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Waiting impatiently for VIC3
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Sep 7, 2009
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Welcome to my 3rd attempt at making an AAR, I hope you enjoy it !

all the options are normal but no lucky nations

Chapter 1: Building the desert

On 14th of October 1399, Mahzum of Oman felt that a change was needed, the Omanis were different from the rest of arabs by being good traders and lived in villages instead of a nomad life, sadly, the arabian peninsula had scarce resources which meant Oman is deemed to have a low population, but this didnt stop him from reforming the sultanate, outside the arabian peninsula, Oman was unheard of, and was viewed as a desert filled with nomads like the rest of arabia.
Mahzum's sultanate had a weak economy, barter was widespread outside muscat and the whole economy was depending on tax and fishies, fertile soil was rare so there was limited farming in Oman :


For a start, Mahzum needed to control his sultanate, as he currently only ruled muscat and its surroundings, as expected, the local rulers were unhappy :


Mahzum also needed to gain legitimacy, he arranged royal marriages with Haasa and Sind, however, this diplomatic move annoyed the sultan of Yemen who wanted to put Oman under his sphere of influence


The Omani army was defeated by the pretender at the first battle in Suhar, this pushed Mahzum to make a military reform by introducing mongol tactics into Oman and mixing them with infantry and he decided to lead this army :




After defeating the pretender and killing him in a duel, Mahzum became the effective sultan of Oman, the ruler of Hedjaz realised this and offered an alliance


Thep problme of succession was solved when Mahzum's wife bore a child, this made him confident to arrange more royal marriages, the sultan of Yemen realised that Oman was growing to become a regional power, which made him change his plans




Mahzum felt that the Omanis trading skills could greatly aid Oman's economy, Omani traders were sent to Persia for a start




Mahzum couldnt rule Oman alone, so he employed great persons to aid him rule the nation



Oman was now popular in some muslim courts


Mahzum listened to his people and respected their opinions at the cost of his own prestige


However, this didnt mean he didnt have enemies, the sultan was blamed of something he hadnt done, and was excuted, a regency council was created for his little son


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That sounds rather extreme. How will you get out of this one?
Chapter 2: 1409-1417

After Mahzum's death, the nobles of Oman who made the regency council felt that they needed to defend Oman from forein threats, because Oman had a very young sultan it was prone to civil wars and foreing interventions, a cog and a large ship equipped with cannons were ordered to be built


The Omani traders now had a large market in Persia, but that was not enough to keep Oman powerful economically, the Omani traders who were searching for a close market found and exotic market at Zanzibar, the regency council was more than happy to establish a trade between Africa and Persia, bringing Oman large wealth


In 5th may 1410, the regency council noticed an increasing decenteralization with some regions rejecting or delaying to respond to orders from the regency council, the regency council voted on sending the army to crush a powerful tribesman in Qawasim to teach those who dare think about seceding from Oman a lesson



The Omani traders decided to extend their trade to India as well


On 12 September 1414 the regency council voted on building a new carrack from money gathered from the nobles of Oman to defend the Omani traders from any threat


In the same year, Oman offered an alliance to Persia, who was a growing shi'ite power, Persia accepted it because it gave Persia a powerful maritime ally, and it gave Oman a powerful continental ally


On 26 May 1415, Barakat became the sultan of Oman, on the same day he crowned his brother as the heir to the throne, Barakat sought to expand Oman's boundaries, should he get the chance to



Ottoman empire saw that islam was under the threat of foreign attacks, and saw Oman as a juicy prey for europeans, so it decided to expand its influence in Oman should it get attacked by a european colonial power, however, Omani diplomats succeeded in turning this into a defensive alliance

Doing well economically, and you got a king pretty quickly. Hope you get attacked so you can use your Persian and Ottoman clubs. :p
Chapter 3: 1419-1421

Barakat I, who's name meant "blesses" in arabic, was a true bless to Oman, he wanted to create an european-style government in which the sultan is the absolute ruler and, realising that Oman is very weak economically and militarily, he created a large web of royal marriages in hope that he could claim the throne of another country


He thought this will take alot of work and time to do .. but it only took a matter of days


After acheiving his goal rather early, he moved on to focus on the economy, Oman was clearly dependent on trade, tax came in second and fish came in third


In southern India, a large hindu state appeared and annexed muslim rulers of deccan, this was a huge blow to islam in southern india, Barakat I was looking in worry at the map his merchants have drawn upon their arrival to India


In order to become the absolute ruler of Oman, Barakat I had to defeat the tribesmen who kept appearing from time to time hoping to break Oman and get something out of the power vaccum that will follow its breakup


Sulayman Jomaa, Oman's earliest well-known general, was a very loyal man. He defended the sultan's interests and defeated anyone who dared to rise up against Oman because he felt that Oman could do something special, something that will make it a respectable and well known nation in the world ... he felt that Oman can into space!


On 13 February 1423, Algiers formed a defensive alliance with Oman, the two nations shared warm relations and royal marriages

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Liberate India, and steal their Space Program!
Liberate India, and steal their Space Program!

I will when I get the chance to, if I declare war now I risk getting annexed, and theres no way to defeat Vijayanwhatever now
Interesting. I hope 'Umar has better stats than Mahzum and Barakât, though.

I forgot to check but I think hes good

Thanks for reading and ... please post more cause otherwise it will take alot of time to scroll down in pages :D
Crush them, crush them all!

Looks good, last revolt looked like the general pulled a bad maneuver but those revolts should give you some nice tradition for a better general if they keep happenning. Was it Centralization that caused all of them?

Crush them, crush them all!

Looks good, last revolt looked like the general pulled a bad maneuver but those revolts should give you some nice tradition for a better general if they keep happenning. Was it Centralization that caused all of them?


Yes, all my rebellions are from centeralization moves

Thanks for reading
Chapter 4: 1421-1424

Barakat I decided to fire his current MoM (not his mother) because he was bad at his job and because he found someone better


By July 1422 the Omani merchants have discovered new areas of land and new centeres of trade


Under the rule of Barakat I, the Nabhanid family was transformed from an unheard of family to the Habsburgs of the muslim world


In September 1423, the economic success of Oman had caused neighbouring shi'ite provinces to revolt, seeking to get annexed by Oman and leave their nomad life


On the same year, Omani merchants discovered Samarkand, Oman accepted their proposal to expand its trade to there


On 13 October, 1423, Sulayman Jomaa had passed away, sadly he didnt live to see Little Oman secede to Oman from Najd, but we are sure hes watching Oman from space now


Shi'ite zealots captured the Najdi fortress of Beni Yas, and moved on to seige the fortress at Liwa


Eventually, the rebels succeeded to capture Liwa but they didnt move further into Qatar for unkown reasons, probably hoping to spark conflict over it between Najd and Oman

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Interesting so far; I would personally have aimed for conquest, but that's just me :D. Good going!

Im going to do a rather peaceful AAR, Oman has a very low manpower so its a risk to declare war on someone because if someone stabs me in the back I will not be able to fight back, Im aiming for a trade empire

Hopefully these two provs will defect to you, although they're dirt poor I think.
PU with Swahili, well pity it's not Yemen.

Im glad it was with Swahili, that way I get their lands before Vijayawhatever does :)

Thanks for reading everyone !