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I think they were trying to simulate Canadas shipbuilding facilities on the Great lakes (which were pretty good) with a Port Timmins. And, the province isn't just Timmins, it contains Thunder Bay and all of Western Ontario. *Where there's a place to stand and a place to go.*

Dr Rare

Mar 7, 2005
New Hoi1 CORE Province.csv Tweaks

There are some New province.csv tweaks for the Hoi1 CORE mod being discussed in this thread at the stony road site including some pics of some of the changes of port positions etc....


Fell free to join in the discussion there ,or to add to it here in this existing thread.

There is also New Hoi1 CORE Project discussion at

Dr Rare


Sep 24, 2008
Province Discussions and work Decided upon

All with an interest...

A lot of discussion has occurred in this thread
on Stony site.

Here is a summerized version of that which we hope we can get some comment on from members of this Forum who do not wish to join Stony to comment there.

Current changes/fixes we have done.

Indonesia Yogyakarta (coal & steel added) [Game play and allow Netherlands not to collapse after losing European provinces]
Russia Komsomolsk-Na-Amure (1 manpower point added)
Syria Aleppo (port added)
Balklans Dubrovnik (port added)
France Bordeaux (port added)
Yemen sana (port added)
Portuguese Sao Tome (port added)
Coastal fort position in Honolulu Corrected
Port position in Melbourne Corrected
Coal and Steel added to Inner Mongolia(Hothot)
Extra Steel Added to Spain
Extra Steel Added to Bulgaria


Things discussed included more coal for Estonoia (to simulate shale-oil production), but Estonia already has 40 coal so possibly already accounted for.
-Noted that this oil shale historically provided for a large amount of the Kreigsmarine’s needs. *** unresolved.

Then began major discussions regarding the collapse of AI economies and how to prevent this.. mostly it has been decided to modify resources on map To ensure that the economies can continue to work. Or to provide assistance events for AI only that give them resources required not to collapse.
- This is a problem for puppet countries because anything above 100pts they give to their masters [which we DONT WANT].

[These changes are currently not projected as being part of the fixit pack, but Part of the new CORE version under development]

Also discussions on use of the agrarian economy tech for AI minors (allows Very good conversion rates coal to oil to rubber.. as used in TGW mod)

Major discussions on late game AI economy collapse.. the human player has a cake walk. As the AI does not stop world trading at a poor return (which the human player Does). We will probably do some major work to attempt to fix this situation.

Please feel free to review the discussion thread at Stony...

and post any comments here...

Our major concern is that the 3 of us are the only ones making decisions and we'd prefer feed back from others if possible.

NB. Changes made above are available for download at the top of the Stony Thread.

Thanks Monash, Dr Rare, Best Major.
(blokes... I hope this is a real reflection of where we are at).

Dr Rare

Mar 7, 2005
Current Province type change sugestions

Just to keep all informed here at stony road in this thread some new province type changes are being suggested...

Some Poland province Terrain changes are already decided.

And there is discussion currently on whether Landsberg, east of Berlin, should be changed to be a Forest Province?