Cannot launch Majesty 2 after installing Kingmaker; cannot install Battle of Ardania

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Apr 26, 2011
  • Majesty 2
I'm having so much problems trying to install this game!!! I wonder if anyone else is also having these technical problems or am I just unlucky???? X_X:wacko::wacko::wacko:
Anyway, my OS is Windows XP, tried to install the Kingmaker expansion, I passed the installation phase, but then I cannot launch Majesty 2 afterwards, I get a little loglo on the start menu/task bar with Majesty 2 printed on it, but nothing whatsoever happens afterward, I have to force stop it using task manager (showing that it's running correctly)...don't know what's the cause or how to fix it...(could anyone please help me out on this one?)

Then, I gave up so I completely uninstalled everything, reinstalled the base Majesty 2: Fantasy Kingdom and tried to install Battle of Ardania instead (along with the patch 1.4.356 because I heard that this patch will fix the crash problem associated with BoA), but whenever I tried to do that, either BoA or the patch, I get an error message stating:

Setup was unable to create the directory "C:\Program Files\Paradox Interactive\Majesty 2\Majesty2.exe"
Error 183: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

It turned out that there's already an Majesty2.exe application program generated when I installed the base Majesty 2: Fantasy Kingdom. And this name conflicts with the directory folder which BoA and the patch tries to generates. I have always thought that as long as the file type is different, identical name wouldn't be an issue, at least it always worked when I name a .pdf and a .doc file with the same name, apparent this isn't the case with directory folder and .exe application. So how do I work around this problem???? (other than changing the name of Majesty2.exe application because I tried that and after installation, I can't launch the game at all)

Update: I just tried to install Monster Kingdom, and it didn't work either due to the exact same name conflict problem for BoA and the patch (*banging my head on the table >___<*)
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Apr 26, 2011
  • Majesty 2
Gosh, I wish the developers would change directory folder's name generated from those expansion applications from the conflicting Majesty2.exe to something like Majesty2MonExp, Majesty2ArdExp, Majesty2KingExp or something of the sort....this shouldn't be a hard fix, right??


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May 23, 2011
  • Majesty 2 Collection
Same problem

I am experiencing the same problem. I downloaded eerything all at once through Steam, and after its installed, i get the exact same result of it "playing" without actually showing anything other than on the bar at the bottom and on task manager. After HOURS of forum searching, ive gotten nothing useful out of it. Ive emailed both Steam and Paradox with no response. This sucks!!


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Aug 3, 2009
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It might be a permission issue. Please try to run the setup as administrator (by right clicking and selecting that, just being logged in as admin is not enough).
If that does not help, you could also reinstall the game, but outside of program files.