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Nov 15, 2019
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I own a copy of surviving mars and I am trying to create a custom sponsor using the tools in the game. But frankly I'm having a hard time because I find the online guide to be woefully uninformative and I'm having a lot of trouble finishing work on my project.

I'm asking members of this online community to help me finish it by filling in the gaps in my knowledge by telling me what certain things mean and how to do certain things, preferably with simple to follow numbered instructions. I've already filled in the most obvious parts such as sponsor's name and the national make up of the applicants is just these things I'm struggling with.

Bonus Anomalies.
Every time I try to edit these values it just resets itself to 0 and the guide doesn't say why it would do that.

What is the sort key?

What is the ID for?

There is something called Filter under the tab called General, what's that for?

What are the Parameters for how do I use them?

There is a tab called New Attributes, that looks like it's for adding things but every time I click one of them it it doesn't do anything.

Flag instructions. I've already got a logo custom-made for it but I want to add my own banners for it. I understand you have to create those in logo form and somehow work them in is that right? Please provide careful step-by-step instructions.

Unique technologies.
I would like my sponsor to have access to some of the nation specific technologies such as the outdoor laboratory and the harvester drone. But honestly, I have no idea how to do that.

Effects. I have only a vague idea of what these do and I cannot understand the instructions for them in the guide.

Thank you in advance.