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Sep 23, 2020
Yesterday i bought the xbox game pass and downloaded AoW Planetfall.
After playing the second mission game crashed and when ever i start the game it crashed again after scyn the cloud data.
Reeinstalling doesnt help, cant launch the game


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Jun 6, 2019
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I'm not sure if it is a console issue or a game bug issue but it might be a console issue if they can't resolve, try triumph next. Because from looking at your thread in bug reports.. it might be a console issue, idk. I"m not really qualified to make commentary. At most i only can point you at where xbox support is. I would check both to try figure out what the exact issue is.

xbox support is here. https://support.xbox.com/contact-us


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Aug 20, 2019
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The gamepass version has consistently had issues, and i 100% blame Microsoft for their shitty file structure of of the Microsoft store/Xbox app products.

@Ericridge they are most likely referring to xbox gamepass on pc, not console.
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Sep 23, 2020
Sorry for the late answer, was on vacation ^^
After some searching I found some ppl which have the same problems. It is microsofts problem and the problem is with corrupted save games -.-
I think microsoft dont care about it because they are comments about it since AoW launched on Gamepass -.-