and downloaded the game on June 30th and get the message:
error in EU3.exe
for the base game and the two expansian packs
Hope u can resolve this for me

This is about registering the game, not that the game is not working.
Please register your game and start a thread in tech support.
A big thanks from me too, didn't even take you half a day. :)

Fast and reliable. :)

I'm just left a little bit wondering why you didn't just include the algorithm for the keys Steam handed out to your registration form. Wouldn't that have been easier? Anyway ... thanks again. :D

Because no one has a complete list of those keys, so that was in fact impossible. As I said before, it is complicated.
I have help with this issue, so you will get a reply rather fast, but note that we do not work during weekends!
In that case you have a different problem, at least partially. Steam's DW codes register fine. But yes, that email still works ... not sure why you'd suspect it wouldn't ?

To be fair, it did bounce e-mails for a couple of hours yesterday. The mailbox was full! Corrected asap of course.