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Dec 9, 2002
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Planes on carriers

I have found out, that planes on carriers can cause the biggest part of the British AI fleet to get stuck in Portsmouth harbour doing nothing. There were about 20 fleets in Portsmouth, two of them had planes on board. After I have moved the two plane groups in the save game file to Coventry province, ALL sleeping fleets were leaving port and got active. The fleet had "port = 503" and the planes had "base = 503" (Portsmouth), while on board. Has anyone had a look at this issue already?
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May 31, 2002
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Aren't CAGs only in CORE?


Dec 9, 2002
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The Air groups consistet of torpedo planes. I simply can't imagine, that this problem is limited to CORE, I suspect a general BUG. Both carrier fleets had the following stats in the save game file when they were stuck.

location = 503
prevprov = 504
home = 503
task = 0
taskprov = 503

I have seen the same thing happen in Suez port and again a carrier with planes on board was involved. My suspicion is, that the AI tries to reorganize its fleets, but can not do it, because fleets with planes can not be reorganized and the AI is not smart enough to unload the planes.

I had another look at my save game files and as suspected the one carrier fleet with 3 carriers was reorganized (some cruisers were added). The second carrier fleet with 1 carrier was unchanged. So the inability to reorganize can mess up ALL fleets in port!!
This causes the ENG AI to sit in Portsmouth, Suez, etc. port. And I often see the JAP AI form giant fleets with 60+ ships, maybe related to this.
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