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Feb 13, 2013
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I'm a native Dutch. I'm from the Netherlands, West-Europe. A precedent kingdom that ruled a large part of the country (and some territories in Germany/Denmark) for centuries and made the people for what they are now.
That kingdom was/is called Frisia (or Greater Frisia; Friesland; Fryslàn). In HIP, there's a "fresisk" minority culture, which I assume is the culture of the Frisian/Frysk. A couple of counts have that culture. It's just a minor culture, so unfortunatly not all titles/functions have been properly adapted to said culture. Anyway, there's a creatable "Kingdom of Fryslàn"...!


So my journey started to create this kingdom as a Fresisk count. Starting from the poorest county of the region, that wasn't an easy job. Worked my way up to being a grand-duke controlling pretty much al of modern Netherlands.

Couldn't form the kingdom.

Then got elected as emperor (watch out, being elected as emperor saddles you up with messy inheritance, tons of plots and hateful vassals because of your many duchy titles).
Still couldn't form the kingdom.

There's plenty of other kingdoms and even titular kingdoms that could be created, but some just couldn't. Why?

PS: as for now, gavelkind carved my domaine into a shithole and my "brother" got elected king of Ireland under the massive AI Britannia emperor, taking 50% of my previous lands before I could take them back. What.
From your description, you probably couldn't form the title because you were the emperor's vassal - you need to be independent to form that title, and the title also can't be created if you have a emperor-tier title.
Well, it appears that your problem is that in order to form the de-jure kingdom of Frisia, you need to have the empire laws set so that you can create kingdom-level titles as anyone.