Can't grant any titles because of vassal theocracies.

Can't grant any titles because of vassal theocracies.

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At some point, in order to get away from the plague I moved my capital to Anga, which had no castle holding only a temple holding. As a regular feudal holding, I got the option to commit suicide by becoming a theocracy but there was nothing amiss.

However later when I released an actual theocracy led by my son I found that I could no longer release ANY titles at all because a had too many vassal theocracies. This setup was then inherited by my daughter, even though the rulers I am releasing would not be theocracies, the game is complaining about having too many theocracies.

What I think happened is that some flag got set to the wrong value when I moved to the temple district. I would like to know what I can do (if anything) to save-game-edit my save game back to working again,


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